Mobile Auto Bodywork & Paint Job (fixing a dent with a uni-spotter)

Mobile Auto Bodywork & Paint Job (fixing a dent with a uni-spotter)


  • Chris Hall says:

    Just wanted to chime in and say that I have been painting cars since 1994 and consider myself a professional automotive refinish technician. This guy knocked it out of the park. Not only did he do a pretty bang up job pulling that dent out(way better than I could) but he was able to fight the elements and provide a very acceptable finish…without a paint booth. I admire this guy for his perseverance and his ability to stay cool while basically being interviewed during the entire process. All of his methods and knowledge were solid. Spraying technique needed some work, but he got it done. So what he didnt have the "right" tools, the important thing was he made them work. I would much rather have this guy working for me than any sheltered body shop baby. This guy is a winner and i hope he does well for himself.
    Oh and to buff and polish the rest of the car….not a body shop on this planet would do that at no charge.

    Im impressed!!


    There are a lot of dislikes and silly remarks here. But, notice the guy is taking his time and looks like he takes pride in what he is doing. Lesson for everyone especially in the U.K.

  • Reginal Drummer says:

    This Guy Is A True Gift Of Talent. He Likes What He Is Doing. He Is Not Driven By The Corporation? This Is What Makes Us GR8. I Am A Mobile Detailer & Window Tinter. Really Feeling His Attention 2 Detail.

  • majka mama says:

    lol ive would have done that for 100 euros

  • Sasha Jenkins says:

    why dont you add this mans info??

  • Circuit Monkey says:

    I know better, but here goes: I can think of a couple of really good reasons why he might not want his business plugged. I'm sure with his talent, he is well known in his area and between word of mouth advertising that follows quality work and the ability to show potential clients this video as credential, he most likely has no shortage of business. Don't screw up a good thing like Gerald's business. He's talented and has a skill and ethic that will take him anywhere he wants to go. Excellent job, Gerald.

  • james armann says:

    My back hurts watching you bent over all that time !!

  • Ross Stroude says:

    Hayrealy like what you both did I have some cars to do thanks for the show

  • Craig Savage says:

    You need to edit and add this guys info. He is amazing. Must have taken more then one day though cause he had a beard at the beginning then was shaved at the end no matter how long it took. This guy has mad skills wish he lived in Florida. I could use him.

  • EZ Aquatics says:

    When the shine starts to come through after the first coat of clear…. so satisfying…

  • mikka blackwell says:


  • City Lock a polytechnikey llc company says:

    An excellent job. I have a van that does NOT fit into any paint booths within 25 miles. And the only two places that do will have the vehicle for a week, and one is a national crappo painting franchise… The other does beautiful work, but the inconvenience of a business vehicle out of service for a week… drop off, pick up… ubering back and forth…. a hassle. I have been trying to find someone to do this sort of work. I have a front fender that got hit too hard to do a PDR…. and as Sprinters are….. rust dots all over plus two or three rust blisters BETWEEN PAINT AND PRIMER…. anyone in the Greater Denver area that does this level of work on-site…….. Please contact me 303-444-4407 Jeff

  • Vipul Kapoor says:

    In india you can get your car completely dented and painted for 250$ -350$ (depending on the car) from bumper to bumper with bodyshop like professional finish. Just saying😂

  • robinson Robinson says:


  • AdrianJayeOnline says:

    speed 1.25 your welcoms

  • John Presas says:

    How To Clean Water Spots on Aluminum Wheels

  • Ernest Butiu says:

    Sooooo many questions, dude. Let him work. “How much water?” “What grit?” “Why?” ….all this for a Matrix….?….you got a deal, but this guy lost part of his life for $250. 😂

  • Joe EJOne says:

    Get that man a cold beer ASAP!

  • J Durrant says:

    i hope you give this guy a cut if the add rev, he did a n amazing job.

  • Daniel Renauld says:

    Gerald, your amazing brother. Thank you for sharing your talent with the rest of the world. Your skills has been truly inspiring to me who is learning the art of auto body restoration. Martin, thank you for documenting this video.

  • Charl Ellis says:

    Excellent. I learned a lot from this….thanks to the both of ya…

  • Ryk Son says:

    This guy did an excellent job!!!

  • Karl McClelland, 360Spaces says:

    Can someone put Gerald's contact details in here? He's brilliant !!!!

  • Karl McClelland, 360Spaces says:

    This guy is doing a wonderful job. My stepfather (RIP) was a panel beater and bodywork specialist and there wasn't anything he didn't know about this. He's gone beyond the call of duty here and, despite putting up with your constant questions, did not once tell you to go away. Top man.

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