VON-WINDENBURG ESTATE // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

VON-WINDENBURG ESTATE // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper - Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fix around for the show where I usually attempt to fix up your houses but today fix up this monstrosity that was built by EA I'm sorry I used to like this house but after attempting to fix it I have deemed it unfixable I okay I spent two and a half hours on this and that's too long because it still looks bad and I just its unfixable I don't know but we're going to do a tour of it I needed it for my Black Widow challenge and so I had to fix it but your girl Cindy is not happy about it this house first of all 64 by 64 a lot unnecessary do you see how much space there is in front of this lot mm-hmm yeah this hook okay whoo I strongly dislike this house it's just shaped so weird and I don't know how to fix it so that's that when you walk in let's do it or whatever blah blah blah when you first walk in you find this room which seems like it would be a dining room but it's just good it's the shape of a dining room it has a rug like a dining room but it's just missing the table kind of dark that's okay over here living room weird ottoman I don't know it's the whole house seems very empty to me it's very large and very empty has excessively expensive paintings this one cost like 70 500 simoleons just not over there there's one this one cost like eight thousand simoleons I mean this are you kidding yeah and here's the kitchen it's also kind of empty weird color choices I hate this tile combination I'm just angry at this house okay um weird placement of a clock look this is sim height you can't see that clock you have to look up no one wants to crane their neck like this to see the clock I'm okay in here there's like a secret staircase and like a secret basement thing and I'm going to show it to you because I forgot to fix it so who purchased couldn't pretend it doesn't exist over here is the dining room I kind of like the bay window I'll admit that to you but there's not enough light so it stood since stained-glass bay window that's useless because it's not enough light where else oh here's a bedroom for you the yellow is awful whose idea was that not mine it's just tearing this place apart really is a nice house it's just unfixable in here I actually don't hate this room this is Lunas room I assume it's kind of cute so there's that and in here is that's the door over here is the bathroom hate the tile combo again whose idea was that all the tiles kind of fun sort of like it reflects cool colors and the light in here is Max's room not as bad as I was expecting it would be but it's also kind of empty and very dark and then upstairs you will come up here find this little oh now this is where I take issue the most okay there's this tiny hallway right in here there's like a guest bedroom possibly Max's room who knows out here there's a giant deck very nice actually so when you come back into the hallway tiny hallway but look at this enormous room it's unreasonably big it doesn't need to be this big I just don't get it we got a closet at least we've got a master bathroom but this huge enormous and unreasonably enormous but I just I this hallway does not need to be so small if you have this giant bedroom it just doesn't make any sense and the Holy Falcon II can't even get to because there's no stick I mean I said stairs I meant to say door I take issue with this house oh and that's this is that's yeah the basement I didn't fix anyway Oh this house is unfixable I just I tried my hardest you guys but I I think this is my new least favorite EA Lodge this is my least favorite lot in the entire Sims 4 which I mean it wasn't until I tried to fix it and realize that it's unfixable so I mean if you want to try go ahead I do love the sims 4 don't get me wrong love you EA love the person who built this whoever you are I just you didn't make it very easy for me okay also wait this landscaping hold on oh this landscaping over here this I hate that also the I'm from Denver stop now I mean stop anyway you guys we're going to go ahead and chums right on in to the renovation again it's still unfixable I don't know okay so we are back and we are fixer-upper in this house that's right kids it is usually my favorite time of the week except today not much you know why I've now done in the past four days for fixer-uppers I still have two more to make wait no I did five I only have one more after this oh my god god bless Wow okay see new girl Cindy is currently making videos for an entire month community out of town for an entire month and so on you know 40 videos in 8 days kind of miserable and of course you know can we first of all can we just talk about how young I am for a second because I have to make six fixer-uppers in six days right so what do I do alright choose to do one on a 64 by 64 line this took me two and a half hours which and I mean I didn't even really do it that well like I could have done it better and it could've took me like four hours but instead I made it half bad and I took to a nap but I could have done a small house that took like 45 minutes but I don't know two and a half hours that was real dumb but of course in my Black Widow challenge I promised that I would do this because my sim married into this family and so she gets this house now and so I was like I'll just renovate it don't worry guys we'll be wait for deer and now here we are so two and a half hours later I finished it yay kind of miserable but we're okay honestly you guys this house I'm going to be honest is I just said honestly twice like I said honestly I'm going to be honest this house is unfixable okay I try all I didn't do the basement dang it oh my god okay it never ends okay I should I'll do that part off camera before I start recording because that might seem is going to happen it's a Black Widow challenge so I'm going to put her basement of doom in there I'm going to put like her husband earns in there for now so y'all do that later don't need to record that part I cannot believe