My Old Architecture Works

My Old Architecture Works

how's it going guys lien here so today we are going to take a look at some of the work that I have done during my time in school some of the works I have also done during my time in apprenticeship and a few works that I have done professionally so let's just get into it guys okay so we are first going to start with my works when I was in school so here we have the first floor plan from the garage we can enter into the kitchen because you know when you have all these groceries and you don't want to pass by your living room and all that stuff so you just go directly into the kitchen so here the first floor we have our first master bedroom so this master bedroom has a walk-in closet and it has a bathtub and a shower and the toilet and all that kinds of stuff and then beside our kitchen on the lower right corner we have our maid's room right here which is access to our kitchen and our laundry so basically when designing house you want to meet the bedroom to be as close to the functional areas so that they don't waste any time going from their bedroom to the kitchen so when they wake up they can just you know do laundry and cook some stuff in the kitchen anyways let's move on to the perspectives so right here we have the living room and then we have the dining room alright so my rendering skills back then was a little yeah you guys would see the texture on this chair is horrible but other than that my rendering was you know except the wall okay we have our bedroom and then we have our billiard area and then we could see the staircase I was really obsessed with floating stairs back then so here we have the roof deck with the jacuzzi and this elevated pad so that when it rains you know the jacuzzi doesn't get wet come to think of it jacuzzis were made to get wet but you know it just it just looks cool man and I guess that's everything let's move on to the next folder okay so right after graduating architecture school we were contacted by one of our instructors to join this RQ pricks competition so basically our whole entry was entitled salah pike which is two words salah means save and y means the river so basically it is to save a river so SEL applying a riverside symbol at the community so here we have our storyboard that we entered for the competition and then here we have the houses that we did for the riverside community then here we have the view of the Riverside so beside this river or this treatment falls so the history of the whole river is that the river is very dirty so this community is supposed to save the river that is why we have treatment plants beside the river so here we have a rendering of the bridge that they will use to cross the river and then here is the exterior view of the administration building so you went with this whole wave-like aesthetic because it's beside the river and the river has this wonderful waves so we wanted to emulate that on our building so yeah so that's why it looks like a bunch of waves cresting over each other let's move on to some of the practice renderings I have done here we have a dome so this is what I use to practice Sketchup so yeah I did this purely with Sketchup and without any plugins had I known that there were plugins to make this I would have made this dome real really fast move on to the living room here I wanted to play a little bit more with Sketchup so I did this exploded contemporary living room and then lastly we have a part so this is the time that I was experimenting with tencel structures yeah I didn't have the tensile plug-in back there so I had to do 10 cell materials manually okay and that is my practice works that I am done before apprenticeship so let us move on to the work that I have done during my apprenticeship oh god there's so many so here's one I did of a commercial space so this is a renovation project or this used to be an old house all I did was add modern colors I made the roof black and then I made the walls white and then I added this whole section right here and boom it already looks somewhat contemporary and here we have the gingerbread bake shop so this is the interior of the gingerbread bake shop and next this was actually really fun to do because I got to collaborate with someone who does fiberglass structures or fiberglass sculptures so we got to make this snow right here in the snowman and this all candy cane tree so we got to make that in real life this is one of the things I did during my apprenticeship in year so I designed the exterior facade of the hotel so this is one of my schemes and here's one of my schemes where I put a bunch of plans right here and then I had to hide air-conditioning units inside this panels right here so that's why those panels are there is it because I needed to hide air-conditioning units and that is it that's the hotel that I have designed during my apprenticeship days and also I was fortunate enough to be given a design assignment to design a convention center so here we have a convention center I don't know what I was thinking this is probably a nightmare to build because of the unusual angles in all this stuff so yeah it's probably why they didn't continue to build this so the firm which I worked for already had an interior designer so all I had to do was to render some of his ideas into life so yeah that's what I did render the interior spaces I also designed another commercial area which is just two storeys high in a very very sprawling lot I was also tasking to rendering one of the condominiums so yeah this is my render not really my design I just rendered it this is one of the designs that I proposed for the lobby of the condominium and last but not the least I was also assigned to make a showroom for Pujo here we have the future showroom I want it to be a little bit dark so that the parts were more emphasized I had a severe lapse of judgment and collared the cars dark so the cars don't really pop that much in this rendering I should have just called them red or gold or something like that but yeah I don't know what I was thinking why did I call it a car it's the same color as the walls dangling and that concludes all the work that I've done apprenticeship we are now down to the last section of the stuff that I'm showing you these are some of the worst I've done professionally okay so let us begin with the 310 lot project oh I name my projects pretty straightforward so this project is built on a lot that is 310 square meters that's why it's called 310 Lots project here we have a three-story scheme and then here we have a five-story scheme so this one is currently being built I did a vlog of the site of this house right here up in the link right here or somewhere up in here of the M&E project which is located on Ambani Street here's the first scheme of the house before it got changed and turned into this one so yeah here's the actual picture of the house right here also I've done a video of this house right here somewhere I'll put the link up here so you guys can check out a tour of some of the rooms that I did for this ebony project lastly we have the woods gate project so here we have three schemes this is the first scheme so here we have a more contemporary approach so we used muted down colors and you know more earthy colors so third scheme we some what combined the first scheme and the second scheme I'm not really a huge fan of this scheme because to be honest looks over designed and I don't know what I was thinking when I designed this then lastly we have the fourth scheme and there we go it is a moored out down version of the third scheme so this is the final scheme that the owners chose and that is it guys that is all the digital works that I could find so hopefully you guys learned something from this whole video also a lot of you guys were requesting for me to show you guys some of the worst I've done so there you go guys anyways if you like this video please like comment and subscribe down below for more videos like this from me your boy Liam I will see you guys on my next video flying peace


  • Paolo SaΓ±ez says:

    Help me to gets stuff πŸ™ im going to be 1st year archi and maybe my family can't afford those things πŸ™ i m doing my best to get money, but it always ends in its not enough. If you have some tiny help to give me im totally appreciate it :)))

  • 2raw4uall says:

    How good of an artist do you have to be just to get into the program?

  • Null says:

    I really regret picking Computer instead of Drafting.. After finishing my junior highschool year I fully regret picking a different "Specialty"?? And I never got to learn anything about Designing houses and interior designing and whatever it is drafting is related to, So watching your videos kuya really helped me learn a lot. ( I also like to draw and i'm still trying to improve because i'm still an amateur and I hope someday I can at the very least create an average work that i can be satisfied with ) Keep up with your great works!

  • vince yall says:

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    What programs do u use to render 😍😍

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    Kuya Llyan is it fine that im not that good in drawing if I choose to get architecture?

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    Kuya, i have two questions po. Pagkatungtong po ng first year college, kailangan po bang may skills na at alam na kung paano mag design? And my second question po is by that time po ba ay kailangang magaling na po sa computer?

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    It's nice to see your design getting used, built to an actual infrastracture and getting amused on how it ends well.
    Love to see and know more tips kuya, I learned a lot from your videos and it motivates me since I'm just starting my architecture student life.

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    The Ginger Bread was in New Town Plaza Hotel – Baguio City, if I am not mistaken? I saw it during our client's wedding in that Hotel.

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  • Zhin says:

    I'm currently making my portfolio for internship applications. This is absolutely helpful! Thank you again for sharing your works.

    My rendering sucks. I have to redo some of them. πŸ˜‚πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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