These Are The Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

These Are The Signs You’re Dating A Narcissist

are you dating in a total jerk? well, if you are you might be dating a narcissist I am here to tell you how to spot a signs of a narcissism is a Dr. Ramani. Dr. Ramani thanks for being here to talk with us about dating a narcissist My pleasure, thank you my favorite kind of topic. Why is this your favorite kind of topic? You know what is it It’s a curiosity to me. I started working with a lot of clients who were i hate the word ,,victimize” but who really hurts by this relationship and I saw a pattern and I though wow we got to help this people but in a systematic way so not only did i really get to helping them but it all culminated in a book that was meant to help everyone who is struggling with this issues but it was remarkable to me to look in a narcissistic relationship and essence it’s like looking into the mirror and nothing is looking back at you. U, good metaphor. Am ,,Should I stay or should I go” is your book about narcissism. What is, or what define someone to be a narcissist? A narcissist is, lets talk about in terms of sort of the key or kinds of pillow it’s a person who lacks empathy who is really entitled, meaning that they expect special treatment to be giving to them but nobody else They are very grandiose they harbor a huge of fantasy they only want to affiliate with people they think as cool or as interesting as they are. They are very superficial. They are very concern about their appearance and the appearance of the people around them. I’ve always thinks of them as beautiful facade with not a lot behind them. They don’t regulate their emotions very well They are very prone to thrown a tantrums, getting angry very quickly, specialy if they dont get their way and they can be really hipper sensitive to criticism So those are some of the key elements we see in a person who is narcissistic. And just because someone has one or even maybe a two of those does it make them a narcissists. In fact in my book I have 30 characteristics so we can go all the way. So then how many would I have to have to be a narcissist. I would say that six I gave you I expect to see all the six really to call someone a narcissistic and the longer list for example they tend to be jealous, they engage in something called ,,Gaslighting” where they literary doubt your own reality leaving you feeling like you are gone crazy they don’t tend to be very loyal, they do tend of throw temper tantrums, they get pleasure out of misery in other people. They are kind of mean – Lets explain Gaslighting a little more. What is that look like? Gaslighting looks like literary like I said when somebody kinds of denies your reality, so you might say something like I feel really sad that you really say that to me, and they said something like you have not rights to say that you have no rights to feel that way or they say something you are having an argument with them and they will had said something terrible to you couple of days before and you say, Listen when you said that, they will say I’ve never said that and so it’s literary like they denies your reality and when somebody says I never said that most normal people tend to question of themselves – Mmm.. And so, in fact I’ve always say one of the ringers that you’re in a relationship with the narcissist who is gaslighting you is you started to feeling the need to voice record your conversation with them so you can play it back to them,I always say when you feel like you need a voice memo in your relationship it maybe time to get out -Ok. I have been in a relationship where I thought I am gonna record our next conversation because You are just not believing that what has been said has been said. Gaslighting. Wow. But that not necessarily mean that that person was a narcissist. No that can be a lot of parts. But yeah but it could be a key indicator Yeah this is hard for a lot of people I feel like because we do in our society throw around that term all the time You know You get mad at somebody and say..well they’re being narcisist well, they want to have dinner at eight, they are narcisista, no they just want to have dinner at eight,you know…-right. so this type of factors really help people narrow it in when they’re narcisists i’m really curios on… when two narcisists date each other in your practice, you’re a clinical psichologist you talk always people what is that relationship look like? it’s basically a psichological cage fight i mean obvously..- ahahahahahha i souldn’t have been laughing, because it affects lot of people i know it’s fascinating because what ends up happening is nobody’s empathic, nobody’s listening, and they’re not playing with each other they’re kind of playing by themselves everything actually goes well for a while because they really care that the other one looks good so they can deliver on that- they only care that the other one looks good ..because it makes them look good this… this is like the guy “i need a hot girlfriend” you know .. it’s that kind of a modelo of …like.. i need to look good, my partner makes me look good so, it’s a sort of .. almost is larger than life kind of… almost toopretty couples that you sometimes…make you wonder what is a …. looking so good? don’t… don’t we want a partner who makes us look good? no. we want a partner who makes us feel good. -mmm there’s a difference. – there’s a big difference so i think that what ends up happening is that when the first time one person made up two narcisists togheter frustrates the other then it all breaks lose so it gets to be .. when the fireworks go they go.. this kind of relationships i always say let the narcisists al cobreed then we kind of … get them out of normal dating supplies just don’t reproduce ok so… you have this two narcisists that are dating toghether.-right. – have you ever seen a couple each of them were a narcisist and they both admit it that they were both a narcisist.-absolutely did those relationships succeed?- no. no i’ll tell you what happens is that there’s… a point wich, i will tell you, there’s a number of people i work with who have admitted straight up “i’m a narcisist”i know it and now i can see how is affecting …usually it would be kids… or family relationships or their intimate relationships and they wanna do the work but they don’t recognize having almost childlike