I forgot the basement stupid kilo stupid okay see I'm stupid but okay yeah what was I saying about this house oh it's unfixable absolutely completely unfixable I mean this house the shape of it is just so weird I mean I I don't know I mean I tried as hard as I could but I really I don't know it's unfixable but you know what it's a long video and I know that a lot of you guys don't watch it you just listen to it which is great because I spent two and a half hours building something and you're just going to listen to me talk instead of watch the build that I spent two and a half hours on it's fine I'm fine totally fine no but I mean I figure that you guys probably don't care if it's ugly I mean it look I have an excuse to make at least a couple ugly houses okay I mean I've made more than a couple ugly houses but this is one of them it's just impossible to fix okay it's not just me you know what you try it you spend two and a half hours on this house and try actually it was two hours in 25 minutes and 54 seconds that this video was before I sped it up so Colson's I'm fine really totally completely fine I wanted to talk about my sims ii origin stories though today which sounds a little ridiculous admittedly but i mean i feel like this is a long video and so it's a good time for some origin stories you know i mean i was going back today and i was looking at old videos and i was like changing playlists around and stuff because i'm currently in the process of retitling all my videos you might have noticed recently I started doing things like Isis thing with all caps in the beginning and then slash slash and then Sims 4 speed build or whatever and so I'm going back and retitling old videos to kind of fit my new aesthetic which is so dumb but I mean look you guys this is what I do in my spare time okay and so when I was here actually pause so here's my week is going right so I'm doing all these videos I'm doing four videos a day actually starting tomorrow I'm just doing three videos a day Duncan I'm going to have so much time tomorrow to myself right one last video I'm kind of miserable let's be honest I'm just I'm making too many videos and I have no time for anything else and I've worked like 11 hour 12 hour days the past six days it's just not a lot of fun but I'm okay I swear really totally okay but so I wake up in the morning I go I usually go to bed around two recent links I've been working until like 11:30 12:00 and then you know I'll take a shower maybe get a snack watch a couple YouTube vid go to bed around two-ish or something and then get up at 8:00 and then lay in bed until 9:15 but instead of just laying in bed I work on my schedule for the day and then also retitle old YouTube videos so still working and then I get breakfast while I start recording fictional works have been doing a search over every day and so I eat while I do fixer-upper and now it is currently 12 19 that's noon and I'm doing this so that I'm going vice guys honestly it's all worth it in the end so I'm going to have a whole month to not do overdue stuff you saw oh my goodness ajussi oh wow you tell my upload schedule for a second judgment my super secret private upload schedule tonight because they have a public one that has my videos all in like a calendar and then I have my video plan schedule that is a big old table with all the details for every video ever and it goes out until I think right now the end of July which it's that were to leak it would ruin all my Let's Plays it has all of my plans in it and you just saw it for a second but I don't think you can read it plus by the time you see this that Pepa the whole page will be already posted so it doesn't matter well what am I saying I can't even think straight okay too much talking I also haven't talked yet today and it's 12:20 in the afternoon so I also haven't eaten lunch I ate a peanut butter jelly sandwich and a peach for breakfast but I'm doing okay really I think I'm gonna make plans today which we sounds ridiculous but I haven't left my house way okay so I brought today is what is it sigh with Sunday Oh today is Sunday and so I graduated high school on Monday I obviously went to graduation and then on Tuesday I went to public with my grandma which is a grocery store and I haven't left the house since this means Sunday so you know I'm a little delirious but I'm going out to the mall I think to the book store with my friends later so you know wild Sims II write the books or their friends crazy I know just graduated high school go into a crazy bookstore okay I got invited to a party tonight but I don't think I'm gonna go because okay here I just made us oh do I wanna talk about this I don't know I made a Facebook like a month ago because I was told by my internet friends that I needed to have a Facebook and so I was like fine whatever I'll make one but okay this is ridiculous because Facebook makes me so nervous like I can put I will post whatever the heck I want on my Twitter and my Instagram and my youtube channel like I don't other post like awful on my snapchat by the way add me on snapchat Wilson see and also my social media building down below but I'll post like ridiculous horrible embarrassing stuff everywhere else right but on Facebook I don't know why but for me I feel so much more at ease like posting an ugly selfie on snapchat too I you know strangers on the internet that subscribe to me that I would posting even like a nice picture on my Facebook because I'm so self-conscious from people I know in real life does that make sense I don't know if the Facebook really stresses me out like I hate it so much like I was terrified and changed my profile picture recently like I cried about it it was a whole thing I'm not going to get into this the Facebook is very stressful so I don't even go on I just I had to change my picture you know because it was old and then I oh my god it was horrible so I hate Facebook but my point is that I don't really know how it works because I've never really been a part of the Facebook community until it last month or so and so I got invited to a my neighbor's graduation party but