Sears home improvement ad with Bob Vila from 1991

Sears home improvement ad with Bob Vila from 1991

do you have a home improvement coming up soon hi Bob Vila if you want your bathroom remodeled new roof for gutters installed windows replaced doors maybe new fencing remember there's one place that takes care of everything from the estimate to arranging installation by trustworthy contractors one place you know will stand behind the work like they have for over a hundred years one place you can count on Sears say you want your kitchen remodeled new heating central air whatever rule number one choose the right home improvement company I suggest Sears but first ask a lot of questions of any contractor questions about insurance estimates permits warranties and more this will help my personal checklist to get your copy call in a range of free Sears in-home estimate now you'll receive your checklist along with your in-home estimate and they're both free for all your home improvements you can count on Sears the most trusted name around the house

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  • djknight23 says:

    Too bad Sears store nowadays are going down little by little I used to buy things at Sears in the 90's I got there my first video system Super Nintendo and later on got me Sega Genesis and my Nintendo 64 what happened Sears come back you can do it being the fancy store if only I was millionaire I would buy Sears and put it back on action I know I'm a good business guy only missing is my health and the money to bring good money into my pockets and sale what the people of United States wants sucks to be sick from nasal polyps and panic attacks be somebody when you are healthy study and be smart never be lasy sometimes I feel anger inside of me cause I can't do anything things that I'm supposed to achieve 🤒🤧😷🤕. Only left in me is hope hoping someday God listen to my prayers 🙏

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