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  • Bobo M. says:

    I just got out of a horrible relationship with a narcissist. She literally had to look thru my phone every night just because n then when I went out of town for work I was told I had to call her every morning n the minute I got off work. If I didn't she automatically assumed I was cheating. Never wrong, always a double standard with her. I pray that if your in one now, run away n never look back. Dont do it too yourself

  • Kelly Moore says:

    Girlllll this psychologist saying some things🙌🏾

  • Taylor Horn says:

    Lol this is unreal. This video is like word for word what I went through. Worst 10 months of my life to the point where I had severe anxiety and had to take time off of work.

  • Bob Smith says:

    She is so awesome. 🙏

  • Renata Lemus says:

    Narcissist dont have self esteem and its hard to lift other up when you dont feel you are worth something. Really mean but not sorry.

  • M.C. W says:

    Thank you for your insight. I am trying to learn more about myself and my relationships with others. I hope.

  • Andy Atkin says:

    They are both narcissists ^ selling broken dreams the end.

  • Bubblybabs L says:

    23 years wasted. Wish I had known about gas lighting back then. Really does make you question yourself. You get to the point of writing things down and recording stuff. When you prove something to them they go, “who the f are you to record that? Did I give you permission?” You can’t win. Dump them before kids get involved. Wish I had known.

  • Wynn Simmons says:


  • Tor says:

    Guess I’m a narcissist 😪

  • Dark Abyss says:

    Are you a narcissist if you have very bad memory? I tend to forget a lot, plus I get distracted really easy. 😬

  • caramelbilquees says:

    Who goes straight to the comments like me?

  • nishant7780 says:

    I do feel the urge to control my relationship especially with my g.f but i want her to be happy too , and I am worried about her too.😉

  • Kenneth Faulk says:

    I have a solid theory but it sounds potentially sexist but forget PC. Male or female, narcissism is super hyper feminine energy. Doctors explain it like children but children don't fuck people or have sex. Children be that boy or girl should and will possess an element of innocence where as narcissist act as they do. It's what we fall in love with. This letting of the hair down, that they are them selves around you. True selves. However, male or female hypergamously, they just aren't looking for more compatibility, or better deal, they seek to secure leverage. The narcissist is like a woman scorn, pre break up and the whole relationship is rigged with explosives ready at the trigger or whim of your partner. They can't just leave graciously… It's a 9/11 disaster they bravely survived. Narcissist can be combated with pure masculine energy. Women you can use it too. Get icy. Super frosty. Don't react. Don't ah ha with evidence. Make a goal them pursue it. Be ambitious. Laugh hard when they are in the next room and calm down when they enter. Have business discussions only around them. No talking to your friends and family in their presence. Do not cheat. Do not try to make them jealous. Serve and keep to this. Now, my narc hatred this. Men are straight forward when discussing business. No open ended responses. When a narc says they are right… Agree with them they are right. Your brain will enjoy they argument is over and additionally it pisses off your narc because they start the argument with you because it helps them get off sexually. Being mad at you motivates them to fix the problem they started. Yeah. Dumb right. Next after 30 days off doing this… Have a one on one. Drive somewhere quiet, way off the road, but no place with sudden heights cliffs or drops. No crazy ideas. Narcs are them selves best when they have no audience. Ok. Have them define the parameters of a good relationship. Do not listen to their answer, pay attention to their will wisdom. Does it teach you anything of value? Pay attention if they ask you questions towards your feelings and if they affected them and their train of thoughts. My narc fessed up she was a whore, that it's already been open in her eyes. They are not religious as they claimed. Surprisingly in her delivery she seemed confused she was telling me this and I felt bad for her. I ended it. Not the cheating. Not the exes. It was her mom. The things she explained about her mom discouraged me from trying. Her mom breeded a narc so ingrained, she can't love. Had never known love only leverage and it's these people who truly believe in fear, leverage and transaction you just can't love. Because they will never get married, because in their head every person they slept with was a spouse. That's why it's not cheating. They see it as the one, each and every one is the one, which is why to them, no one gets special treatment but them. So if you want to break the narcs spell, kill the witch. Confront who made them this way. If they witness you stand up for them and how it's affected your relationship.. It breaks the spell. Narcs are not bad. They are doing their Masters bidding. Done

