MEDINA STUDIOS APARTMENT // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

MEDINA STUDIOS APARTMENT // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper - Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and while the math to fixer-upper the show where I usually attempt to fix up your houses but today do an EI apartment because honestly here's a little secret I just needed an apartment for a let's play that I'm doing hey check out my friends LP link to the playlist down below I needed a new apartment and so i renovated one for fixer-upper usually i would do in your houses on that actually you know what i have not addressed how to build a through our house in a long time let's do that like that if you go in a gallery and you post something with the hashtag fix me a little sims ii it's on the screen i will take your house maybe there let's be honest though there are a lot of houses to choose from you can scroll literally forever but this is where i get them so hashtag fix me little sims ii don't take your house but I have not addressed how to do that in a long time so in case you didn't know that's how and then I choose them and it's a good time anyway let's do our tour because this place I think might be one of my top three apartments in the whole game I just like the windows a lot like the view is so nice although it is haunted you'll see it has the quiet lot rated stuff but it comes with a haunted lot rate and I hate haunted things in the Sims I hate ghosts in the Sims so much I don't know why it's irrational but I just hate them I hate all things supernatural and so I'm a little bit irritated by this that's okay we got an apartment to fix anyway when you first walk in you see a tip-up parfait no you see this door which actually is not too bad I'm kind of a fan I like this hallway I feel like it's one of the better hallways in the game when it comes to apartment and the view very nice also the doors not too bad some other ones like that one the spice district a spice market you don't have the hallway there just so dark and ugly I just need to think that and I don't know I don't care anyway when you first walk in speaking of hallways you get a long one you see how look at once okay it's not spooky they like with the red lights just in a row and like all the doors in this long hallways the first thing see I don't know seems pretty haunted to me also it's just very dark in here like the lights are really dark and the dark wallpaper the dark floors just it's dark and spooky when you first walk in you see this kitchen area which I mean okay kind of dingy very weird placement of appliances also okay this again irrational but I am so stressed out by the fact that this table is placed on two different types of flooring like the fact that half of the table is on tile and the other half is on wood makes me so nervous like you're unreasonably nervous but I hate it so much so you know we're going to fix that but there's not a shoe again the view though Wow I mean like look you had this art so you can look at also hold on there's this painting right here I'm pretty sure oh it's not I was gonna say I'm pretty sure it's right here but it's a similar painting not the same thing okay but the living room is kind of small again the whole place is really dark like we have a dark furniture dark walls just very dark but this window this corner window look at the view out of this I just I love it so much it's so pretty I don't know I'm being dumb and annoying again but it's just so nice I'm obsessed anyway the first bedroom actually no hold on bathroom this bathroom is very dark prepare yourself it's really spooky when you first walk in everything is black all black appliances I mean well there are appliances there it's a toilet here's an appliance for you know but it's plumbing all the plumbing is like the tile is black the lights hold on boom gasp oh no these lights are not all the same height I can't ah okay also this painting is unreasonably high like you can't see that like the one this is sim height okay right here this is what Sims are because you can see like I'm right ahead of the mirror you when you look you have to look up to you're going to crane your neck to see the painting that's dumb sorry eh it's just okay anyway the first bedroom is the kid's room and it's very red and kind of in-your-face I call it the tomato room that's not true words made that up morning here secret so when I was younger when I was like six probably I had this irrational fear of the color red because it reminded me of blood and so I was like terrified of red for no reason other than the whole blood thing and so six year old me would have hated this room but the candles are weird I just seen this whole place seems so weird to me like the candles and the color choices and the unusually high paintings again this is sim height all right you have to Crane your neck so much too soon the artwork I'm oh look I'm being unreasonable I know I'm sorry but I'm just saying it has artists too high on the wall okay and if you come in here this is the master bedroom much better although I'm not a fan of wall lights in the stems like these they're fancy but just seems kind of weird to me and also only one small window I can't fix that but it's an issue in my book but otherwise desk pretty nice place it's not as bad as the other bills that I usually do forever because fixer-upper usually has a lot of like things falling apart and crazy clutter but this one is just a regular old eeab AEA apartment so it's not as bad it's just you know not great dude but we're going to go ahead and jump right on in to the renovation okay so we are back and we are fixing offering this apartment that's right kids it is my favorite time of the week I can't even you know what I can't be excited right now because I just recorded this entire voiceover and the intro to fixer-upper without any audio like my mic was not plugged in and I recorded the entire thing it's like 20 minutes of recording and I was talking to nobody because I didn't record in the audio and can you tell I'm at oh my god alright it's time it's fine everything's fine I just this has only happened to me like three times in the entire span of my channel I've made like 700 videos total because I've got 500 on this channel and like 200 on my old channel so I've made a lot of videos and I've only messed up this bad like three times this being one of them and the fact that I recorded the entire thing we not even just the voice were but like the intro to and still didn't notice that's pretty dumb with me like I should have noticed so I have no excuse but also I recorded the whole thing it was a good voiceover too and it's gone so I have to start over it's fine everything's fine