when Ricky becomes a carpenter

when Ricky becomes a carpenter

this is the best idea bubbles ever had I can't believe we never thought of this before anyway let's get this little hand towel holder put up and where the fuck out of here in five minutes these old homes are always built to code so they're studs every 16 inches so we're just making a mark here screws loose where the fuck out of here 10 bucks just like that Oh perfect fucking seriously who the fuck built this piece of shit box fucking holding and you can patch these little holes you know they still look pretty good but the best thing to do when you got a hole like this is time to make a little square then you'll never have to worry about cracking amazing we can do it right so much for the god damn 5-minute fucking job anyway all right take our trusty fucking cuts or anything so make sure you try to stay on the lines cuz you want to be able to replace a nice rectangle afterwards show the fuck up Mercury's probably just a breaker no big deal

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