  • xxxilva says:

    “The narcissist isn’t experiencing any discomfort himself yet he destroys all the people around him but never self reflects on his own behaviour” DUDE, if this isn’t the truest thing I’ve ever heard. This encompasses how evil and damaging it truly is to love a narcissist.

  • xxxilva says:

    “People think that if you just love them more they will change but a narcissist will never change because they don’t even believe they need to change. Wishing they will change is just a fantasy” wow this really hit me hard. Because it’s what I’ve always known deep down but have been to scared to admit to myself out loud, I preferred to stay in the delusional fantasy but I know he will never change and I’m only destroying myself by waiting. It’s so hard to let go 🙁

  • Troy Holmes says:

    My partner used sex as a means of getting into my life and out of the horrible place he was living. Once he moved in with me he cut me off from all the intimacy that was so prevalent at the start. He even places a pillow between us in the bed so I sleep on the couch in my own house. Is this sexual manipulation a trait of narcissists?

  • Kaysona Jones says:

    Oh my!!!! I was dating one!!!!!!

  • Aarick Wilson says:

    I love you for this! Right on point. She must have dated one! They are so good at pulling you in, it’s amazing. Check your friends ASAP. They are terrible evil people and my ex is ruining my sons relationship with me. She has put me through hell and I finally am winning. I had an awakening over Christmas after she took my son to Florida over a fake case. Just to leave. I would have let her for second time. But it was different this time and she was going to stay. Straight to jail I went after watching Thomas the train with my son. She’s so good I had no idea at who she was. She met her match now. I can’t destroyer her because who will my son call mommy. I love her. I did . I loved her even more. I can’t listen to this without crying. Good dad trying to stand the fuck up to this horseshit because it ruined so many relationships of mine that I had long before her. Again I say thank you for this. I’m not going to edit and left so much out. My hands are shaking as crying with my son sleeping on his bed. I wish you knew just how much this had affected me. I have gone way farther than I ever would have in my life with this. I have try my best to stay away but now that I’m getting better I find myself throwing it in her face. My child support is paid into next year and i got my parenting time. I don’t like giving up on anyone and certainly don’t but now I realize you can’t fix this I don’t care. That’s part of it too. Give up and say give up now in the name of god. He wouldn’t stand for this. As a light worker, I’d light to formally raise my fist in the air and gladly will join the fight against the darkness of night. Thoth…. Thoth ….Thoth…….the warning is out.

  • delnita parker says:

    I wish I known this before having children with them. I never was heard and still won't Be. The parenting of this person was not great, to much indulgent. I only trained him to be on time. I'm happy I learned empathy from others because both my parents are narcissist. I was that 1% but I'm not living like that at all . This really helped me. Thank you.

  • Billie says:

    What about a parent that is schizophrenic abusive and violent and the other that is depressed and none parent ?

  • Moo says:

    My cat is a narcissist

  • Benny C says:

    What's crazy is that the doctor in the redshirt is a narcissist. And what's even crazier is no one else here seems to notice that

  • Nashina Miranda says:

    This was so helpful. I watched your Red Table discussion and was so impacted by it! I’m definitely a recovering covert narcissist, who spent 15 years in a relationship with someone who was very much overt with his narcissism. Toxicity amplified. We have parted ways and my son spent a few years living primarily with his father (13-16) and now he’s back full time with me. My son is exhibiting signs of narcissistic behaviour and I’m quite concerned. His outbursts at now 17 when he doesn’t get his way or hears no, is so extreme and visceral. I”m not sure how to deal with it. Could you provide me with some reference material?

