Once Upon a Time Storybook Backdrop Tutorial | Dollar Tree DIY Backdrop

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home holiday event wedding in the NY the core today I’m gonna show you how to
make the very magical once upon a time storybook backdrop for
your upcoming wedding or any celebration here we go so it’s finally here in my once upon a
time storybook bathtub tutorial but you guys have been asking since forever I’m
very excited to show you guys how I put it together but first please let me
apologize for taking so so long to get this done the truth is that I sent my
pretty back some time ago and you know they have a way to make the writing for
it so I had to outsource to another company so I went on Etsy and for some
reason this girl right here thought that all EXCI stores were based here in the
US I just wasn’t paying attention because I’ve been very busy with the
venue and I didn’t realize that the shipment was coming from China and China
and shipping for China takes 7 to 10 days
and they actually took more than 10 days so I was like emailing them where’s my
stuff finally got it and I’m so excited to show you guys have put this together
for your next event so let’s get started with the video all right guys I’m going
to start this project by making the cover of the book which is going to
consist of 18 black foam boards from Dollar Tree as you can see right here
there’s only nine so this is only half of it so this backdrop is going to be
humongous humongous humongous love it each foam board is two and a half by one
P and 20 inches and as you see right here the entire thing together is 7 feet
five inches which is way too tall for the writing that I have for it the
writing that I have for it is only 4 feet tall so I decided that I’m going to
make each cover six feet tall so it can be better proportion so each cover is
going to be 5 by 6 and all together 10 by 12 so in order for you to make it 6
feet tall for each cover you’re gonna have to cut one foot and a half from the
bottom row at this point is basically from 3 foam boards okay so you are going
to need a total of 6 3 for each side and you are going to cut one and a half feet
from each so basically you’re going to have one foot left
okay so two boards are going to be fight feet go together plus one six feet and here are all six of them together
I’m going to go ahead and move them to this side and I’m going to start gluing
the other boards together is going to be a total of six of them so this is going to be the side I’m
going to use for the front part and I’m going to add transparent tape to the
back of it to give it a little more support and here it is my friends one side of
the cover I’m gonna go ahead and make the other one and I’ll be right back and
it should look something like this so here’s the left cover and the right
cover and eventually they’re going to become one now I’m going to use black acrylic paint
to paint the borders of my home board on both sides so it can look a little bit
more polished all right so now I’m going to move on to
the pages of the book and to accomplish that I’m going to be using a seamless
paper photography backdrop and this is 53 inches by 16 feet
okay so there’s plenty of paper here and I’m going to focus or concentrate on on
the main page okay the other pages on this side are only going to be strips of
the same paper so it’s going to look as if this you know more pages behind it
but it’s not so step-by-step let’s start with the main page
since the covers are going to be 6 feet tall I’m going to make the papers 2
inches shorter all around well not on this side because you know in a book you
don’t see anything in the middle but for the top the bottom and the left and
right side I’m going to have two inches of exposure of the cover as you will see
on any book so I’m going to make the papers 5 feet 8 inches and here’s how my
first face looks like it is 5.8 in height in 4.5 in width
so here are the pages that I need the two main pages and here what I have left
over actually ended up being the same size so I ended up using the entire roll
okay so for the third page what I’m going to do is cut it in the middle and
I’m going to cut it into little strips that are going to go behind the main
pages to look as if I have more pages okay so I’m going to show you how to do
that now now here you have two so what is going
to be for the left side and one for the right side so I’m going to start with
one this is going to make straight lines and cut them into strips okay all right so here it is and I place the
other one right under it I didn’t make minds on this one I’m just going to go
ahead and place it on top and then cut it into strips next I’m going to be
aging my pages and I’m going to accomplish that by using tea I boil four
bags of six ounce tea bags I just got it from my local grocery store and it was
very inexpensive two dollars in some sense and you can choose to leave
invited us what you like but if you’re going for the more antique vintage look
I think this is a great method okay so all I’m going to do is dab with a stock
you can use a rag but I don’t want to stain my rag so I’m gonna use this whole
sock and I’m just going to dab until I get it into the shade that I want alright guys so here it is and I’m
loving the shade but I’m gonna have to make it a little darker because I have
made my other page prior to this one just to test out you know how darker I
wanted it to be and yeah it doesn’t match this one is a bit lighter this is
more like 1800s and the other one is more like 1500 so they’re in different
centuries so I have to make it match but yeah wish I would have you know how both
of them in this tone cuz I really like this one better
but anyway take your time do a little bit little let it dry because going to
look different dry then he looks when it is wet it doesn’t take 24 hours to dry
but you might want to let it you know sit 24 hours so you can see the color
that it will be alright so with that said I’m going to make it a little
darker and I’ll be right back alright so there it is and as you can see I also
aged my strips of paper and I’m going to be using later on these side of the
pages and I also place some books or anything you know heavy on the edges of
the page so he can you know get flat because once it’s wet it starts you know
kind of like getting wavy from the moisture in the middle as well as you
can see so what I’m going to do is I’m going to I’m going to iron it I’m going
to turn it upside down and I’m going to place a sheet over it and I’m going to
iron it without steam all right and there it is nice I’m going
to be cutting the once-upon-a-time the cow it’s going to look something like
this so I’m going to just cut the letters that I need to be placed on this
page and then I’ll let you know how you place it on there I’m really hoping that
it takes because it’s supposed to go on walls I’m not sure how you will take on
paper but I don’t see why not alright alright let’s try what you see
up here is painters tape and I’m using this because it’s not going to damage
the paper when I pull it off and I’m totally just following their directions
that he came with and basically what it says is place the paint painters tape
right on top flip the paper over pull the backing and then just flatten the
clear part with the letters on the wall aka D paper and then I’m going to grab
probably one of my spatulas and just you know flatten it out and then I’m going
to pull the clear paper off and then the letters should be intact on the paper
crossing my fingers all right let’s do it ah this is beautiful this is so
beautiful I am so excited right now you have no idea no idea next I’m going to
be arranging and glowing my strips to give the appearance of multiple pieces next I’m going to be gluing my pages
with hot glue I’m going to be placing them in this corner or gluing them from
this you know area where they meet and then I’m going to make sure that there
are two inches from the top and bottom and this corner right here is going to
be a little wider but I’m going to be placing the other pages or the strips
that look like pages right on there not sure if you notice but I place a
little glue right about there probably about four inches in and then right here
in the middle I did the same on this side make sure that you don’t place the
glue right in the corner because that’s where you’re going to place your other
pages and that’s what I’m going to do right now now what I’m going to do is
wet a bit of the outer edges of the top pages you should only flatten the inner
ones okay the other ones you should just leave us is I ended up finding both of
them so don’t do that just for and the one right here that’s going to connect
together the others at the end or at the outer sides just leave them as is so
they can look just like the other ones on here okay so all right let’s do that
perfect okay guys this is a this is my once upon a time storybook backdrop and
it is absolutely dreamy and wonderful very fairy tailers
love it perfect for weddings or any celebration I hope you guys enjoyed this
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