Wedding Planning Checklist. Step-by-step Wedding Planning Guide

Well, congratulations you’re engaged! So
you must be wondering what you should do to plan your wedding and where do you
start there’s so many choices, there’s so much information online. Do you sort out
your guest list and then figure out your budget and then book a wedding venue
according to all that or do you search for a venue first and then sort out
your budget and work out your guest list. Well
don’t worry we have you covered! Here are the five priorities you should focus on
when planning your wedding. So number one is you need to figure out your budget,
you need to know what you can and cannot afford and this will dictate everything
else. Number two find your style do you want to get married on a beach, do you
want a garden wedding, a backyard wedding, and do you want a black-tie event or do
you want to get married overseas or do you want to style your own wedding. You
need to find your style because that will help you find your venue. Number
three is set your guest list you need to think about how many guests that you’d
like to invite because that would dictate the type of venue that you can
book. There’s no point in looking at venues until you sort out your guests
list because if you need to invite and room 120 people and the venue that
you have your eye on can only book 80 than that is a waste of time. So sit down
with your partner, write out all the guest names and their potential Plus
Ones and also if your parents or in-laws are helping pay for the wedding they
might want to invite 20 extras. So set your guest list and we have tips
on how to cut your guest list as well So if you’d like to go there there
will be a link at the bottom. Number four you can now look for your venue but
before you book make sure it’s the right one and make sure you read our ’30
questions to ask venues’ because once you sign their contract and you put down
deposit there is no going back. Last but not least is setting your wedding date
the reason why we put this one last is because you need to be flexible with
your wedding date when looking for a venue venues booked up really, really
fast and chances are you were forming up with a venue and that date won’t be
available so it’s really important to be really flexible with your wedding date.
So that’s it those are the five priorities that you should focus on when
you start planning your wedding and when you’re ready to get into the
nitty-gritty we have a 12 month wedding planning checklist to help you plan your
wedding with ease!

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