  • weisabunny says:

    Oh. My. Gosh. This talk is blowing my entire mind.
    What would my life have been like if I'd seen this two decades ago?
    I take full responsibility for being an empath, people pleaser, now I know Belle from Beauty and the Beast, ha. I'm no victim.
    But I do wish I'd had this information when I was younger.
    Thank you for this video. I literally took notes and will need to watch it again. Thank you!!!

  • Paul Jonny says:

    Funny. All the, comments I’ve read in this video are from narcissistic females. Complaining about dealing with the. Narcissistic ex boyfriend…Lolll😂.

  • Matthew W. Hixson says:

    Is narcissism a way of thinking and being?

  • joergenn no says:

    My mom 100%

  • akhil mohan says:

    Ramani is Narcissist.

  • Imy Mansoury says:

    I have known many narcissistic men. I can easily detect them. Fortunately, I was able to teach few of them lessons they will never ever forget!

  • Evangelia Mintzai says:

    I know a guy who was a narcissist because his father would beat him as a child and never appreciate him. He always struggled to get his validation but without any success. He became violent to his classmates at primary school by copying his father.

  • Evangelia Mintzai says:

    How can you manage your expectations if you expect from your narcissistic mother to finally love you unconditionally, but she is not capable of doing it? I have restricted my discussion topics to the weather, interior design and travels with her. She was always off and distracted but she would still come to games, theater nights and the like. Only participated in the external activities but we never sat down to talk about our feelings.

  • Molly Smith says:

    I am so thankful for this YouTube video

  • Maria & Co. says:

    Thank you so much! This is GREAT!!!!

  • Jon Jacoby says:

    I was married to a narcissist and I may well be fairly narcissistic in my own right. In a sense I am but then other traits of mine defy that. I'm still fairly hurt distrustful of my self to even choose a target to hit on .I'm a position player letting my targets hit on me by being visible, available eye contact and casual conversation are my gambit. Dr Ramani is quite animated and her motion is arousing to me stimulating my desire to cease my celibacy.

  • Mora141 says:

    I dated a narcissist once… worst person I ever dated tbh! The second we chatted he kept bragging about work and his talents, beyond that he rarely apologized especially when he accidentally hurt my arm, I always felt there was no empathy in him. Always said mean things and even criticized so many of his co workers, my favorite was when he threw a tantrum because his father told him to get rid of something he loved or give it to his sister…
    He was a narcissist jerk and I got out after a month, I won't accept someone that tells me what to do and expects me to obey when they don't bother to take my advice. His ego was SO huge… I'm not sure why I dated him 🤔🤷🏻‍♀️

  • Cherry_Bomb says:

    This interviewer should really educate himself before doing this interview so he doesn't ask so many retarded questions that an 8 year old would know the answer to. Its stupid he acts like this is such new information but its not and he's an idiot.

  • Maaja Makes Art says:

    Recently got out of a relationship with someone and everything except for one thing, are so on point, but at the end when Dr. Ramani talked about kids of narcissistic is more likey to choose a part of the same kind and the pleasing game, that hit hard

  • Visesio VAASILI says:

    What if you realise you yourself are narcissistic?

  • OlDirtysanchez1 says:

    Then everyone in the USA 🇺🇸 is

  • Bridget Menham says:

    A question ????.What if one parent is loving and encouraging and the other parent is a narcsistic person ….how does it effect the child ???

  • Bridget Menham says:

    I've had a lot of narcs in my life and you said we pay them more attention then the loving people and it reminded me of my brother .Christmas presents I brought blankets for my brother's and sister one year and I gave the nicest blanket fi my brother who'd a nark .quite worrying really x

  • juicejrc says:

    My ex gf dated a narcissistic and he destroy her, she deserves it.

  • Jessica Godoy says:

    This video scared the crap out of me. It describes my sons dad to the T and all the awful things he’s put me through. It also gave me some comfort to know I wasn’t necessarily the problem and there is nothing I could have done to fix things or be good enough for him.