like via Facebook and I don't know if it's like a real invite so I'm not I wouldn't go anyway because it's my neighbor nope the same neighbor that saw me covered in 50,000 noodles because I made that video right cover myself in noodles and then in the middle of it my neighbor walked out and install me and it was very embarrassing because he was like okay what what's up with you and then I was like oh my god I'm covered in noodles it was a whole thing that neighbor invited me to his grand party which I think he might have actually invited my parents as well because our parents are kind of friends so I think I have like a physical insight as well but I got invited on Facebook and I first of all again we have completely different friend groups like I would not go to this party because we are not in the same realm at all like I would be so uncomfortable I mean I don't go to any parties but this person's party in no way and so I don't know Facebook invites work do you just invite everybody like because I mean I don't know I've been to now had three Facebook invites total and I just I don't understand is that a real invitation or is like a pity and I don't know I mean I wouldn't go again but like I think it's we're neighbors I also have a real invitation but I did like caddis can you explain to me how Facebook works with events because I don't know help me in the comments please I just don't know what I'm doing I Facebook's there's me okay it makes no I mean again it makes no sense because I will post what like I posted a videos me covered in noodles to my youtube channel that had at the time 50,000 subscribers and that was fine strangely internet seeing me covered in noodles whatever but I can't post a nice picture on Facebook because I'm too scared like that's ridiculous I need to work on it I know but I have time it's fine I'm fine oh my okay so mice in the origin story it was the original plans for this video I see it's a long story but I have a lot of time cuz it's a long long video because I built a giant house oh my god what's wrong with me ok but so my origin stories I don't know if you guys knew this but I used to have an old YouTube channel that I started in 2011 or 10 I think it was 11 so yeah it would've been six years ago so on my birthday in 2011 on August 14th when I was but in 6th grade probably I don't remember I made this YouTube channel with my neighbor at the time who is now moved but I um I think you guys have been here for a while know about this but I'm going to talk about like you just know what happened at the end of this channels life not the beginning ok so in the beginning we made this YouTube channel and on it oh this is so embarrassing this is I have never openly talked about this because I'm going to make probably reaction videos to these old videos because it's they're so bad I made videos with littlest pet shops those little tiny animal dolls they were kind of like it's almost like a let's play to be honest so like how my Let's Plays are now were their kind of story taste but with littlest pet shops and like we would voice them and we would move them with our hands and it was oh my god so whore it was horrifying it's so embarrassing but I made that channel in 2011 and then I didn't probably like off and on and in middle school which is extra because I mean I was too old for this at the time which is why it was embarrassing but I did that like 2011-2012 probably say seventh grade and then junior year summer of junior year so 11th grade I came I mean I posted videos off and on kind of on that channel for a while and then my neighbor my friend at the time also kind of did but we sort of gave up on it why we got into high school you know and then junior year so we're talking like August of 2015 I came back on and I just sort of like randomly decided like Oh wonder what happened to the channel and so I went on to it on my on my phone and I was in the parking lot of Panera Bread waiting for my mom who's getting me of my mac and cheese and said we're going to go to Universal that day and I checked the channel and it had like nine thousand subscribers which to me was insane I think when we left the channel it had a thousand maybe more maybe like 1500 or so and then I came back like three years and I had nine thousand subscribers and so I at the time was super into Sims YouTube and so I was I was watching like urban Sims and Deliver seemed like all these you know simmers that I'm now kind of I'm not going to say friends with all of them because I think friends with these people but I mean some a lot of them I am friends with now but not all of them because I don't want to be like yeah my best friend jelly because we don't really talk that much we're you told on Twitter I met her in real life one we're not like close I don't know does that make sense she's very nice anyway I was a huge fan of them right and I really loved the idea of Sims videos and then I realized okay I had this channel with like 9000 subscribers I don't want to just abandon it I kind of wanted to make a new channel anyway and then I realized I already had one and so I texted my friend I was like hey mind if I like start posting on this again I don't know he's at a time she had already had she already moved I think she might have already moved because she moved out of the state like we're talking like 12 hours away okay and so I was like hey Susan like can I start posting which really we don't use a channel can I post on it again and she was like yeah sure go for it and then I was like okay well then I'll start and so I started posting Sims Let's Plays on it this is like we're talking like August of August actually I started on my birthday August 14th of 2015 so exactly what is this four years later I started doing actually posted a four years of YouTube video I remember done now okay so I'll get 14 to 2015 I started posting student videos on my channel and then it gets to be December okay and I hit 10,000 subscribers which was a huge deal for me and only gained like a thousand actually well when I started posting some videos a lot of people unsubscribe to me