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– [Carisha] We’ve all imagined it. If you could build your dream
house from the ground up, what would that look like? A space that inspires you, calms you and ultimately
helps you live your best life. We’ve asked today’s hottest designers to make this their mission. – We wanted to create an area of serenity. – [Carisha] Each design team
will take a room from studs to the finishing touches. – And we want to create
a space that’s unique, inviting and a ton of fun. – [Carisha] Showing you
how to make every corner of your space work harder,
better and more beautifully than you ever thought it could. – Make a statement. – I’m Carisha Swanson from House Beautiful and we are Building
the Dream in Nashville. (upbeat music) Today I’m visiting Nashville
design firm, Modern Remains. They focus on achieving balance in homes. Creating designs that
are enriched by history, materiality and proportion. They will be taking
over the breakfast room, stair landing and media room. Their mission is to
create a breakfast room that’s full of energy, make the stair landing
into another spot for family conversations and design a media room that’s equal parts entertainment and relaxation. (upbeat music) I just landed in Nashville and I’m heading over to the
Modern Remains show room to meet this design team and see what they have
planned for all three spaces. Thank you. – Awe, welcome. – Hi Lauren, so good to see you. – So we have just entered
your design building here and I’m completely
overwhelmed by all the beauty that I see here. But you have three different
spaces for the whole home. – I think for us, when
we approach the design for the three spaces and whole home, we really thought about a way
to bridge all three spaces. And to us, it’s important that we fuse the natural and the built environment. – So with the breakfast room, we really envisioned it,
Carisha, to be energetic and fun and full of life. So to bring the outdoors in, we actually took a lot of inspiration from this really great image of
beautiful parrot tulips. So throughout this space, you’re going to see a lot of red and pinks and shades of orange and yellow. With this particular space and it’s central location within the home, keeping in mind everything
that’s happening in the adjoining spaces is
really critical and important. So what we’ve done with
this particular room is we’ve tried to isolate some of the color on to certain walls so
that it feels balanced and when you’re viewing
it from different spaces there are always elements of surprise. – So Evan I see here that it
looks like you have two rugs. Because this is the one
where you’re pulling color from the tulips but what’s this? – [Evan] That’s also a rug. In this space we’re going
to do layering of rugs. – [Carisha] Oh. – And so it’s actually a really great way and it’s economical,
to take a larger sisal or natural grass rug, almost run it around the
entire perimeter of the room and then come back in with
the decorative element or decorative rug right on
top of the natural grass. So these are actually
two different artists in this particular vignette. So Jennifer Gibbs is the artist who’ll be doing the really
large overscale panels. – [Carisha] Amazing. – And then layered on top are going to be works by Whitney Stoddard. – So I know we just
finished the breakfast area. Where are we going here? – We’re going to the stair landing. – Okay. – And Lauren will tell you more about it. – Great. – The stair landing is often
a forgotten space in a home. And we want people to
look at a space like this as a functional room, that they can sit down and enjoy and use every single day. Our jumping off point is this wallpaper selected by Yern Yip and he’s the designer that’s
doing the entry downstairs. – [Carisha] Yes. – So naturally the wallpaper
is going to come from the lower level, wrap the stair wall and actually be applied all
the way around this room. – [Carisha] Okay. – So for us, the color
pallet was fabulous. We used this to pull our
fabrics and our textures. We are doing a custom screen
along the back wall here. And that is to provide another, another way to introduce
layer and texture. So we’ll have a wall
covering along the back wall and then a custom screen that’s
covered in a wall covering. – [Carisha] Yeah. – And we’re going to put a
piece of art on top of that. So you’re kind of having
three layers above a sofa. So our fabrics and our tones and textures really transition from the other
spaces into the media room. And so we’ll start to
see some white colors, with the yellows and then
we’ll start to integrate some darker navys and some taupe colors. And our concept for the media room was to offer balance to the family
in the room of technology. So in front of the television we have a pair of swivel chairs
and these are light weight, they can obviously move
side to side as a swivel but they also can be moved in the room. – Looks like you’ve got chaises
happening back here too. – We do, and double. So they’re rear facing and the idea back here
was to kind of create a private little nook. It’s extra seating for
when the television is on. But also we have drapery
on three of the walls. The draper panels back here kind of create a little bit of more intimacy. And so you’re going to
be surrounded by books and art and it’s just a
great place to curl up and take a nap. (upbeat music) – [Carisha] We’re going to
meet local furniture designer, Andrew McKellar who is
working on some custom pieces for the media room. – Andrew is making drink