  • Shira Johnson says:

    She slammed dunked his comment ⛹🏾‍♂️🤾🏽‍♂️@5:25😂

  • Leticia Peacher says:

    I wish I’d known this about my ex-boyfriend/husband of 7 years. I had no idea there were people this cruel and I always second -guessed myself. I actual;y taped recorded his phone conversation and purchased a voice activated tape recorder to prove to him that he said what he said.

  • SAPHIA HATU says:

    My father is a narcissist

  • chipsndips says:

    My sister and her bc are both narcissist. They fight weekly 😬😬

  • ebonij1985 says:

    Hubby was a narcissist. Ok still is but the last two years have been great. The gaslighting has all but stopped and I dont feel like I'm walking on eggshells when I have a problem that needs to be addressed. But she is right it is constant work on both our parts. I got lucky because he knew he had a problem. And was willing to make big changes. Also because I refused to accept that the problem was just me even when it seemed to be the only thing he would adress in a situation. I wouldn't even argue or discuss a problem unless he could find his part in some of blame instead of just saying what I did wrong. Then we could adress together what both of us needed to do to make it better.

  • Kamuela Paresa says:

    Narcissist's…where 1+1=0 defies mathematics. LMAO

  • BEAST says:

    Many women love these boys….. the problem not in these boys…. it’s who pick them…

  • Chantelle Lay says:

    That’s right Narcs Mum gave into his every wish would only eat certain foods she did everything for him up till he was 29 praised him for doing nothing. needless to say now at 34 he’s back with her! Lol she can have him.

  • Khari Ballard says:

    Woah…. so many things she touched on, were things i dealt with in my previous relationship. had to cut that off after too long.

    Be with someone that treats you well.
    Stay blessed & stay strong, everybody

  • Christi Elliott says:

    Can you address the effects of childhood trauma causing the child to abandon their emotions and how that can cause narcissism?

  • Snowmanatee says:

    I have been with a guy for 14 years who has been diagnosed as being “charismatic narcissistic”…. and it helps me so much to listen to all of your videos. Thank you so much for sharing them here for people like me.

  • AuthentikSoul Aquarius says:

    I think all the men in my life that I've been close to have been narcissists. Except for my brother. My dad def was, and the men I chose to give of myself and love were as well. I've had offers from good, stable, emotionally in touch with themselves men but ran from them… and they were friends I'd had for years. I didn't know how to cope with their honesty, attention, admiration and love. It made me uncomfortable and scared. I remember thinking 'but what do I have to offer you because there's nothing wrong with you, I can't help you. Messed up aye. I'm an empath and am always drawn to healing…. Yet I put myself in situations that end up tearing me apart. It's me, as well as any narc that needs to balance and heal whatever is ingrained in me to be attracted to these types of men.

  • Lily Loza says:

    Listening to your videos has helped me forgive my self! And start to move on in my life… I actually started therapy how emotionally it was damaging and how much heartbreak I had with this person.

  • K Moses says:

    Question to everyone or anyone : is it just to their partner they are horrible to or to everybody or they pick on one person and isolate him/her and become horrible to that person?

  • Katherin star says:

    Its the other person fault no one forces you to be with them, they stay cause they want.

  • Lolo Glow says:

    Excellent, thank you

  • Blood of the Lamb says:

    As long you seek approval of man, you will never know your value. Whatever part you play, your value does not come from man, it does not come your family friends or job. It does not even come from within or yourself, but from directly above. The Righteous King who died for sinners to make them Holy. What these broken sinners need is to know that Messiah Yeshua has given his life for them and that they can come to him and receive a new heart and spirit.

  • Dmr Dmr says:

    Rip narcessist

  • Lawrence Fisher says:

    No escape. Hope death.

  • travislynn bowser says:

    So true

  • xia lee says:

    To be honest no one really deserves to be cheated upon, we are fast losing trust in people, don't rely too much on human beings that might hurt you, rather than that be on the watch and don't be on the losing end. Cellphone tracking is one of the best thing to happen to people these days. Be it spouses, partners, casual friends, coworkers and even your sibling. You can catch your spousepartner red-handed by spying and hacking into their phones/device, without touching their phones, all you need is just to share their phone number and you'll have access to all their informations including Facebook, whatsapp and text messages both deleted and incoming ones with a link on your phone. You can contact (ciaberhacker) he's a pro when it comes to this, line of services Via gmail ([email protected]) 0r reach him on whatsapp +1 559.376.0021. They private investigative and break into all security system. If you ever have any suspicions doubt on dealings with anyone. Thank me, later.

