Valentine’s Day Special କଫି ଚକୋଲେଟ କେକ | Cake Frosting Without Whipping Cream | Instant Cake | Odia

Namaskar. Welcome to Today we will make super spongy instant coffee chocolate cake using smooth ” Cake frosting ( cake cream / butter cream ) , which is prepared without using whip cream . I hope you all will love this recipe Hit like and share the video Also press the bell icon next to the Subscribe button to get the notification of our latest videos Let’s start today’s recipe We need all these ingredients for making this dish Bread – 4 slices Coffee powder – 1 tsp Sugar – 2 tsp ( or 1 tbsp ) Powdered sugar – 1 cup ( 100 gm / 6 tbsp ) , instead of it you can use Icing sugar Boiled milk – 1 cup ( 100 ml ) Cornflour – 2 tbsp Milk powder – 1 tbsp ( Amul or any company ) Butter Chocolate syrup Cocoa powder You can check all the product links given in the description box below And Vanilla Essence Put 2 tbsp cornflour in a pan or in vessel 1 tbsp milk powder ( Amul ) 1 tbsp powdered sugar ** Blend the sugar very finely to get the perfect and smooth cream** Pour boiled milk and mix everything well ( without fire ) Stir it throughly on medium flame Turn off the flame at this stage and mix it It has become smooth and thick Keep it aside to cool down completely Put 50 gm butter ** but the butter should be completely melted or smooth ** Then whisk it using a spoon , fork or whisker Whisk it for a minute Then add 1 cup powdered sugar ( or 6 tbsp ) ** Always sieve the powdered sugar or icing sugar to make the cake cream smooth ** Do not use it It’s been 4 minutes now It looks light and fluffy Adding 1 tbsp cocoa powder to give the cake chocolate colour ( you can skip it ) 2-3 drops of vanilla essence ( enhances flavour ) Strain the cooled mixture ( cornflour + Sugar + milk powder + milk ) It’s been 4 minutes now ** The cream consistency should be stiff ** You can store in the fridge for 15-20 days Let’s decorate the cake Add 2 tsp sugar in the 1 cup of normal water 1 tsp coffee powder ( you can skip the coffee powder if you don’t like the flavour ) Sugar has completely dissolved now Keep it aside for later use Trim the edges of bread ** Always use fresh bread for super soft and spongy cake ** You can serve these breads as your evening snack or use as a bread crumbs Apply a little butter cream Spread the coffee and sugar mixture all over the bread slices Repeat the same process in all bread slices Grate the chocolate Here I have decorated it using grated chocolates, choco chips and cherry ( you can decorate it as you desire ) Our super spongy and soft ” Instant Cake ” is ready to enjoy now So try this recipe at home And share with us your experience in the comment section below Thank you See you soon in my next video You could subscribe my channel by clicking on this face icon

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