tables for the media room. – This is walnut. – Okay. – And basically there’s a box joint that goes along top like that and they want it assembled
to look something like that. – So you’re really talking
about like an open C table. – It’s an open C drink table. – [Carisha] Yeah. – [Lauren] And there’s
going to be two of them and they’ll be mirrored. – Well that’s great. And seems like you’re almost there in terms of completion. – Yeah. – [Carisha] For Modern Remains
artwork is just as important as furniture in defining
a spaces personality. They’ve commissioned a
lot of original artwork from Southern artists and we’re
going to visit two of them. The first is Jennifer Gibbs, who’s creating artwork
for the breakfast nook. – So Jennifer Gibbs is our first artist that we’re working with. – Fantastic. – I’m what they consider a
mixed media, abstract artist. They came to me with an
idea for the breakfast room for these three large panels that we were going to
install to make it look as though they were painted in. – We have a really large set of windows in the breakfast room
and so we really want to help to not only balance
both sides of the room with wonderful large
overscaled pieces of art, but also pay attention to scale. And so that’s why Jennifer is creating some really wonderful three
overscaled pieces of art which will help to balance the space. – This is my final layers, my final coats will be in oil, over, between more colors
and they’re all hand mixed. Decision time today is them choosing which strokes
they want on the large panel. The first option is kind of an 80’s look. So splatter paint, a larger scale, this is probably a 24 inch repeat. Option number two. They eventually asked for a classic gray ground, background. – Yeah. – And, – You ignored that. – I did. I have a theory that I
always throw in a wild card. – Thinking about how
it’s going to be layered with the Whitney on top of it. I mean to me, I think that’s
going to be a great contrast and it’s going to really
pop off that wall. – Since I’m listening to
everything that you’re sayin’ , I’m gonna create probably
three more pieces. (upbeat music) – [Carisha] Megan Lightell
is another local artist who gets inspiration from nature. We got the chance to go into the field and see the first step of her process. – One of the things that I like to do is look for places around the city that have little glimpses
of the natural environment. – Okay. – And so one of the things
that we have in Nashville that’s wonderful is
excellent green way system and parks system. And we have really wonderful
access to the rivers around the area. – This is already pretty. – So I use on of these Pochade Boxes just to do quick studies. These usually serve more
as kind of notes for me. There’s something that sort of
happens when you’re painting outside, I feel like the
experience of being out here and really witnessing and observing what’s happening in that moment. – [Evan] I think something
crucial that we think about when we’re working with
artists for Modern Remains is really learning to
appreciate the process. We think of the process
as just as important as the final piece. – This part can usually
take a little while and it’s hot so if you all need to head back that’s fine. I’ll just take a couple
minutes to finish up. – We don’t want to leave you but thank you so much, it’s really hot. – Bye guys. (upbeat music) – [Carisha] With incredibly
important spaces, both upstairs and downstairs, the team divides their work
to conquer these rooms. – We’re installing three rooms in one day. We arrived on Wednesday morning and we needed to kind of get
the floors in better shape. So we mopped the floors, we really got the spaces in
the shape they needed to be. Is it glamorous? No, it’s not glamorous. I would say anything but glamorous. If you like running up
and down stairs 50 times in installation, you need
to be an interior designer. – [Evan] I think these panels are great. – [Lauren] Aren’t they. – And I love how it really just
kind of brings the outside, which has some orange
and some natural tones, it kind of brings it
into the breakfast area. The design process can take
months, weeks and months. So for this particular process
it was much more condensed. – When the process speeds up you don’t have time to think. Really, I mean you do initially and then it’s just you roll with it. (upbeat music) Here we are in the stair landing and the wallpaper has been installed. Our custom screen has been installed. And the artwork has been attached
to the face of the screen. – So far that’s my favorite
piece in the house. – Isn’t it great? – So far. – I’m glad you like it. (upbeat music) – And we’ve begun to place most of our major
pieces of furniture. So now that we’ve placed the big pieces and major pieces of furniture,
we’re going to begin accessorizing all of the great shelving that’s right behind us. – [Lauren] Typically in your
media room it has one function, it is the media room and it is central to the television. But in this house, we really wanted to create
a dual purpose space. So this room will be a media room, but it will also be a space to read and surround yourself
with beautiful things and art and books. – So I think one of the things that we really like to do
when accessorizing shelves is thinking about balance
and scale and color. So if you have a lighter
moment into one corner, we just kind of try to balance it out so that that one color or that one piece repeats itself throughout