from this little side job channel because obviously I changed the whole thing and so I probably had like 8,000 and then from August to December I got to 10k okay and this is like December 5th or so I hit 10k and I was so excited I mean that was like that's a huge milestone okay and for me a person who never thought I would get any subscribers like that was a big deal to me and so I mean back when I was making LTS this year when we hit a thousand think minds my lifetime goal at that point was to hit 1000 subscribers I mean I couldn't even comprehend where I am now that wasn't even a possibility to me ever this hundred caping never even a possibility like that wasn't even a goal of mine cuz it just it seemed so out of reach that I didn't even cut like I couldn't even imagine hitting a hundred thousand subscribers I mean because I wanted a thousand I wanted a hundred I posted a video on the channel celebrating sixty-two subscribers is like a thanks for sixty-two subscribers video on there which is two dumbest thing ever but it exists I'm not going to link it either you guys can't see it and also the name of it is blocked in my comments you can't tell people if you know like I blocked that word in my comment so I sent a right and then my neighbor I was actually I was out to dinner with my friend at Steak and Shake we had gone we had like volunteered as a band concert at my school we were filming it from a TV production class and then we were at Steak and Shake afterward right and then I started getting comment notifications on my phone and I was like this is where I imposed a video right now like it's 9 o'clock at night it's super weird why am I getting comments on my phone I mean at that point I only got comments like I got like four comments you know and they were always not when I wasn't like I hadn't posted video at 9 o'clock at night so I was weirded out right go onto my channel the header had changed the icon had changed and there was a video posted like a weird animation video that my ex friend my neighbor had made and posted like she changed the entire channel over and so I texted her like Susan what the heck did you do and then she walked me out of the account like she changed the password and locked me out of my own YouTube channel and this is after she had given the explicit permission to like post on it and take it over and so she realized that I'd hit 10k and then like literally three days later she hacked into it and stole it and so I still had access via like a different you email because you can add more than one like owner of the channel basically on YouTube and so I had a chain saw through the email that we had shared but then I had access over my own email and so the next day I posted like a I was hacked video and I've decided to make my own channel and kind of just like give up start over whatever and so I post a bit of been like I was hacked because subscribe to my new one and then she kicked me off the channel for real look like without email and so I lost access to it and then I made Wilson V and here we are now almost two years I mean while I like a year and a half later really I've been doing YouTube for like almost two years but Wilson Z for like a year and a half because on December 7th I made my new channel and here we are but you know what it was probably more than a couple days I think that I had lost access to the channel because it probably has been like summer third or so and then I would like a whole weekend because I was really us like really upset by I worked so hard I was uploading daily you know like I worked really hard on this channel and I just lost it and so it took me a while to decide to make a new one and then I was like you know what Caleb this is what you want to do you want to keep making videos just start over and then Sims II was born and so I had a hard time taking on a username but if you didn't my last name is actually my name is Kayla Sims in real life that's my name and so I had my personal twitter handle at the time was little Cindy like that was my personal Twitter you know because it was my nickname and so when I started my new channel over I was like well I already had this handle today points might as well just move it it fits I make Sims videos I am Sims like so I turned my personal Twitter handle I switched it over so that my YouTube Twitter was well Cindy and now here we are this is a year and a half later lil Sims II screw you sue then look look at me now or hey no but I mean it's all very funny cuz I feel like I used to talk about that a lot like back when I was I had to start over you know and so I think it took me from December until like June of last year to get 10,000 subscribers and so after that happened I sort of stopped talking to EXO it's really bitter when I started over that I had like I went from having 10k to having zero hopeful but granted a lot of those subscribers were inactive and stuff my videos were getting like a hundred and fifty was like it wasn't like I was doing well in that channel but um I don't know it's just the principle of this which I worked really hard I was uploading daily this girl hadn't posted on it in like four years and then all of a sudden she comes in has seeded hit a milestone and she just takes it over and because the email okay so the way that she did it is because the email was technically under her it was her email so the main channel and so when you try to recover the account it went to her email so I couldn't like get it back so I mean it was done the whole I should have just made a new channel let's be honest but I didn't because I mean I had the numbers which like if you have an option to take nine thousand eight Weber eight thousand subscribers versus zero you're going to take the one you already have you know and I mean I made the channel in like I didn't bend my channel for a long time we made it on my birthday like it was I think come on and so August 14 2011 so it was like it was not just it wasn't her channel but whatever whatever wow I'm getting angry again I mean honestly don't really care that much anymore because obviously I'm doing