Phillips Hue Outdoor Lily Smart Lights: Honest Review

Phillips Hue Outdoor Lily Smart Lights: Honest Review

Today we will be reviewing the Phillips Hue
Smart outdoor landscape lights. These are the first smart outdoor lights I
have seen enter the market and I am excited to test them out. The starter set includes 3 of the spotlights,
it does not include the phillips hub 2, it needs to be purchased separately if you do
not have one, but it includes all of the accessories to get going. So here are the lily spotlights, they have
a solid base, which can be removed, depending upon where you want to install them, if you
unscrew them you can attach the stake attachment. This allows you to put them into soil or grass. Here is a tip for you before you install your lights in your yard, plug them in. Set them as close to the bridge as possible
and run the firmware update. I had serious connection issues when I installed
them all in my back yard. It took me hours and had to move them, just
learn my lesson and update them ahead of time before installing, it will save you a lot
of time. The phillips hue bridge, needs to be within
30 feet of the first outdoor light, after that each light can communicate from 60 feet,
and my case I wanted them in my backyard. I needed to purchase a additional hue light
bulb for my garage for the lights to communicate properly. Once you place the lights where you want them. It’s time to wire them up. It is really easy to wire them up. Basically on the vertical of the T is where
the lights connect to. In the side is the extension cable connect
to the following adapter in the final light. You want to make sure to screw it in completely
so no water get’s in. Once your all connected you can plug into
a GFCI outlet. They suggest you mount it this power supply
about a foot above the ground. So here you can see I have them on at night. They are really bright. The white is very bright. Now I am going to cycle through the built-in
scenes Hue has. As you can see the colors are relatively,
I would say muted. And not as saturated as the indoor versions,
but still it’s nice. Some of the scenes are relatively dark for
the outdoor experience. I am guessing the compromise in color is because
of the brightness of the white. The green and blue seem like the most saturated
colors I could see. Purple as well, it’s a good color. Here I am using the iLight Show for Phillips
Hue App. That allows you to customize the animations
with music. Overall I am super happy with these outdoor
smart lights from Hue. It is one of the first on the market and I
think they have really nailed it. They are simple, low voltage, easy to install,
and they work. Although the color options are a tad muted
and less saturated vs their indoor versions but I really enjoy them. It adds a perfect touch to your backyard and
can’t wait to use them also during the holidays and parties. So thank you very much for watching and please
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  • Reedith Graham says:

    Awesome are you going to be reviewing the lightstrip to?

  • paolino1975 says:

    Helpful review – thanks!

  • David S. says:

    Could you please give more information about different lengths of the cables that comes with the kit.
    What would be the max distance from the end of power plug (that goes to the outlet) to the first Spot?
    What would be max distance that each Spot could be placed from one another?

    Hope you can help, not finding to much info on line. Thanks for the video!

  • AbdullaYusef says:

    Thank you

  • Raihhan Ali says:


  • Marcel Silva says:

    What about the cords??? You're not talking about the cords. You're obviously not gonna just mow over them…or leave them scattered all over your yard are you? so can you bury them???

  • Joshua Mueller says:

    The wiring aspect is such a pain in the ass

  • Robert Iversen says:

    Because they use Zigbee protocol to communicate between each other, having other Hue lights between your bridge and the yard lights extends the range and gives significantly better connectivity. Each bulb connected to a bridge can act as a bridge, repeater, or mesh for the bulbs, so a bridge can reach an entire house if hue bulbs are within decent distances of each other and left with the power on.

    I mention the power because I explained this to my wife who complained our bedroom lights seemed to not work or work slowly at night but insisted on turning off the lights between our bridge and bedroom lights.

    When she left them on and used the dimmer switches I installed on the walls, lo and behold… it worked great because the bulbs bridged the gap between our bedroom and the bridge.

  • The King says:

    would have loved some close ups of the cables. i have existing landscape lights frm diff manufacturer and the cabling looks similar, would love to use my existing cabling

  • not the killing type says:

    Would you know how many lights you can put together (on the same plug), given power output and cable distances?

  • BenjaminGib says:

    Whoa they are really flood/diffused. Thanks for the video! I wonder if they'll come out with a more spot version. Probably not since the colors need to mix smoothly.

  • Jesse Hernandez says:

    I can’t watch another one of this guys videos because if I do, his sexy voice is gonna make me buy some 😐

  • Przemysław Józef Sondej says:


  • Sanglory Test says:

    Can you please help me to review our product in AMZ?

  • Barto says:

    Every power cut resete all seting. PIR not working at all. Waste of money..

  • MrMilu says:

    Saturation has to do with the surface the light is projected onto.. if you had gray concrete walls indoor those would be less bright too (I suppose most people have white walls indoors)

  • Christy Jian says:

    I found a new item in amazon, sturdy and good price. 6 in 1 garden spotlights, how do you think

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