  • Got Bunnies says:

    I think all alot the girls I messed with or dated were narcissistic, good riddance and thank God he got them out of my life so that I can grow above those that weren't worthy to have me, I am one of the nicest, most modest and humble gentlemen and my ex convinced me that I wasn't humble and had ego, this had never been said before in my entire life by anyone that knew me. Even in high school i was considered one of the stars on my basketball team and was known well around the city, i was never big headed, but all of a sudden I start dating her and she somehow told and convinced me I was prideful and had such a big ego and had me apologizing. Man this is scary stuff.

  • Krigsklar Viking Blod og Stål says:

    This lady hit it right on the head. A narcissist will NEVER care about you, your feelings, your interests, your NOTHING. They are like a parasite, they suck you dry until you have nothing left to give. I'm in therapy now. I didnt understand how bad it was until I got away. Two years and I'm just now feeling normal for once .

  • eduardo Barba says:

    Can we get advice on an infj Male dating a narcissist female?

  • Howard Jerel Hughes says:

    Her eyes scare me. Does that make me a narcissist?

  • Cuddlebug says:

    Took me a good year to realize I was with a narcissist. The whole gaslighting thing is real. He would always make everything my fault to the point that I would actually feel guilty and apologize for something I didnt do.
    Thank god I'm free of him !!

  • Equillizer Armtwister says:

    Narcissists are that of the Serpent seed….🐍

  • Seow Wee Tang says:

    Narcs makes all the decisions, accepts none of yours. Then when needed, they'll hit you with "You do nothing. I do all the planning etc".

  • Carolina Alvarez says:

    Omg!!!! Voice Memos that’s what I say to my boyfriend

  • sepia circuit says:

    Where psychiatry ends, God picks up. There is hope for the worst people man, Jesus Christ can transform people. So if you are in a relationship with crazy people, get out or form boundaries but keep praying for them from a distance.

  • Priyanka Sharma says:

    Finally found the strength to come out of a relationship with a narcissist. I am an empath who has dealt with a narcissist father, then husband, in laws and now an almost there marriage with a narcissist. God has been kind.

  • tthingy says:

    Narcissistic persons are THE WORST. My parents are both NPD and I've become BPD because of them. NPD parents = BPD children 🙁

  • 2, 3 Beats says:

    why do i get the feeling that when she is talking about narcissists, she mostly means men?:D No women narcissist out there?

  • Beppe85 says:

    labels..only create violence

  • Janan Saba says:

    Can you do a segment about narcissism friends?

  • Lola X says:

    I had my first (and also last) 2 year relationship with someone – we started when I was 16. He literally saw me suffering from my unstable relationships with my family and took it as advantage getting me to be emotionally so attached to him, I would go crazy if he didn't text in 4 hours. In the end, he cheated, lied and left me because he told me it wasn't like "it used to be" and I was calling him out on the bullshit he was doing to me. He jumped into the next relationship after me (another 2 years). He tried to reach me on Facebook during this time and when they broke up too, he messaged me on instagram. Even trying to manipulate me AGAIN telling me that I would have been the one to do so.. We had a talk and I told him how much he hurted me with exchanging sexual stuff with another girl. Instead of realizing what he did, he shut me off: Come on, its not that bad. I never touched her. Some men beat their women and they still stay" I'm 21 now and I literally feel like I was on drugs during all this time.

  • Linda Jakubowski says:

    I wish she was my psychologist. I had a narcissistic mother who was very abusive to me. It started when I was 15 years old. I'm writing my autobiography hoping it can help someone. I'm in a relationship for the past 13 years with someone who I believe has narcissistic traits and perhaps antisocial d/o. It is complicated however he has helped me so much especially financially that I would have lost my home. My father and brother who r both well off didnt even bother to offer any assistance. My brother, whom I am estranged from, also is a narcissist. He inherited that nasty streak from my mother. I have a very complicated life and suffer from many physical illnesses along with anxiety, depression and PTSD.

