NYC Apartment Patio MAKEOVER! + IKEA HOME DECOR SHOPPING 🌵🛋| Antonnette

NYC Apartment Patio MAKEOVER! + IKEA HOME DECOR SHOPPING 🌵🛋| Antonnette

hi guys welcome back to another vlog I am with Matt today that's our neighbor for those of you that are just tuning in or if I haven't really explained it he's our neighbor we're with him every day legit we basically live together we literally share a wall so when I say neighbor I mean like legit neighbor or we're heading out today to go to some we're basically on the hunt for plants right yep yep so I really been wanting some plans matt has been really wanting some plants so I didn't want to die we're just gonna go siphon wanting some plants Matt's been wanting some plants and I feel like new plans or new furniture in general just makes me motivated to like clean up my face and like make myself feel just like good I don't know so and I've been on that hunt for new patio stuff which it kind of showed you guys earlier so we bought some new little tidbits for the patio and now I just need to make it feel like more comfortable with lots of plans so that's what I'm doing today and we're gonna grill later me and Shane are I don't know if Matt is yeah okay better I know right I was like you're like thinking that later okay we'll think later like yeah right just like okay okay we'll discuss that that's a long way away like 6 o'clock is that going wrong away my mind would certainly change several times before now and no – yes maybe I think about it yes and then no that's my intro we're gonna grow later we're gonna make it all queue on the patio that's the music maybe I can convince my friends to play uno with me I'm like a little kid like these play cards Mario yeah fine Mario some Indian black tea get my chair a jab sine of T which is a piece of biscuits rose hips Stockton's got some iced tea now we're just like hanging out and all these little shops by our house looking for plans okay guys so I found so many cute little bub Matt took me to a bunch of the cutest little coffee shops in her neighborhood that I had no idea they even existed so yeah we stopped off and got low tea like hibiscus I made this at home from Tazo pull across the prettiest brownstone with these gorgeous vines crawling up I love that it's so pretty this street is gorgeous and this is like two streets behind where I live I had no idea this was like a hidden treasure look at all these beautiful bronzer at Home Depot and I found the plant Mecca these are the three picked out these two are on sales I think we're gonna grab those two or these four maybe and then I found this really pretty succulent plant but I don't think I'm gonna get it okay so I found it fig fig leaf shapes other help Italy for fig leaf I can't remember anyways they have some they're small but I'm gonna get look in it anyway okay so I found a couple things in my little fiddly big tree that's $30 I don't know if that's a lot or a little or what but whatever and then these succulents and this one is really beautiful anyways those are the three we don't we don't need to leave shine for seven dollars get some water okay guys hopping in our uber this is what we got I guess we hit the jackpot honey could we we got like four frames thank you everything was almost 50% off so I got this gorgeous rose bush which I came outta wait to put in the patio and it's gonna be perfect and then I got a fiddly fig tree for the apartment got this random really cute pink flower I don't even know what that is but whatever and then this is for our hanging plant so yeah it's gonna be cute I'm getting pricked by this bush this rose bush this is the current situation a little crazy okay guys so we just got home these are all our plants we put all our plant babies together this is actually my bedroom this room right here and this is the patio space show it used to sing this is our living room we're bedroom so after we eat lunch we're about to come up here again and then just repot and plan everything I also popped into Target today while we were grocery shopping and I grabbed these candles vanilla oak and blooming aura they both smell delicious and I really liked the colors these are from Target and they're only ten bucks these are my favorite there's soy candles so they're a little bit better for your environment and they smell so good this one has like a very masculine scent to it it's kind of more almost smells like a cologne mix with like I don't know it's really nice though I really like it I just I'm in love with plans and candles right now can you tell this look my thing right now I just want a fresh home with bright beautiful colors it's like how beautiful these roses are they're gorge now pretty my Bushman Matt possum dead bushes but my bought some dead bushes but it's okay it's okay the little pastor season but they were six dollars each so no one complaining okay and then we got these as well our Matt got these isn't this so cute this is his thing he's planning to repot these and – you couldn't have picked a better plant to go inside it looks like fingers but I like it I like it how beautiful everything's just so pretty I'm loving it greenery – your space makes such a big difference this is kind of cute – do we like this horses cheesy and corny but I feel like it's outdoors and there's banana leaves and stuff in pink and it's fun right you guys think let me know sorry the Train is super loud I just wanted to quickly show you guys well we came up with I put the rosebush here because I'm going to be I Bluffs up by the way planting but I have to wait for a proper planter for that I'm gonna get something bigger so that it can grow into a beautiful rose bush I'm so excited seat cushions are looking so pretty in the Sun now I have the table some candles I'll lay later tonight let me start to cook and stuff