Top 10 Best Tropes in Contemporary Romance

Hey all and welcome to my vlog! My name is Erin and today we’re gonna be talking about my Top 10 Best Tropes in Contemporary Romance. All of these are my personal opinions. If you don’t agree
with them that is totally cool. I’m not interested in fighting about them. I have
a giveaway announcement so be sure to stick around to the end of this video so
you can see what’s up. Let’s get on with the tropes! #1 Career women all over the place Contemporary romance is set in the
modern days so there’s ample opportunity for women to fill any and all roles.
We stan women in STEM, in business, lawyers, doctors, whatever. I’m here for it.
I’m into anything under the sun that is giving these ladies thriving careers, loads of ambition, and lets them live the life that they want. #2 And they were roommates!
(laughs) (whispers) Oh goodness, I love roommates. Fanfic readers know what I’m talking about. And they were roommates leans heavily into cohabitation, which I adore. You have these
characters living in close proximity and that is so many opportunities for them
to get to know one another down to their core. It’s hard to hide things from
someone when you’re living with them. They’re gonna learn all those little
quirks that they’re gonna find super adorable. They’ll learn their likes, their
dislikes, and they’ll have an excellent foundation for building an actual
relationship. Fun fact: my husband and I are the and they were roommates trope so
that’s probably why I enjoy it so much. #3 Dude is a domestic God and
Lady is a domestic disaster. Give me a man who can make croissants from scratch
and religiously mops his floor and give me a lady who can close a $50 million
dollar deal but causes their microwave dinners to burst into flames.
I love characters that are competent at what they love and for some people
domesticity is just not that important. I like this flip because it tends to be a push back from traditional gender roles and I am here for that. #4 I adore your online persona and I know you in real life but I don’t know it’s you I may have only read this in fan fiction and not actual romance novels
but they were romance fanfic so I’m gonna count it.
This one is fun because the character is loving these two different versions and
has no idea that it’s the same person. Now I’m not a fan when this is involved
with deception where a character knows that the other party loves their online
persona and uses it to manipulate them. Not here for that, but all the other cute
versions where no one knows who anyone is works for me. It’s also super cute if
the two people are friends and they each have online personas that are also friends but they haven’t made the connection as to who’s who. I love it. #5 Texting!
One of the perks of contemporary is utilizing modern
technology. It also makes it super easy for characters to interact when they’re
not in close proximity. I’m a sucker for cute text or sexy texts, cute pictures,
good morning texts, all that stuff. I am here for it. If your characters are
thinking about one another there’s no reason they can’t just pick up their
phone and text the other person. Get a dialogue going. There’s also lots of
opportunity for drunk texting, autocorrect, and messages that are typed
but not intended to send so you can see these cute little moments of
vulnerability as the feelings are growing. #6 Celebrity Scandal
Ordinarily I’m kind of on and eat the rich train, but in some cases such as
romance novels I can get over that temporarily. In particular I’m a fan of a
misunderstanding leading to the scandal not someone actually being a huge dickweasel. I’m not interested in people who are doing legitimately asshole things
but I’m okay with it appearing as though they are but they’re
actually a good person. Those are okay. Because celebrities tend
to be living under a bit of a microscope there’s lots of opportunities for
conflict and tension going along with this. I use this to my advantage when I
was writing Heart and Seoul because there’s a lot of restrictions when it
comes to idol behavior. Diverging from that can bring the smack down. Celebrity
culture is different all around the worlds. There’s lots of ways to play with expectations to bring your characters together or tear them apart again. #7 Blind Dates Another nice thing about contemporary is that there’s
a lot more flexibility with dating. I love the blind date trope especially
when the matchmaker is setting up their friend with someone that they actually
believe is a good match. I’m not so cool with it when
someone’s being set up with an absolute tools so that they realize how good the
love interest is. If the love interest is not good in and of themselves without
needing to be juxtaposed up against an asshole they’re probably not that great. Their
awesomeness should be plenty evident without any of this manipulation thanks.
Blind dates also have a lot of potential for vulnerability, embarrassment, and cute moments that let us see the initial sparks of a relationship starting. #8 Road Trips
This trope combines three of my weaknesses: travel, love, and forced proximity. There’s nowhere to go if
you’re in a car which is great if you’re using that to kick-start the end game
relationship. They get to spend hours together having new experiences, in-depth
conversations, and all that other fun stuff that happens when you’re trapped
in a vehicle with someone for hours. Plus there’s also potential here for another
of my favorites, there’s only one bed!!! to pop up. Presumably if you’re traveling
a long distance at some point you’re gonna have to stay in a hotel. You
wouldn’t book in advance because who knows where you’ll get you at the end of
the day and then there could only be one room left with a single bed. (laughs) Can you tell I like this one? The other option is that you sleep in the car and then it gets cold and then you have to
have uncomfortable car snuggles which are not fun at all but at least you’re warm. #9 It’s just sex
Sure Jan. This is where the character really wants to bone their crush, they’ve convinced
themselves that it’s just sex it doesn’t matter, it’ll help the
feelings go away. No really. It will, just trust me. Definitely no way getting
intensely physically intimate with someone could have the opposite effect.
Nope nope. I’m such a sucker for this trope it’s honestly sad. I know what’s gonna
happen every single time and yet every single time I am delighted. They’re gonna
bone, spend most of the book denying their feelings until the end when they
just give in and love each other! #10 Fake Dating
This is the queen of tropes for me it is one of my absolute faves. Anything to do with a fake
relationship is my catnip. Whether it’s strangers getting
together because someone sees their ex and panic begs the person next to them
to pretend to be their partner or enemies forming a contractual
relationship for mutual benefits or someone taking a co-worker or friend to
a family function so they don’t feel like a single loser. I’m here for all the
things and the best thing is when one of them does something cute and the other
one just gets like this huge surge of feefees but they think it’s just to
maintain the illusion. (laughs) Oh my I’m so pink. Give me this. Give me all the books with all the fake dating. Willow, do you like fake dating? And now for my giveaway announcement! if you are not familiar I am hosting a pre-sale giveaway all the way up to the release of Heart and Seoul.
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