a lot better without that chizel but I don't know I guess there's a moral of the story you guys and it's that you should follow your dreams I don't know just work hard because I mean I've been uploading daily for almost two years now and like hello that's where we're at so and also I mean I've improved so much when it comes to like making videos I mean I you see me like four hours five hours to make a fixer-upper and now I can crank one out and three so you know you really improve well that's not true I'm not actually no I can't no no I can't it used to take me like four five or six and now it takes me like three or four depending on how long the video is but it doesn't take me yes I mean this was a two and a half hour long video I'm recording the voice-over for 23 minutes that's three hours a day they're gonna take me another 45 to edit it at least so yes they'll takes a while but I mean I got a lot faster with editing I can talk I can do a voiceover so much better now I used to talk way too fast not anymore I mean well I still talk too fast but not as fast as I used to and so I mean there's genuine improvement here again I you know what I think I'm gonna do a reacting to those old videos like the littlest petshop ones at some point because probably some point soon – I just I don't want to hear saying you guys I don't want you to find that channel because I don't want to give it views like I don't want her to profit off of my old content when she still has all of my old videos like I think the first 20 episodes my baby challenger on that channel and she still get two views off of them like she's still as she's profiting off of my content and I hate that so much so I started relearning my good challenge episodes I have like the first seven on my channel now and I'm going to do the rest of them soon it's just I don't I hate the fact that she can monetize in my videos like that makes me so angry so I don't want you to watch them that's the thing like I don't want you to see these videos on that channel I want to download them and then put on my own channel or like react to them but not show the name of the channel so you don't find it and watch them on her and give her my does that make sense like I mean I don't really care if you see them because I'm going to post them anyway but like we're talking about the ones when I was like 12 but I just I hate the fact that she can profit off of them because I'm in them that's like that's my content I was my ideas my voice and she's going to put ads on it and then make money off of me after she stole the channel from me I just I hate that so much so I mean it's all she's making a lot of money totally making like maximum I mean I wasn't my views I get but we're probably maximum maybe like a hundred dollars total like over the course of forever but still like that's money that she says deserves so it makes me angry but wow I did not expect to be getting into this kind of mood right now but I mean I feel good talking about it because I haven't talked about in a long time like I probably haven't talked about it sounds like June and I used to talk about it a lot because I used to be really bitter about it was when it happened and so I feel like you guys won't believe what this girl did to me she hacked me she is a real I mean I never talked about her as being a Susan because I mean I invented the Susan character in August of 2016 look at that on my birthday actually in 2016 I posted a speed build of the river Queen paddleboat which is like the steam boat in the game that I love so much and I talked about the first ever Susan story in that video and so when this whole hacking thing happened I call it hacking it was we like more of a channel stealing but when you call it hacking you get more views and more sympathy so I call it the hacking the great hacking of 2015 but I never called her Susan because she never like she was never around when the student thing was happening but she the real Susan like the worst of the Susan's granted I'm doing a lot better now because of that because my old channel that old one that I got like a hundred fifty views on Macs per video now I never would have become like I never could have brought it to where I am now so it was a dumb name like a super dominating that she actually think that she might have come up with the name but we made it together with the intent of like making videos together in 2011 when we were in sixth grade like you know I mean it's just a whole messy situation so I guess you guys my main reason here is never share an account with somebody and also we were too young to be on YouTube goes against Terms of Service never do that either don't break Terms of Service and don't share an account please don't ever share an account like that it ends badly if it ever does well it's going to end badly because I mean if you have like a real business partner and you're like older and you're doing like a podcast or something that's different but when you're like a small child don't share an account don't do it it's dumb they're going to use it against you they're going to ruin your life don't share an account guys that's right that's my Cindy lesson of the day is never share an account with somebody because again that's actually against well is it against the Terms of Service I mean we were using the same login that's probably against the rules if you have because you can have more than one owner of a channel that's fine but like that never used to sing along and none young and if you do make sure that you has a recovery email FM you you get an email anyway the videos over ask you guys I hope you enjoyed it I'm sorry I got crazy make sure to like and comment and subscribe and do all the sums of things and in case you guys didn't know it so some videos everything that I don't need you guys and so I will see you all tomorrow bye everybody you I have this habit where I wave goodbye and I wave hello and I start the video but you can't see me because there's no FaceCam and I'm still sitting here waving it's so weird I don't know


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