Top 5 Living room + Dining room Interior Design Ideas | Tips and Trends for Home Decor – Open Space

Top 5 Living room + Dining room Interior Design Ideas | Tips and Trends for Home Decor – Open Space

Hi guys, today I will talk about some design tips for designing a living-dining open space concept. You guys ask me a lot about that and here
we have some concepts to design a room with a multiple purpose. Welcome back to D.Signers I’m Zahira Cury architect and interior designer,
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as I can. The dining-living room open space concept
is a very common feature today. Personally I love the concept of an open space
because you can feel the space more fluid, larger, brighter and contemporary. However. it’s true that here we have two different
kind of areas in the same space, where we will develop two or more different kind of
activities so we need to define each one, we need to give them their own anchor but always searching for the balance between each one creating a harmonious composition. DEFINE YOUR STYLE You need to make your living and dining room
speak to one another. My recommendation to achieve that is to maintain
the same style or styles that you want for your home, this way you will have a guide
to follow up. For example, if you have a contemporary dining
room with clean lines and contemporary finishes like black matte combined with wood, it doesn’t
make sense that your living room has a entire glam style appearance with shiny chandeliers
and glitz because the contrast is too strong and you will visually divide your room by
the differences of each style. I’m not saying that you cannot
mix and match styles, the point is to develop all the design with the same language. If your dining room is contemporary with a
touch of glam, then your living room should have the same appearance and visual language, it should be contemporary with a touch of glam. So selecting the basic styles are crucial
to develop a multipurpose room in harmony and it will be the guide to select your furniture,
color palette, accessories, lighting fixture and all the elements that create the space. If you have any doubt of which style defines
your personality, you can check out my video about popular design styles right here. FURNISH YOUR SPACE We have defined our design style so now we
need to think about how we will use each space. In a general term, in the dining room we develop
the same activities, which is sharing a meal and moments with family and friends. But on the other hand, the living room is
more versatile and depending on how you use the space and which kind of activities you
do there, you will organize and place your furniture in a specific way. That means that a family that enjoys watching
tv in the living room or from a dining room while they’re having breakfast, the composition
of the space and how they need to place the furniture will be very different than a family
that doesn’t use the tv in the living room because they might have a family room to enjoy
those moments, so for that I always say that a space should work for those who use the
space, for those who live there because how you place your furniture or the furniture
of a client is a consequence of how the homeowner lives and which activities they usually do
in a given space. So because each of you are different, I prepared
some different choices on how to furnish your dining-living room depending on how you use
your room. so let’s see some examples: Also guys, remember to think how you will
circulate into your room, leave enough space for walking comfortably though your area. A very important point is to define each area. That doesn’t mean that we need a divider
or wall, we can define our spaces through a rug, ceiling design, or some texture. A rug is the easiest way to do this in the
living room. It’ll place an obvious border around part
of the room to define it as its own zone. Depending on the size of your open living
and dining room plan, you might want to put a rug under your dining table too. But just be careful if they’re right beside
one another. It’s often wise to choose just one of the
zones to anchor with a rug. Another way to define the areas is with your
furniture, you can use a sofa across the room to split it in half or a couple of ottoman
or a bench to create a visual limit with your furniture. An even better if you have different ceiling
heights or you have different textures on your floor, you can take advantage of those
architectural details to define your areas under the conditions. now we have our design style, the best way
to place our furniture, we know how to visually define each space but now we must unite everything,
we need to create harmony in the entire composition. Yes, we defined the space but now we need
to create a cohesive atmosphere. we must Make our Living and Dining room speak
to one another without feeling too forced or too matchy-matchy, sounds a little bit
tricky right? but it’s very simple. You must choose some texture, materials, colors
or shapes and you will use it in both areas. For example:
The TV unit and dining table top can be in a similar material, texture and colour. The color tones in the dining room art can
speak to the color tones in the ottomans or pillows. Be sure that the metals of your pendant lights
above the dining table speak to the colour of some accessories such as some vase, furniture
legs, credenza handles, or other details. Even your flowers can be in a in a similar
color tone or some accessory, wall art or furniture. It might seem like an accident, but every
single element has been selected quite intentionally so that when you’re in the open living and
dining room plan, it feels cohesive and harmonious. I need to be clear here, don’t be afraid
to select pieces with variance in colour and material, but make sure they speak to another
element across the room. Another important recommendation is to maintain
the flow in your space, be sure to select furniture with a maximum height below the
visual angle. Can you imagine a sofa with a high back cutting
across a room? you will loose the connection between both areas and the concept of a contemporary
open space will disappear, and we don’t want that, when want to define each space
but each one will be part of an entire composition. In a zone like this, you can have a low-back
sofa cutting across a room but not a high one. A low sofa cutting across defines the zone
but your eye still glides over the sofa when you’re sitting or standing up, It doesn’t
dominate or hinders the visual flow between your dining and living spaces. Guys remember if you have any question please
let me know in a comment below! I will respond to as many comments as I can,
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