and then I have some plans to fiddly fig or whatever it's called it's going into my apartment tonight but the probably keep it out later and then these are Matt's plans that he's going to take back and more of Matt's plans so yeah here's this to show you guys kind of cute I was concerned about the Pink's but they didn't match holy New York City you it's the next day no time to talk just grabbed an uber heading out to Ikea right now we are going to find some more plants for the patio possibly and the apartment I know it looks like I got a ton of plants yesterday but half of those were mats so I really only got one two three four plants yesterday but I'm in the market to get some bigger plans for the patio area we're headed to Ikea to get closet storage as well so uber is on the way we're gonna head downstairs cause of storage and plants and maybe a couple of other things so yeah it's gonna be fun I've been IKEA in like over a year so I'm excited let's go it's a lot of timing like an Ikea like two years ago no are you excited patio relevant do you see one should we go to the showroom or should we skip it and go to the straight to the market we wineglasses – this is the little like patio area they have set up so many cute things why did we get some turf no I love that okay we're gonna go upstairs finally other than the amazing furniture loving the $2.00 breakfast it's so pretty we just ate it really quick it was really good I mean it was you know it's good as a $2.00 breakfast will get you but we skipped upstairs because I mean I like going up there to look at all the furniture it's so pretty but I feel like it's also another reason to like spend a lot of money so wine glasses thank you so much I was hoping to find stemis you know what I don't need stemless these are pretty so we are shopping at the actual marketplace part now oh yeah okay should I just get these will be your like new rock spices for cocktails we need them right I broke home two wine glasses too short little cute locks glasses here's three different time [Applause] I need a new laundry basket really bad and I'm just trying to choose from the two options sure you like it you know we've been saying we were gonna get so now we just need to find some storage for them this is what I was talking about for the kitchen area like something like this what was like chef chef chef shelf so for the kitchen area I really wanted to find some type of shelving unit and there instead of a giant yeah yeah exactly this and then we'll get baskets right I made it to look some of the closet portions and now we're just trying to figure out what exactly we want to do for the closet we found this which i think is actually kind of a good idea it's not it's inexpensive I didn't want to get anything expensive at all I don't know how much longer we're living here I mean I know it's gonna be at least another probably three to six months I love like you because it's easy to use this stuff anywhere to go to you know when would you not need this can use this for so many different things and they pack down nicely too so it's easy to travel with if you have to move anywhere I'm sorry for to remind our ladies and gentlemen please look at Shane during his frustration akia is the official breeding ground for relationship province even though we're not actually having issues that I can tell Shane patience is wearing it you got what we needed for the closet which was really easy I can't decide what you picked up this really inexpensive shelf before but I'd like it's like a raw wood look I love all their baskets but they don't have any legs and it's fine but when you have baskets you trying to store like dog treats and cleaning supplies like that better to have lids because it all looks so much neater you should be other this is this show these are the best I think I just wish I had a lid but whatever I'll just put like the cleaning supplies or I'll put like two on the top so kitchen shelving storage is done we just grabbed this cute little shelf for the outdoors and now I'm just quickly looking in the basket section to see if I can find just like one or two cute little baskets what are these what the heck is all of this is wrapping paper they look wrapping paper I know we don't need it [Applause] thank God I have someone who knows how to build things who knows what they're doing yulik cross-brace I'm like what the Frick goes in between the current stuff you know the patch of stuff we just needed like we really have needed Utah was really bad we needed a trash can for the bathroom we needed like some new plants to go in like a lot of the pots that we bought in the past that plants have just died and stuff so we need like some faces for that hippopotamus Oh cuz we've been debating on this stuff for like six months like we've been like talking about like okay we could make this apartment like so much more functional for us but we thought we were moving so we just never did it so now we're not moving yeah I think it'll probably be in our apartment for another year patio worse yet it's happening yeah we're at me and Madden patio works like cuz we went shopping together which you guys saw from yesterday yeah so we were like it's like my patio is gonna turn out better than yours now it's like okay you're on patio boys what's going down I'm going like you [Applause] trying to figure out how big one pack of turf is at least order more or get more right okay so ignore the mess everywhere but we just got home from Ikea our apartment is in shambles right now got lots of plans at IKEA I got lots of plans and succulents to put it all of our stuff for outside I didn't get nearly as much outside hey my butt on there grows anyways we got a new laundry basket we got tons of stuff to put together for the closet space to reorganize that baskets for