UGLY A-FRAME // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

UGLY A-FRAME // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper - Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fixer-upper the show where I attempt to fix up your houses sense into my house called ugly a frame by sir Cimarron the gallery it's on a 30 by 20 lot cost about 135 thousands millions three bedrooms two bathrooms and basically these two sisters bought this house they've got a budget hundred twenty thousand simoleons and they're trying to face I know what you're thinking this is ridiculous Kayla what the heck did you choose and it's different yes but I think it's gonna be pretty cool so we're gonna give it a shot I have never done a thing like this it's very triangular which is exciting let's just jump on the tour really fast oh my goodness okay so here's the house oops boiler I have the finished house next to it I'm not going to show you the exterior I guess because I can't without spoiling what I did oh boy oh but this isn't working with let's go ahead and go into tab mode and I can show you guys oh well let's go in a live mode first I guess and come on the tap and give you guys a tour so the house the intro entrance is X on the side over here which is kind of weird you come over here I got this nice barbed wire fence you would walk in down here if I could get in over here actually but if it a bit of it here we go oh boy we're on the floor okay through the weeds we go and then she would come up in here and are you guys nice boarded up signs you'd walk in and you find this like weird entrance on either side of this you know I don't know it's going on in here honestly there's a lot of weird I don't know who used to live here I don't know why they used to live here I don't know what's going on I just thought it's very expensive and just a lot like there is a this are gold bought why those are gold bars who just has gold sitting around in this weird a-frame house you know what stop don't ask questions you're not going to get answers to you the kitchens over here it's very blue very long I guess I don't really know how to explain this it's definitely not my favorite kitchen I've seen um could really use some work and then the bedroom over here is actually about to nevermind I take it back bathroom over here this is the bedroom again very colorful not too bad it could be a lot worse you know sort of like the gold bars on the floor in the living room and then you go upstairs and you will find without spoiling oh my goodness the exterior of the next house the new house but you come upstairs and you find this area which has a super cute little playroom I love this idea not for this particular house but just in general this is really cool to have like this little gated off player for your kids I am gonna play her before and I'm kind of intrigued to try this in a house in the future like a playroom kind of dealio thanks to the idea service summer I'm gonna use it and then you come over here and we have a bedroom two bedrooms actually one bedroom here for the girls and another one over here just fun I have never used these covers over either um but this is a cool house not gonna lie I liked it a lot just some weirdness going on I have never done or seen anything like this it's very cottagey I feel like uses kind of style house and cabin type areas like with these like wooden logs back here really cool use of new objects and some have to retreat stuff I'm a big fan of this I love like cool things like this I don't know I'm kind of a Sims nerd so people do cool things like this I just get so excited but my main list for this house like to fix wise is I want to readjust the front here I feel like the entranceway is just weird and I want to change that I have some ideas for like additions I'm gonna do on the house to kind of make it a little better at cyborg this way instead of the other way I'm supposed to like you know horizontal instead of vertical like I've placed it but I'm going to make it be this way just to make my like idea work better so we're gonna do here I also want to go ahead and open flow going downstairs I just I think it's kind of weird the shape we've got it's very boxy and I just think it could use some help so I'm try and fix that and I also wanted to refurnish and stuff basic things and just the color scheme and landscaping that's just you know that's obvious right let's go ahead and jump into the renovation okay so we are back and we are fixer-upper in this house that's right kids it's fixer-upper time I don't know I didn't do one of these last week I apologize I know I'm a bad person I just couldn't you know when you just get in those slumps I just I couldn't I built something I like hath built something and I just it was like 10 o'clock at night and I just really couldn't keep doing it I know it sounds bad I'm not usually like this I'm really good about not missing uploads if you haven't noticed I'm pretty great on that whole schedule front and plus I had scheduled previously not doing because I was trying to like trying to build in some time they don't have to do extra build trolls away because I'm going to San Francisco this week to visit the Sims in California you know EA and play the new expansion pack and so I was trying to build in some like not building time so I was gonna do one last week and do one this week instead um but I was gonna try and do it anyway last week just because I wanted to and I know you guys like the series and stuff I didn't want to like not do it but then I just couldn't because it was late I was tired I just wanted to go to sleep and so I just stopped which is bad I shouldn't have done that but like hey you know what it's okay we're back and plus I was kind of in a building slump cuz I've just done so many fixer-uppers that I just can't I need to break it up I need to do different things so today we're in this really super weird house that I've it's like this a frame cottagey thing that's been renovated to look super sleek and new and it's crazy weird I have never doesn't like this at all but I think it looks really cool in the end so thanks for that build or whoever did this