Nicolas Ouchenir for the Miss Dior – Love N’Roses Exhibition

Calligraphy is almost a dance. And paper is used like a medium, but can be a medium like the body. Miss Dior embodies love. I think a fragrance which embodies love makes me think about a first encounter, about seduction. Actually, there is a rhythm. Just like the rhythm of taking a bottle of perfume and using it, the ink flows. There are different, airy directions, like the bottle’s transparency, the idea of seeing far away. What’s amazing is to know that here, my workshop on Rue Royale, we discovered that it used to be the home of Catherine Dior – Christian Dior’s sister. It happened to be destiny. The fact that I was asked to create the Miss Dior poster is remarkable. In general, when I create a drawing and it awakens the senses, especially the sense of smell,
sound, and touch, it is a memory, a collective memory, and this memory
comes back when I touch the tools, when inspiration comes, it is linked with the past, but a past still connected with the present. Since I draw the present, smell, fragrance inspires me a lot. Because it is powdery, elegant, floral. I made something soft,
because even if the line is bold, there is a lightness in the gesture.

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