Our Favorite Scandinavian Home Interior Design Ideas

Our Favorite Scandinavian Home Interior Design Ideas

Striking a perfect balance between elegance and comfort when designing a home interior is definitely an art, and perhaps, a Scandinavian home interior is this perfectly balance: to achieve a cozy and elegant look with a minimal touch. A Nordic style design never ever fails to satisfy. In fact, a Scandinavian décor is a living environment than the sum of room design things (furniture and decorating accessories). Scandinavian style design has always been well-known for its extensive use of natural wood, sometimes with incorporated metal finishes (copper, brass). Regarding the color palette, you need to think earthy, in neutral and light, washed-out tones often associated with the Nordic landscape. Please just watch this video, check out these amazing images, enjoy the beautiful background music and don’t forget: “The Scandinavian design most important rule is to strip it back and keep all things simple”. Background soundtracks: 1. I Do Believe – Craig Reever 2. Flying Colors – Daxten 3. Roll with the Punches – Tape Machines 4. Liability – Tape Machines Let’s see together several ideas from this video. Fabulous attic apartment with cozy look, exposed wooden beams and wooden floors. Modern vacation home interior with wood burning stove. The previous attic apartment seen from another angle. Charming Nordic style interior with a rustic touch. Typical Scandinavian home with a traditional and classic look. Elegant living room. Modern Scandinavian home interior with white and beige walls and parquet floor throughout. Stunning home attic apartment on one and a half levels. Modern and elegant Scandinavian home interior with beautiful stairway. Another gorgeous attic apartment in gray and white. Beautiful wooden stairway. Small and cute balcony. Quite large dining, living area seen from above. Small and elegant open space. Absolutely gorgeous Nordic style interior with exposed brick wall. Simple and functional bathroom. Small bedroom with a tiny home office. Large and luxurious Scandinavian home interior with impressive stairway. Modern living room. Gorgeous home interior in brown and white with huge windows. Large and spacious master bedroom with canopy bed. Another Scandinavian home interior with luxurious look. Elegant living room with modern picture and rustic table. Large and spacious living room with fireplace and large opening to outdoor. Elegant corner living room with modern fireplace. I hope you are enjoying this video. Thank you so much for watching. ROYALTY FREE MUSIC by EPIDEMIC SOUND Please don’t forget to subscribe to our channel.


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    nice content keep it up dude

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    Allow me to compliment you on your videos, I've watched them all. I am constantly amazed at both the quality and quantity of your visuals. I am a particular fan of decorating simplicity and always enjoy your 'Nordic" content. In a similar vein, I wonder if you have any content that reflects classic Japanese style? Again, many thanks for your work, it's a treasure chest of ideas for those of us who are 'style challenged". Also liked the content on your FB page.

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