you did a good job I also done the intro to this yet usually I'll go in on to the intro and tour and then come and do this voiceover but I'm just doing this one and sex I feel like talking so there we go it's also to record this weekend it is Saturday right now Saturday night like 10 o'clock and I have recorded 11 videos in the past two days this is my last one I actually have a speed before to do too but I think I put this up put that off because I can't do to pill boys overs and one day that's just too much talking for me cuz I need to like tell stories and I don't have any stories to tell right now so I'm doing this but I've done 11 videos in the past two days that's insane no one does that many videos not a short time span so I'm dedicated my friends oh you know you're welcome this is going great isn't it mm-hmm I had a story to tell and I forgot what it was that's not good what are we gonna do about this okay well how was your day good oh no I remember now oh boy this is gonna be good I want to talk to you a little bit about Halloween of 2015 that was last year he didn't know and now you do 2015 was last year so I realized that since I told sorry I have to live before my channel and a previous bill probably I don't know which one it was but at some point talks about it but I have probably gained like thirty five thousand horses ever since then if we're being honest here and so the vast majority of you have never seen that or heard that story and so I think it's a thing that you need to be enlightened about and therefore I'm going to tell you a little bit about it now I don't like Halloween here – hear me out ok I know it sounds ridiculous it like this almost feels a thing and stuff um so I do this like whole series on my channel about Halloween it's up every year but I don't like Halloween I don't know it sends from childhood that sounds bad – I just I don't like spooky things I prefer to not be spooked and I was like super superstitious I was little not anymore really unrealistic ghosts and everything and so I was like Halloween really creeped me out I was like not not down for that you know but now I don't care so much because obviously like ghosts aren't real sorry kids I maybe they are I don't know sorry ghosties don't attack me don't come for me I'm just a little Sims II but I don't really care what that anymore but when I was little super afraid and I like wouldn't really color wax I thought it'd remedy but like I was scared of blood so it's like Oh red blood and I can't wear red oh no like it was it was bad but I was like 9 so it's ok we're good now but there's that so I just don't like Halloween I also you probably knows by now but I really don't like parties like strongly just like parties so that stems from just my severe social anxiety if we already knew about that – so there's no surprise there but last year I went to a Halloween party now you can already imagine where this is going – terrible things but it wasn't that bad because the thing is my friends don't throw like a wild teen parties he's mostly just like small gatherings so it's not that bad for me I just that you the party was like I want to say like 12 people 12 of my friends close friends you know so like you're like acquaintances but they weren't like strangers or anything and it was just like they're nice people they aren't like crazy teens it's just it was fun very simple and it was a costume party and naturally Kayla what do you think I would dress up as if I were to you know wear a costume oh you guess right cactus a cactus so with oh my god this year have to like how am I gonna beat that this year I don't know we'll figure it out but lastly one is the cactus basically what I did is I took a light green onesie a dark green onesie and I took little white pipe cleaners and into force and then poked them through the CAC the whole onesie all over the black the whole body he said most of the back because I want to set something like die because they're kind of pointy so I just covered the whole cactus onesie in with these pipe cleaners it's like the points on it and I wore it to the party mind you I live in Florida it is very hot in Florida and so forth is a onesie and it was just miserable and I didn't even win the costume contest I know I probably less until story probably lied and was like yeah I won but I didn't win I didn't even get second place I don't think I've been placed but I was happy because I had a good time who goes the cactus like these girls not as pretty but like girls like we think of like high school girls wearing helmet costumes like these like cats and gross like you know that kind of thing nope I wore a onesie a cactus onesie so that's me how about you and my friends my friend bought me like she went to New York last year and she wrapped that like cactus socks as a joke as like a souvenir gift for me so thanks for that Kylie I see you and click it's just an inside joke now I also built a cactus on my channel back a long long time ago which I guarantee you none of you have seen because only has like two thousand views but I'll link that down below bring that I'm probably that's going to forget to do that but I built a cactus I'm gonna link it for you to look at it's an actual cactus but in the sims 4 and it's probably pretty great I probably told this story in that built or I could could have been a like a thing that I told the story and then felt it afterwards but I only I had like max two three thousand subs that maybe me even more like I don't know I don't know what it was it was I didn't have very big following nobody watched it it wasn't like gonna go viral because nobody cares what a cactus built but if you want to say that go ahead it's linked but watch this first give me that watch time I'm gonna need it anyway that's me and this year I just don't know what to do I don't think I'm going to a Halloween party this year if my friend throws one maybe she will I'm not gonna throw one I don't do parties but if she has one I'm not gonna have a costume I thought about going into Sim because that's like relevant but also so lame like what a basic costume too makes me really cool I'd like a I could you like