it's currently January 24th we have a goal I have this new condo in West Hollywood that I'm so overwhelmed by I think I'd begged her to take on the task with me to make this place a dream I feel like Michelle's style is kind of like inspired by minimal looks but it also has pops of color obviously super Instagram because yeah we're gonna cut them in the Levine we're gonna show you the whole house as it is right now the wallpaper random fringe in my kitchen family Jimmy yeah promise it to judge me these lovely ladies are all broken is line with the Overlook meanwhile introduce you to my future patio that's going to be one of my favorite places but crudely and kind of grossed out to even walk those I probably just be like an open space in the kitchen this is like an interesting the hook here I think it needs to go no I'm really this is my living room currently I do have some gravy too they still love from my last apartment but it doesn't feel empty this is very work they need to figure out some type of shelving situation this is a secondary bathroom which before I moved in here you had to redo this bathroom the problem is that it's brand new and I don't like it I don't even know this is a beautiful hole oh and lastly this is my room and this is where I spend most I'm the last one the blogging and everything I just needed to have fun there we go where I put all of my clothes that I haven't shot yet and then and then I have my bed I love my bed my bed maybe it's been on the floor for months and months even in my last apartment so I'm gonna get a bed frame I don't this is my bath it's the room that I'm like most excited about because I see so much potential I was so excited when there was like a window in there so I can have some natural light but it is probably the biggest eyesore of this whole place I have mirrors above him I also have pieces missing peek down this wall in this store and we'll play the brain just to keep this way more open I would love to put in standing up in here I'm not sure that's possible yet and the showers tiny and it's kind of ugly and gross and get Julie to download her update her phones yes so we can use the like mind-blown one because i think that's what's gonna happen it's gonna be Mike one our minds are gonna be below and you can see we have our work cut out for it so are you up for the challenge and actually born ready to toast for a beautiful new condo in my Hollywood and to see everyone watching this I are me


  • Erika Croft says:

    Hi! I'm sure it will be great! Will we get to see the 'After'?

  • Gabriel Cavalheiro says:

    Woohoo! Your videos are back 😁 I can’t wait to see the renovations, but something tells me that it’s gonna be awesome! Because your style is awesome

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