Top Billing tours a beautiful golf course home in Dainfern | FULL INSERT

Top Billing tours a beautiful golf course home in Dainfern | FULL INSERT

when Jackie was 16 her parents relocated to PE while she stayed in Joburg with friends and then with her sister married to Tony Martin gone over 20 she'd always longed for a home to anchor her own family's life and this is it I know you're not just the homeowner you also wear the hats of the interior designer that must have been daunting well very amateur one what I wanted to do was create a home Haven from a hectic laughs it wasn't about knowledge it was about field I love that the first thing you see when you walk in is this wine cellar under the staircase what inspired it well we had this big blank open space that we needed to fill with something warm and inviting as you walk in the home wanted really nice lighting to you know make it woman welcoming and we followed a theme very much through this area of the wood the natural woods because we've got the gray cooler tones through the house we wanted a bit of warmth in the house as well so the wine cellar has got the backdrop of word the herringbone floor which ties nicely into the front of the steps which are all same wood so all around making it warm and inviting and lots a cold contemporary home the couple and their children moved in last spring and only started then with the interiors so the decor evolved with each season this area is as you can see very open play we wanted it all to be one room there no doors really because it's a space where the family can interact have their own private little spaces and we wanted a completely open plan but with a with a sort of theme to each area I've tried to tie together from a color perspective the rugs and the fabrics but they are very distinct in terms of their spaces since Jackie's last home was finished in a farmhouse style this was new territory love how these large sculptures connect to spaces yes that's also an interesting piece and it does star the rooms together this is our living room and it's an area we use a lot during the winter because of the the fireplace so we'll often sit on the leather chairs have a glass of wine or the fire going and if the hobby is not interested in too much chatting and he watches TV episode tubs yeah this is very much our family living room in winter the inspiration for their lifestyle space with a timber floors and leather granite in the kitchen every other design choice arose from here in the design phase this was the most challenging room for me I wanted a very clean kitchen but I didn't want it to be cold so I added a wood detail on the top which I felt brought a lot of warmth into the room I then also changed the color is more like a warm gray which then just complements and I think makes the room feel warmer then just the plain white and again I'm struck by the large sculpture story behind this one this is another of my husband's picks so he went out and found this piece and then insisted we had to find a place in the house for it so here it is in the kitchen weighs a ton and as punishment for giving me such a design dilemma I made him hang it himself so I made him sweet the black and white drinks cabinets is a design feature and come cocktail hour this is the place to be a bar beautiful views you must be in the entertainment area poking about the bar I mean it was a very interesting fund it's a it's a sort of composite looks very much like concrete so quite a natural material thought it fits it in very well here and then combined it with these wooden chairs again to bring that theme in of wood with the gray and then that server at the back interesting in that it's got that rustic sort of still a strat it also just adds a little bit of warmth and a little bit of interest into the buyer they've set these concrete counters into the glass alcove so that drinks are served against the backdrop of the view dining opens right up to the outdoors see the bar top is reflected here on this dining table yes so the cement again giving that very casual informal look and chose these chairs as well to keep the area really informal and a really relaxed space see what this lounge area you've decided to go with some green pallets as well yes so wanted to make it's a very natural room it speaks to the outside the turns are very cool and calming and really love this piece which is you know love the texture of the length add something to the room also the room divider over there which just separates the two areas quag nicely brings in the wood feature again and then that leads on to the TV room which really is a room with the children enjoy to relax it's very comfortable the couch lends itself to falling asleep in front of the TV the doors are open on to the swimming pool so really a nice area for the youngsters to talk the biggest plunge Jackie and Tony took was deciding to turn a tired old Tuscan design into this modern home happily architect Bruce Nixon shared their vision Lucy the mastermind behind the stunning home and it's a renovation project with some of the challenges that you faced what with any renovation you're always going to have challenges where what we did here was we had to pull the entire roof over to create a more modern structured look out of this place but fortunately we had a fantastic client where we were working with who saw our vision and it was wonderful absolutely wonderful what are some of the new modern features that you're most proud of in the house well a number of the elements what we added in here with especially looking at when you enter into the house the original house had no views out of the golf course when he entered the house it was absolutely terrible so religiously gutted the interiors and opened everything up so that you each gain this beautiful Vista that you've got out here I mean why you live on a golf course you have a river why not use the space it's gorgeous it's absolutely stunning so one of the cool features we've created here on the master bathroom is this timber cladding that we've actually wrapped the entire bathroom into and a lot of people have asked me you know what is that place that you've created up there and I said it's the master bathroom it could go wow it must be an amazing place to be sitting in and it's just created a huge statement of the Golf Course people absolutely love it and I know each one of Jackie's favorite features in the house as well we are surrounded by nature did you take into account the common footprint of the house when you bulling it well with regards to this yeah it has a lot of energy efficiency voltage to the design that we actually added in number one all the lighting is led lighting so we've kept all the usage down on that there as well all the gears are solar Keyser's we've utilized that there's also energy efficiency built into the glass so the house during the day if you're standing in here you can fit it is winter but it's not cold in this house it's a gorgeous place to be whether it be summer or winter so you know building those elements in and creating the vistas what more could you have a major return on Jackie's investment in this house has been achieved on a personal level the sense of a family home which she lost in her teens has been restored through the joy of giving her daughter Lisa her own dream sanctuary please I can see why you mom wanted me to come in and have a look at your room the clean lines the color palettes it's beautiful oh thank you so much yeah it's my own peaceful Haven I love to come here chill take my mind off for the busy day we did something very different in this room we actually took the wooden floors up to the headboard which I loved actually sort of photo of it and my mom helped me to kind of get my vision and put it together here I've also got a beautiful floating bed which is one of my favorite parts of my room and it kind of just all adds to the tranquil peaceful awesome vibe with my room this bid is very unique and I feel like it speaks to you what other gems do you have in this room that are close to your heart I'd have to say that my favorite part of this room and my favorite feature the one that means most to me is my outside courtyard it's kind of a place that I can go relax read a book winter cuddle up with a blanket and a pillow a long witnessed place to chill lisa enjoys a dressing room fit for a diva leading on to a serene bathroom of her own there's a communal indoor outdoor lifestyle space upstairs for everyone well guys I could definitely get used to waking up to a view like this lovely or ass I love what this room is that it's very similar in terms of the accents with the greys but this big otter extends out and you know seems like the room is put around it so really the whole room was formed around our piece because again it was a piece that we saw and lacked and then it became building blocks from there for the rest of the room so again the theme of sort of grays and their soft theme with wood and the wooden floors a little bit different with the brick look which although not completely contemporary for me just adds that little bit of warmth into the room and a little bit of a difference and then also the fireplace second marble wood not so much for the warmth edit gift but for the ambience another really nice area in the room is the patio outside so what's really nice about it is it gives you a bit of privacy – so you contend have a glass of wine in complete premises so I've seen your master bedroom have seen Lisa's room but haven't seen your son's room well that's like the bachelor pad of the house that's got a New York skyline very dark tones very masculine yard and it's what he really wanted Jackie confesses that her and Tony Martin ghana's bedroom is still a work in progress but fierce found it already just right this place is massive I can see this bathroom is clearly made for two people to move through here quite freely yeah well there was always the argument about who would shower first so we've got the double shower and then obviously the bath which looks a few fantastic to run a bubble bath bottle of champagne awesome to watch the sunset I mean with this view here it makes me want to get into the spot but I'll save you that image and just say thank you guys for a beautiful day let me go through your amazing home maybe one day I'll get a beautiful house in this estate thank you for thank you so much bad looking onto a garden laid out by her 87 year old father this is a house buy for and of the family

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