a plumb bob headband and then like the like some sort of body thing like the the blur I know Steph hosts have instead of thing like this for her 100k like celebration maybe I'll just copy her and do that for Halloween hey Steph and you're watching this I'm gonna use your idea but you won't know good and well you wouldn't unless I told you but I did tell you just now so yikes anyway did I talk about the homecoming debacle already I think I said that an oh my speed build last weekend guys guys if you want to hear about the homecoming debacle of 2016 check out my speed bill from last week I talked all about it and I had a Susan story for you another thing people are starting to like catch on to the Susan thing and I'm so nervous because I realized recently the peel from school actually watch my videos like I have this mindset where I don't think about like my cousins or my grandparents or people that I know watching these it's all it seems like strangers to me like all of you people watching but not like them so hey cousins if you're watching this what's up haven't seen you in a while give me a call I don't know um yes but I don't think about them watching but I know that they do and so I realize that there are a lot of people from school that know about my channel or know like sort of of my channel that are probably like checking out some of my stuff but I don't think about them watching it so then I say these things like and none of them know what the cactus thing but that was a very small group that heard about the cactus thing and they're hopefully like Kayla what the heck because I am super super quiet at school like I don't talk to anybody this is not even a joke I just and so then they come out of here and I'm super loud super obnoxious super like talk fast ewwww where's cactus costumes like this internet kayla is very different from real life school Kayla I think that internet kayla is more close to my real personality because I'm just super shy in person um but the internet I can just be whoever I want and you guys are gonna watch me anyway because I'm hilarious as we all know right and I'm pretty good at building to you which is I guess an upside I'm sometimes good at building not always but I'm sometimes good at building which is just a bonus you know at least I'm good at something right anyway this build is short of the normal I'm getting better at like cranking out builds faster also it's moving real fast I'm sorry about that it's making you dizzy I didn't mean to but you know it happens sometimes I was listening to dear Hank it's all about this love dear Hank and John that podcast is my favorite podcast no that's not true no yes it is oh I don't know I am so into podcast lately you knew this already but the source said podcast I talked about this recently but I listened to all 70 plus episodes in the span of like a month of the sorts of podcast that is a lot because they're an hour long each I listen to all of them in the store said podcast like source I doesn't even doing that what like sorry source said you're watching this but like source saw the channel isn't doing so hot right now they're actually like losing subscribers on the daily basis which is really bad I'm sorry SourceFed but I like it a lot so just check out SourceFed you guys there their podcast is good their table tops are good I like their content um please don't let their channel die I need those podcast in my life they've got like 1.7 million subs that they're losing subs and their views are low and that's just not a good sign their channels dying I hope well I don't want to jinx it but like guy's scary am i right I am really really afraid that can have my channel because my channels I my views a pretty good right now and my sub count I guess is pretty good I don't talk what numbers very often but I mean I'm getting pretty close to 40,000 subscribers as we speak as of right now at Saturday and I hit 3 million views yesterday which is super cool and so my channels doing pretty hot right now doing pretty hot no kala stop but it's not doing poorly I guess and so I'm really afraid that it's just gonna like stop and then um I don't yep won't have an income so there's that issue but I'm ok it's fine it's fine you'll still watch people like me right I'm nope ok well this just took a dark turn oh look at my classic bad bedrooms uh at this point I was so over building you know that's plus I felt sick earlier well building this I don't know why I just like I just wanted to not so my bedrooms are just a classic bad but hey no one expects good bed roommates just good exterior sometimes good kitchens mostly good kitchens and the backyard there's no backdoor that's kind of weird I know this but like I couldn't put one in because this weird aline thing it does it just a frame i mean on a line yikes it just doesn't fit one so i didn't do it sorry not sorry i guess very cool bushes though I imagine this house being more of like a cottage cabin thing like fitting into no I want to say Granite Falls but also not Granite Falls I mean I guess Granite Falls you can put it in Granite Falls it's not really like a stay once kind of cabin it's more of a house but hey it looks like a cat most of the houses that are shaped like this are more cabanne like log cabin II but hey do whatever you want with it and I have this new thing or I like to do this thing I have this new thing where I like to do this thing nice word and Kaila where basically I just put this like half tile thing I think it looks cool I don't know it's just it's a thing that I'm interested in right now so I'm not sorry I keep saying that – oh my god I need to stop right now I need to go I need to go anyway I have my screenshots coming soon of course before and afters as always I did my classy planter box thing here make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all this on you things in case you use every single day and so I will see you all tomorrow oh my goodness this I just I'm not very good at voiceovers lately I just keep rambling and rambling and rambling it's not good for my health or your help to be honest so subscribe


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