Shakti – 12th August 2019 – शक्ति – Full Episode

Shakti – 12th August 2019 – शक्ति – Full Episode

I have looked for them
in the entire house. I did not find uncle
and aunt. People who are getting married
shouldn’t do this. Brother-in-law..
– Where were both of you? Sister, we were
on the terrace. Brother-in-law, you will get
a lot of time to be alone. You people disappear
every now and then. Soumya, I have some
important work. Can you come with me? You won’t speak with
anyone of them until we get married. And your phone
will be with me. Chameli.. I am missing Soumya very much. I called her up
but she didn’t answer. She might be busy.
You can try again. ‘Soumya never does this.’ ‘I wonder if she is
in some trouble.’ I am so unfortunate. I am the first man
whose wife always make herself humiliated. When you know that alcohol
acts like a poison for Harman then why did you go to him
to make him drink? You must be thankful that sister-in-law
didn’t beat you up. Sindhu was present there. What must she be going through? Viran, it was you who had tried to kill Harman. Viran, before blaming me you must look at yourself. You are not a sage. Tell you what, Viran? Do you know
why don’t we succeed? Because you never
support me. Shanno, are you out
of your mind? Is this why
I got married to you? So that I team up with you
and conspire against my family. Harak..
Is there no other solution? To help our son recover.. There must be a way out
to bring Soumya back. Preet, you will bring her back? Ever since she came here neither could I accept her nor could you.
Admit this. And there is only one reason. That she is a eunuch. Whatever is happening.. It’s because of your mistakes. First, you hated her and you crossed
all the limit. Then you loved her
unconditionally. You have separated them, right? You conspired against her. You separated them.
Now, you wish to unite them. Because I want my son
to recover. Preet, it doesn’t
work like this. She is happily
married to Vedant. All right. Whether she is happy or not..
She is married to him. And she is happy
with Harman’s marriage. And Mahi is pregnant. This was our dream, right? What else do you want? That’s enough, Preet.
That’s enough. Enough of this game.
That’s it. Pray to God! And let it happen,
what is destined to happen. I don’t want them
to get together. I’ll do anything for my child
to get better. It’s not like I’ve forgotten
everything. She’s still a transgender. I have no complains with Soumya if she improves my son’s life. You’ll have to accept, Preeto. We’ll have to accept what destiny has in store
for them. We cannot do anything. Harman is supposed
to be with Mahi and Soumya with Vedant. Welcome the person who is actually supposed
to take our lineage forward. Dad, when Soumya met you she told you that
she is an orphan. That’s why you kept her at work,
right? Yes.. Today, she is going
to be wedded here! Did you ever try to find out that what she said
was true or not? Rekha, what more
was there to find out? I know her from a long time. She’s a good person. She’s a perfect match
for Vedant so I don’t see anything
wrong with it. Have you ever seen her attitude? She considers herself
like a princess! Why would an orphan carry herself like that? She keeps on picking up
fights with Vedant. Vedant too keeps on
lying about it. He thinks that I don’t get it! Rekha, you won’t get it. I’ve seen them fighting
and quarreling a lot since they’ve met. But they both love each
other equally as well. ‘I can never tell
them the truth’ ‘about Soumya.’ ‘They both will move to London’ ‘after the wedding and it
won’t matter thereafter.’ ‘You will take care of Mahi,
right?’ ‘I will try my best.’ Mahi? Sleep on the bed
instead of sleeping down. I’ll be fine here. Why don’t you sleep
on the bed? I don’t want to you
to sleep down. Please, sleep.
I’ll be comfortable here. I won’t have any problem. Sleep on the bed! I’ll sleep on the sofa. I promised Soumya to look after you. I keep all my promises
I made to her! That’s why you will sleep on
the bed from today onwards and I’ll sleep on the sofa. Good night. Why is your Sister Mallika
calling you repeatedly? How would I know if you
don’t let me talk? Give me the phone.
– Forget about it! You’ll be under my surveillance until the wedding is over. Wake me up in the morning to open the door. Good night. Soumya, close the curtains. I want to sleep more. Don’t you get it? Sorry, I thought it was Soumya. Soumya told me about
drawing the curtains to wake you up. People say that the more
you talk about someone the lesser you miss them. I always wanted to know
about you and Soumya. Why don’t you tell me? Even this child deserves to know about his brave father! The one who can fight
anyone for his love! He is an inspiration for love. Truth to be told, even I want
to know about Soumya. After all, she is like
a sister to me. So tell me. – Some girl
refused to marry my friend so my friend and I
went to her place to abduct her. ‘I have seen many like you’ ‘but no one like you
across this town.’ ‘Let alone the town, there’s
no one as beautiful as you’ ‘across Punjab.’ ‘I wonder where she spent
the entire night.’ ‘She must be
with her boyfriend.’ ‘The one who made
the mistake’ ‘must pay for it.’ You don’t need to say
anything to anyone. Stay here, quietly. The only son of this affluent
family is getting married. We expect a huge token. Yes, of course. Why not! Adesh. Thank you.
– Bless her with all your heart so that she has
all the happiness in the world. She is an orphan. But we’re fortunate to have
someone so kind and gentle become a part of
the Bansal family. Uncle.. Champ. Do you also want
to get a henna design? Soumya. I was worried about you.
I was getting restless and so.. I came to see you.
Anyway.. Tell me. What do I give you
my blessings as? Should I bless a eunuch
as her master a daughter as her mother or.. Or a bride as a eunuch? Do as you please. If it comes from your heart it will bring prosperity. Ma’am, Soumya’s henna
ceremony is over. She would get married
to Vedant the day after. Ma’am can we not do anything?
– As long as he is around we cannot do anything. We can just come here to ensure
that Soumya is safe. The henna on Soumya’s hands symbolises her relationship
with Vedant. No one can stop
this wedding now. Let’s go. Stop! I heard you talking to Soumya. But I didn’t
understand anything. What were you saying? Nothing. I came here to give
her my blessings. I blessed her and came outside. No. Tell me. Why did she address you as mom? Because she belongs
to the transgender community. We are her family. Stop all the preparations! This wedding is not
going to take place. Remove all the decorations
right now. And leave..
All of you can leave. Leave right away. Sister what are you doing? What are you doing, Rekha? Why are you sprinkling
holy water in the entire house? Dad.. Vedant the one,
whom you were going to make the daughter-in-law
of our family considering her an orphan,
a pretty and well-cultured girl is not a girl.. She is a transgender! A transgender person
had been living with us under the same roof. She touched us. We were eating food
prepared by her. And, Vedant.. You were going
to get married to her. Sister you have found this out now but I already knew this.