the entire display. So far everything is actually, I think it’s better than
we could’ve ever imagined. You can do so much 2D
on paper and space plan, but just to see everything open up and just to come to life
has been amazing so far. – Carisha we are so excited to
show you the breakfast room. – This is so beautiful. (upbeat music) – [Evan] And it’s cheerful
and it’s energetic. – [Lauren] A good place to start your day. – Yeah so this collection
by Whitney Stoddard, it represents iconic
women of country music. So we have Dolly, we have Reba, we have Taylor Swift
and then 10 other women. – So we created the three panels to attach to the wall, be a removable part and then we layered additional
artwork on top of that. So it kind of gives you an effect without a permanent wallpaper. – Right and you, this is not the only
space you’ve added layers. – [Lauren] So we have
a natural grass cloth – [Carisha] Yes. – In a larger size. And then we layer a wool rug on top so it really is more of a budget friendly, a trick so you can have a beautiful space, a beautiful rug in a smaller version and stay with in a budget. – So when you walk into this space what is the feeling that
you hope people have? – [Evan] We want it to
be energetic and fun and lively and really just
because it’s a main passage, we just wanted people just to have joy and just to light up when
they walk through it. – Your other space feels very different. – It is. – Wow you guys really did this. – [Lauren] We did. (upbeat music) We are so excited about the
way this space turned out. – So it was so funny
when you were telling me about this I was like okay, tell everybody what a stair landing is. – The stair landing is often a space people don’t know what do with. – [Carisha] Right. – And so we were really
excited to have the opportunity to take this space and kind of show people what can be done. In this space we created the screen, we attached it to the wall and then we hung a piece
of artwork on top of it. So it’s a little bit unique. – [Carisha] Yes. – But it adds depth and a little
bit of a layering to a room and on this wall we decided
that we were gonna use a photograph and an easel. And so that can move around the house. It can go with you when you move, it’s very versatile. – Yeah and so that’s really, I mean in both of these situations, it’s another way of like adding art in interesting new ways. – [Lauren] Absolutely. – Wow, you wanna talk about a completely different experience in this room. (upbeat music) It’s so warm and cozy. – [Lauren] It’s definitely
darker than our other two spaces. – [Carisha] Yes. – [Lauren] We were focused
on creating a space that had a dual purpose. – [Carisha] Okay. – So when the TV is on, obviously it’s a media room, but if the TV was turned off
we could close up the drapery and you could curl up and read a book, you could meditate. We really wanted to focus on mind and body and just creating a great
place for a family to rest. – [Evan] This sofa from Stressless is so comfortable and stylish. You could relax in it all day. We created a wonderful custom surround. – [Carisha] Oh so this is
not like one piece at all. – [Lauren] It’s not, it’s
not, it’s two pieces. (upbeat music) – Modern Remains had a massive task. They had three rooms in
this home to complete. That is no small feat. One being a breakfast area that they really gave a point of view by making it bright and happy. – One of my favorite elements
in the breakfast room is going to be the rug that we designed. – Here in the stair landing, it’s often a forgotten zone. They made it into a real
spot for family reconnection. You can play games here,
you can read a book here. Kinda just lounge at
the top of the stairs, right in between the two kids rooms. – So thinking about a room that
already had a selection made I think that happens a lot in design. It’s just part of the natural process. We actually really enjoyed the
wallpaper that was selected. – [Evan] This particular
space is so wonderful. It’s better than we ever
would have imagined it to be. – Media rooms usually
have the main attraction at the television. There is definitely a 77
inch television in there. But they made it a room that can really be multi functional for the family. One of the coolest
features in the media room is the gigantic fireplace
that has a wet bar on one side with an undercounter
Liebherr refrigerator. There’s zones for reading, for relaxing. If you wanna watch TV with the family or catch the big game, you can. But it’s also a space
for just hanging out. – When we’re working with existing architectural elements in a room, we always want to try to find balance. And so our way of finding
balance in the media room is we mirrored the room. So on the fireplace wall, we had built ins with a
refrigerator, kind of kitchenette. On the opposite wall
we created a platform, that kind of elevated and
then we did the bookshelf. So for us that creates balance in a space. – And then by also adding the piece of art on the face of the bookcases, it really started to add balance so on one side of the
fireplace you had a large TV and then on the opposite side, we had this really great piece of art. So when you walk in, you feel
very centered and grounded. – And I think when it comes
to family spaces these days, the more places we have
to reconnect, the better. And that’s what they’ve done. Given us three spaces where
the family can hangout, come together and just chill. (upbeat music)

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