  • Matthew Nagle says:

    Oah my I'm the narcissist

  • Pink Crystal ASMR says:

    Narcissists are demons.

  • Dalí_Hemingway says:

    Yup. Got one of those in my family. Classic narcissist, with all the trimmings.

  • Scott Porter says:

    This woman is brilliant.

  • Isaac Smith says:

    It’s called a women.

  • versachithekid says:

    this should be a comedy tour

  • Lee Boriack says:

    Dr. Ramani, as always great information. Please write about how to recover from narcissistic abuse and be resistant to a narcissist.

  • April Chow-chee says:

    I wished this video found me 4 years ago. 8 years in and two kids later I realized I'm with a narcissist

  • Myrddin Gwynedd says:

    No, we need a partner that brings us to what is good. My God in heaven, modern people.

  • Tara Maria says:

    If you are with a narcissist can you start taking on their narcissistic traits?

  • Rich P says:

    1. Bizzare laughter
    2. I love you early in meeting
    3. Doesn't Sleep
    4. Can't stay at home
    5. Anger asking a question like, Hey where did you go?
    6. Frequent Dissapearing
    7. hot/cold
    8. Your inner core creates anxiety about this person.
    9. Say No to something and watch reaction.
    10.. Run like your life depends on it

  • Sondrey says:

    This is so interesting!! 🔥🙌🏾

  • Kat Walk says:

    i can relate about the "need to record" conversation. include the recording of messages too.

  • Blue Dart says:

    Am masseur from lndia. [email protected]

  • Kelli R. Morris says:

    I feel Narcissism is brought on by trauma and a need for control. I think that demons are looking for an open door to enter and control people and using trauma affords an opportunity for them, thank God for my friend who referred me to an hacker and i was able to hack my partner's phone, all i did was to share his phone number with (geniustracker) without touching his phone and see all the proofs i needed for a divorce and even terrible things they had planned contact him to help he is a genius. You can text +1 (731) 535-5309 or reach him on WhatsApp +1 (724) 330-3252 and also write to Via Gmail (geniustracker701) thank me later…

  • matt lehnardt says:

    i disagree that a narcissist can't change. they're empty, and need others to fill it. its a matter of learning and feeling your self-worth without depending on others for it. Being OK internally, self-realized and actualized and feeling what you feel to grow more empathy, for yourself and then others. Alan Robarge is a trauma therapist on youtube that has helpful videos on this.

  • matt lehnardt says:

