The Glass Poet of Contemporary Brothels | EP #9

The Glass Poet of Contemporary Brothels | EP #9

I forgot you’re a professional. Which comes first
color or an idea a life of pages blank
filled each second new held afraid one more How do holidays cascade down
the blue white garlands what does making have to do with the sensations of an infant heart Howler monkey in chains
chokes a green macaw and upstairs acorns sit on chairs edges square like a king and deer camera flash
in water The only new is this notebook page one of
no way to be subversive just take it off look
the only compass is what expands brings afraid
shaking before and after Jason: It’s a good thing you have your
expertise to draw on. Alison: Good thing I’ve got my…. Jason: Is there going to be a medical exam?
[laughter] Jason: I never should’ve signed anything! Alison: I guess we’ll start with some black. Jason: This looks like a drug ritual. Alison: [laughs] Yeah? You have perhaps
more experience with those than I do. Jason: Do you feel like there are things you can express in your glasswork that you can’t express in your poetry? Maybe it’s more contained in some ways,
or it’s contained by the idea of… a face. …with less variation, less…
Maybe there’s less I need to justify. Jason: When you’re writing, do you feel not so
bound to the constraint of likeness? Alison: Yeah. I think that’s pretty accurate. …but I guess it varies. It varies on the piece
of writing. And even the amount of space in which there is surprise and unexpected
moments or chaos. And I think it’s [about] going into those spaces
that are the most personal and uncharted. Jason: So I see you’ve got a second piece of glass. Alison: Actually, I was just thinking that
on the other side… …it would be cool to have one of your poems. Jason: Oh, wow! Alison: I kept the writing a little bit messy,
but I think it’s legible. Jason: Oh, it’s definitely legible. That’s cool! I like that. Alison: Take off the latex! Jason: Oh, you don’t have to. It was a pleasure, and an honor, and a joy. For me, too.

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  • Jason Stoneking says:

    Just watching this again. and really enjoying it. It was such a pleasure to be a part of this, and it's great to hear Alison breaking down these ideas about her process. Great series!

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