Travel With Chatura | Singapore Military & Defence Exhibition 2020 (Vlog 229) (ENG SUB)

Travel With Chatura | Singapore Military & Defence Exhibition  2020 (Vlog 229) (ENG SUB)

This battle tank is a slightly different
than usual. As it includes intergrated
battle management system. Tanks have heavy firepower,strong
armour, and good battlefield manoeuvrability
provided by tracks and a powerful engine Now, they expanded their firepower.
Advances in artificial intelligence and robotics are changing
the face of war Can operate using a remote control Soldiers of the Century How the future soldier might be
equipped with . I will not promote war. I’m against that. I have seen it, the cruelty of the war.
Can’t deny the technology though. Advanced body armor Providea protection against weapons a huge flat-screen video monitor One of the greatest firearms. a production of steel engineering Armor offers a wide variety of personal
protective items we may also can ..use in future The BR18 is a bullpup assault rifle fully designed and developed by the
Singaporean Company in 2014 Used by the Armed Forces in Singapore has an effective range of 460 m and 800 m Has the ability to safely fire after
submerging the rifle in water Likewise this has underwent several
significant simplifications. The specialty in this is that it should be bullet proof Should be Bullet-resistant They make glass, equpments that are
particularly resistant to bullets. The Bronco designed to traverse
difficult terrain, The Bronco has a load carrying
capacity of up to 5 tonnes and is capable of a top speed of 60 km/h
on the road It carries troops sometimes. Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering). This is another creation by Singapore.
Something that would be more
suitable for our country For those who protest can spray gas tears using drone technology As a result can evacuate the place Can give it a try Cyber security is another vital topic. Technology play a significant role in
the War We met someone from Sri Lanka who works for
ST Engineering. what does your company do? I work for info security group
in ST Engineering ST engineering encompasses four pillars ST electronics, St sattellite land systems and maritime sector. I work for the Cyber Security Unit We have introduced as a product ,Cyber
Security Operating centre Sri Lanka Easter bombings were the
first acts of terrorism that occurred after the end of the civil war
so there might be a cyber atatck St enginnering has done some
projects in Sri Lanka Singapore Technologies Electronics has
provides consultancy services for the implementation of the country’s first
National Cyber Security Operations We are happy to help the government
to build such an operating system. ST Engineering’s has the capability of building a security system for the
military. # Airbus is registered in the Netherlands; it’s shares are traded in
France, Germany and Spain The company has three divisions:
Helicopters, Defence and Space,
and Commercial flights. pioneer in the aerospace industry,
manufacturing and delivering aerospace
products around the world. The Airbus company is the
world’s largest passenger airliner and had carried
12 billion passengers in 2016 110 million flights, totalling over
215 billion kilometres Imagine how huge it is! These are their helicopters. Bell is world’s top Military Helicopter
Manufacturers Bell Helicopter now part of
Textron Aviations They are the global major helicopter
manufacturers for the Asia Pacific Region. I can have a look around and also helicopter tour where can see
the view from above Not allowed to videograph though This is the Bell 505 and we are looking at the G1000
infront of us This machine we have good
visibility of sight all excellent training machine a very wind gilt between the flight characteristics.It’s
very good for fly , for training operations It’s very worth and all kinds of
missions that you were do with smaller helicopter
in this very class. I’m going for the tour. While i was in Sri Lanka i couldn’t go
so here Bell is taking me. Please do not touch any of the controls. He asked me to not to touch any of that. Whether this helicopter is appropriate for
our country or not. Can it be brought as a commercial flight? How much does it cost ? Excuse me sir, Can I have your weight?
What’s your weight? How many kilos? I think it’s 76.
okay! Basically , when I click you can also
show this feature. Okay! So it’s to check wether we are having the
accurate weight amount. to balance. helicopter passengers will be weighe
d at time of check in Compared to the Bell the whole
panel systems, navigations are new. and also automated ones. Good Afternoon helicopter
505 is ready to take off. Good Afternon!


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