    "your heart is gonna break on a daily basis", yeah, every time i try to authentically connect with her. Then she reaches out to me and wants to spend time and be together, without any figuring out what the Hell happened yesterday, and if i bring it up cause I want to be 'safe' that it won't happen again, be reassured we both understand what the deal was and figure out how not to do that again and move on, just pretend everythings fine the next day. What about the…what the heck happened? wait, i'm not resolved on_______how be OK going forward? and then in between times, when things are 'neutral', i.e. no upset, she does things she knows will bug me, things i've asked her not to do before, but she 'forgot'. so, she's trying to aggravate me, JUST when we 'ought' to be getting together, mending hurt feelings and showing more willingness to 'make-up', and show we want to be close and mean well. Thats when she 'drops a bomb' on our 'together feeling', and 'forgets' not to do things that i've asked her not to do; the first few times I asked nicely, when it continued, i started to wonder why and got a little ticked, when it kept happening i got mad. We've been together 27 years, so when she 'forgets' and does those things again, right when we should be finding ways to re-connect and re-assure we mean well and intend the best, i.e. WANT TO CANOE, she drops a turd in the bathwater. The painful thing is why she would do that, when i 'assume' we would be trying to get on-board after tipping the raft previously. So im left to go insane because of my expectations of what should be, and if i say 'why did you do that?", or 'that hurt my feelings', or "that bothered me, you know that bothers me, so why would you do that? " then i'm "the angry guy whos always mad at her, and she has to walk on eggshells and can't do anything right, and I take everything she says out of context!", and basically badgers me back into my hole, tells me im wrong, a mean jerk, she didn't say what I said she said, she didn't do what i know she did, etc. and so IM the jerk whos mad, and she's innocent, because she just 'forgot'. really, 40 times? and a week later after the last time it happened? and the timing of these 'forgets' is SO uncanny, its weird! Like RIGHT when we'd be feeling a bit closer, starting to emotionally trust, BAM!! some criticism, rudeness, comment or 'forgetting' action that upsets and destroys the emotional feel of trust, hard to put a finger on and measure, but I feel it, and debating he said she said for hours gets us nowhere except proves her point that im always mad and she can't do anything right for me to make me happy, so I FEEL LIKE IM MAYBE THE NARCISSIST. I almost get built up into that role, because asking nicely not to do things didn't get me anywhere, explaining why things hurt my feelings got me nowhere except a huge argument and defense, with NO apology or understanding. trying to say my truth and speak up about what i want was always over-ridden, till i started getting pissed off, then im' the jerk, and she didn't say what she said, and i'm seeing it all wrong, so yeah, its a mind FFF-er!! Now my body hurts, im aging fast, breaking down, body is mad at me for lying to myself that maybe there's a way to make this work, but Im a needy guy who doesn't feel he's worth it, or can be loved for real, and after 27 years, here's my life, and all my stuff, and my routine, and house, so its hard to think of living in a trailer with nobody and never will have. We don't have conversations, she just tells me what she's doing, what she did, and about her people. She NEVER asks me anything about how I feel, what i think, what i like, only for input about schedules, tasks, and events. She thinks we're talking, but its just her monologue-ing and me saying, "uh-huh, yeah, no, yeah, uh-huh". Thats our conversation. I don't think she even misses the fact I never ask her about her; that we don't actually ever really talk. shes used to disconnect from her family, which is about triple the disconnect I had at my house. that's why its hard to leave – it could be worse, but at least i wouldn't be losing my mind and my soul. shes scooping out my soul and making me into her abusive dad so she can rage at him, using me as a stand-in. and i start taking on traits like he had, compulsive behavior, throwing up, etc. and im getting weirder and more disconnected from society and myself, more trapped in her dynamic. We're not doing a relationship, we're doing her dynamic, cause she's mad as Hell and the power of that energy steamrolls the 'us' in the relationship, she REALLY wants to be angry at her dad, without being angry at her dad for abusing her. She makes me the 'abuser' and then can distance from me, and live in that pain again, and set me up to be alone and weird until i slip up, trying to connect with people and be valid and heard, i.e. an affair, so she can have a place to focus that rage. on me. and spare her dad, and not really deal with her OWN relationship with him, and the damage there, and her feelings about HIM. She'd rather have me as a handy scapegoat to destroy and blame, and save her dad in her mind as a hero, and her husband, me, is the dickhead. I feel its time to live my life and expand my horizons, and not waste any more time with this. if she talks to me its only to make her feel like there's a relationship, and she's 'managing' it to keep me on the line, like you keep fish in a pond or sheep in a pen, you feed them, shade them, make sure they have nutrients and proper temperature, but only becuase you're going to eat them or fleece them later. I feel kept. Not loved. and kept at a distance. she said so herself once – oops! "I like you at arm's length'. yeah, where does that leave me for relationship? whatever i'll put up with i guess. We're together but not really together, there is no "We'. There is no 'Us', there is only me alone, and her managing and maintaining whatever mental image she's got and where I fit into it, but the end game here is I either hurt her or cheat on her, so she can have a reason to rage, and let all that anger out, courtesy of me trying to be a human being needing love and connection, so I'll feel horrible and be punished and lose the only love i've ever known, because I'm trying to find love and connection, and that's the most evil thing in the world there is, a satanically engineered Catch-22, and since I like irony…yeah, why DO i like irony? because its self-doubt. its throwing away all that makes sense and turning it upside down, which is what I do to myself, because I was abused out of myself when I was a kid, and all I WAS, the Great I AM of myself, was abused out of me, so irony feels satisfying now to the demons that posessed me when i couldn't handle the abuse myself. It opens a door for influences to come into you , and they affect your attitudes, desires, and choices after that.

  • Shar Hughes says:

    RUN I was with a Sociopath/Narcissist they are dangerous they do not change forreal!

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