the shelving units think we did a really good job at like the stuff we got I'm gonna be out here pretty much all day again I think what I'm gonna do actually go ahead and take all of every single thing we have which is chairs rug plants everything off I'm going to move it all the way down there sweep everything to make sure it's all nice and neat sort of having this patio space kind of right here for the living room area which I love by the way I think I'm going to try to utilize the entire space if you guys have any like patio furniture companies that you guys like that aren't extremely expensive I don't want to put anything too crazy I like these chairs but as you can see they're like they've been worn down from being up here for a few years and we could definitely use an upgrade so if you guys have any suggestions or know any like cool outdoor brands with like cute stuff that tries let me know in the comments below we're gonna get going and replanting and repotting and I'm gonna get some music out here it's a nice tea maybe Shane's gonna go inside and build shelves I'm going to be out here doing the patio it's gonna be fun you excited for your patio and I would show you guys all the beautiful plants we got I ended up getting a new tree I feel bad though because it's like this one isn't completely dead but it definitely isn't like bright and pretty so what do i do do I try to combine them probably not right to the same treat this is how I got this one and this one actually grew to be really tall but it ended up dying eventually I had it for a good a year or two though and then I'm going to replant this one in – this one's pretty much dead – I've been a bad plant mom don't judge me I'm gonna try really hard this time okay I even made sure to get like all Sun plants and I'm brushing up on my green thumb okay I'm gonna be plant this one and this beautiful pink jar that I found how pretty is that ignore my like doctor gloves I got them from our neighbor and then this beautiful plant is for the inside same thing as the paint just bigger I'm pretty positive though that this is not gonna stay that beautiful pink color I don't know we will see and then these two little cacti agave in this little practice I'm gonna plant in this little gold one so I'm like kind of switching them all okay guys I just got done that with the shelf it looks so good that pineapple is not staying I just popped it there for a second because it was cute I was like playing around with decor but I haven't actually worked out anything I don't really think I'm going to be decorating it much more for like functionality so yeah very functional when we were just talking about how much better this space looks and whiter the space looks now that that giant chest is gone so yeah and yeah and then we were able to kind of condense and bring out our shoe rack and that's gonna free up a ton of room okay here's what we ended up with here's the shelf the baskets look surprisingly pretty good with it I like it the pineapple is there just for her looks it's so cute but probably eat it soon so yeah yeah that's pretty much what we came up with and I did end up putting this little shoe rack out here so we did end up like having so much more storage in the closet which we have to do tomorrow which you probably won't see so yeah and then this I still have my gardening gloves on which my neighbor gave me they're better than nothing and this is all he had my doctor gloves but yeah that is totally off center now so we're gonna have to work that out probably tomorrow anyways let me show you outside okay guys here is the finished patio space for now we're actually gonna get some more turf it's way smaller than we thought it was gonna be because of all the cardboard to pack it so we're going to just order one more tonight and then and won't be basically that black string lights I think I want to do from like ceiling to railing instead of just a cross I feel like it'll just make the space feels like super warm and enclosed specially at night so I'm going to order another half of two again it is so loud outside right now it's like a million planes but yeah my rosebud she's looking so much better and it's hot everything just looks so cute look at this little guy it's like a little pineapple have to show you this little pineapple I love the marble coasters with the table I will make sure i link all of that stuff for you guys all of these things are from Amazon the table and the rub make sure I leave a link for you guys and pretty much everything so where the banana leaf cushions so cute that quality is so much nicer than just getting something like cheap and fast it's really nice and I can use those cushions hopefully for some better chairs along the way but I don't know how long we're gonna be here it may just be for this summer but I wanted to make it look nice so that friends could come over and we could entertain we did like a little barbecue out here the other night and it was so fun especially like you have this view of the city followed over there that looks really far but gorgeous that made out here so yeah super excited she's gonna be chilling out here so he loves the turf so we're gonna make sure we're buying another one tonight and then I might add one more piece of like actual furniture maybe something a little bit nicer I don't know so we'll see that's it for this video it's always like inner basket getting toys sorry for this last bit of shaky cam I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know your thoughts down below a little patio makeover and that's it I'll talk to you guys next time least on this beautiful night digging guys go for it it's so nice out the city after patio I think this is an intimate vlog I think I enjoy the patio you


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