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    Vedant is asking Soumya to come to room as he has some important work. He takes her to room. Her phone rings. Vedant takes her phone and switches it off. She says you will not talk to anyone till our marriage and phone will be with me. Saya gets worried and tells Chameli that Soumya is not picking the call. Chameli asks her to call again. Saya thinks Soumya never does this. Veeran scolds Shanno and asks why did she make him insulted and asks why did you make Harman have wine knowing it is dangerous to his life. Shanno says you are not good and tells that even you tried to kill Harman. Preeto hears them and goes. Shanno tells Veeran that she was unsuccessful because he didn’t support her. Veeran asks did I marry you to do bad with my family.

    Preeto comes to Harak Singh and says

    if there is any way to bring back Soumya in this house. Harak Singh says we have never accepted her fully in this house as she is a kinnar. He says it was all your mistake, first you hate her immensely and then you loved her immensely. He says now Soumya is happy with Vedant and she is happy with Harman’s marriage. Preeto says she wants to treat her son. Harak Singh says let this cat and rat game is over and tells that Mahi is pregnant with Harman’s child and their dream is fulfilled. Preeto says I don’t want to unite them, she is still a kinnar and I want her to make Harman fine. Harak Singh asks her to accept that Soumya is of Vedant and Harman is of Mahi.
    Rekha asks Mr. Bansal what did Soumya say when you hired her? She says she said that she was an orphan. He says yes and says she is a nice girl. Rekha tells that Vedant argues with Soumya and hides from them. She says Soumya behaves like she is a Maharani of some place. Mr. bansal thinks I shall not tell her about Soumya’s truth, after marriage they will go to London.

    Harman sees Mahi making arrangements to sleep on floor. He asks her to sleep on bed and insists her. Mahi says I will sleep on floor. Harman says I will sleep on sofa and asks her to sleep on bed. He says he fulfills all his promises made to Soumya.

    Vedant comes to room and locks the door from inside. Saya calls on Soumya’s number. Soumya asks him to give call to her. Vedant says until marriage happens, you will be in my custody. He asks her to wake him up in the morning for opening the lock.

    Next morning, Mahi pulls the curtain. Harman wakes up asking Gulabo to let him sleep. He sees Mahi and stops. Mahi tells him that she wants to hear so much about Soumya and says even the baby wants to hear his father’s bravery. Harman smiles. Mahi says Soumya is like my didi and I want to know about her. Harman begins telling the story and tells that he went to kidnap a girl refusing his friend, but he kidnapped Soumya instead and then he got married to her infront of the people.

    Saya and others come to Soumya and Vedant’s mehendi. Vedant asks her to sit quietly. Chameli asks if they will get nek. Rekha says why not and takes money from Adesh and gives to them. She asks Saya to bless Soumya and says she is an orphan, but we are lucky to have such a beautiful girl in our family. As Vedant talks to Rohan, Saya goes to Soumya and asks what blessings she shall give as a mother or as a kinnar. Soumya asks her to give any blessings. Rekha hears them and is shocked. Saya goes from there. Chameli tells Saya that Soumya’s mehendi is done and very soon she will marry Vedant. Saya says we can’t do anything, this marriage can’t stop now. Rekha comes out and asks them to stop. She says I heard you talking to Soumya, but didn’t understand what you said. Saya says I blessed her and came out. Rekha asks why she was calling you maa. Chameli says she is kinnar of our community. Rekha gets shocked and taken aback. Chameli says we are all her family.

    Rekha comes inside and asks decorators to stop the arrangements, says this marriage will not happen. She sprinkles gangajal in the house. Mr. bansal asks why are you sprinkling gangajal. Rekha says Soumya is actually a kinnar, she was staying with us, was making us having food and touched us and you was about to marry her. Vedant says what you came to know today, we knew already. Rekha and Adesh are shocked.

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