everything not fine okay you guys you're going to need some context for the story I have for you today because you have to go back and watch my speed build from this weekend cuz I talked about a thing called grab bash and I feel like you need to understand that for this story to be worse I mean you don't have to but it's linked down below go check it out it's like 12 minutes long you won't use fine watch that come back watch this one it's a big old fun time well that's not true it's a big old not fun time but I mean you guys I promise I would tell you some funny grad bash stories because my my speed bill is kind of ranting about how anxious I was at grad bash like it was not a good time for me and so I was like you won't believe what happened to me I almost died but this one's going to be more like oh my god you won't believe what this person was being like because it's just it's so bad like nothing about it is good because these people okay when you put thousands of teams in Universal we're talking about graduating high school seniors in Universal at night until like 2:00 in the morning unsupervised things get a little crazy for example there was this boy who was vaping in the park I walked past him and he was vaping Lee he snuck it into the park why I don't know I hate theme parks I also hate teens and boys I mean that's not true I hate the boys I'm going to talk about in this video because boy oh boy were they a fun time okay so when we got to Universal first of all I can I to say this really fast because I feel like I addressed it briefly in my speed build but this makes no sense to me I'm going to complain for a second because some people came to this event from different states like people drove here to Orlando from Georgia which is like an eight-hour drive for some of them to go to Universal for six hours why would you spend eight hours on a bus to come to a six-hour event it's not even like a did you want on a day trip you want drove eight hours for a day trip that makes no sense maybe you left in the morning okay you got to Orlando around like the afternoon time data Universal until 2 a.m. and then drove back on a bus with your classmates to Georgia for eight hours overnight look why nothing about that makes sense it's not even a good event no offense Universal it's just I don't understand and so I was doing that like I had to write 40 minutes on a bus and I was remember I was like wow 40 minutes on a bus I don't think so but we were on a school bus granted and they were on like fancy travel buses but still yikes it's not worth it so if you're ever invited to grab bash don't go it's not worth it please don't just don't don't do it you're gonna hate it I promise nothing about it is good but the people watching is a little bit better there's a vaping thing this boy oh my gosh okay I was standing in line next to this boy just get into the park okay I'm not you know what it wasn't a line it was a mass of people like a massive crowded horrible sweaty teens all pushing to get through security to get in the park was not a line it was a mass okay and she was horrible but I was next to these boys for like an hour and a half okay and this kid I can to make this up all right he started and finished every single sentence with the word bro like I thought he was kidding at first because nobody talks like that immediate like sometimes they do but this boy started and finished every single sentence this way for an hour and a half and I'm sure he doesn't were often in that too but for the hour and a half I was next to him he said the word bro so many times I just don't understand I mean bro do you really have to talk like this bro I just oh my god I even tweeted about it yesterday because I was that mad about it but oh my goodness and then he I thought he was kidding because I mean when it first started happening I was like there's no there's no this is real like that nobody talks like that but when it kept happening for an hour and a half that's when I knew okay and then when I get into the park alright here's where it gets bad right because theme parks are never good especially like for a person who lives in Orlando the novelty kind of worn off like when you come on like a Disney vacation it's exciting because you're only here for like a week but when you live here I mean I could literally go to Universal whenever I wanted to I mean it's kind of expensive but like if I wanted to skip school and go to Disney tomorrow I could because it's 40 minutes away like it's not even like 35 minutes away like I could just go whenever I wanted to and so I mean it's not as fun as if you come here like on a vacation to go it doesn't even like if the the novelties go on right and so I am NOT interested in going to seem part as some other people might be you know and so when I got there we had we were there right we're on a bus from like 5:30 until like I want to say like 7:30 maybe even later than that because we it's a 40-minute bus ride and then all we have like literally hundreds of buses coming into the park at once because all these teens are getting there for this event right because they close the park down like kept it open late for us for this like special event right I mean puts thousands of people there but still so wait was like a regular day Universal but it was dark out and it was only team so I think it was justice crowded but probably worse because it was only teens and yeah gross but you're on the bus forever it was hot it was what he was gross then we had a line where we were you know in line for an hour and a half just to get into the park and then we get in and it's already nine o'clock okay so I was on a bus and like trying to get into the park from 5:30 until 9:00 okay obviously did need dinner and they only had like two or three restaurants open because they were closing the park down just but you know so they had all the rides open but not all the Schlick stores and the food places so they had like the burger joints open like a little like kind of fast duty stuff so theme park food is already bad but when you make it like fast food E theme park food is even worse and it was a burger joint but your girl Cindy is a vegetarian and so they had veggie burgers but like picture how bad if you have any point of reference for a veggie burger picture how bad like a really cheap but expensive because Universal is expensive but it's like a cheaply made bad hamburger except made out of black beans and then was like cornet I have never had a veggie burger with corn in it but there was corn and black beans and it was squishy and it was just it was gross it was the worst thing I've ever seen like I've had my fair share of veggie burgers and past because you know me but I it was just so bad and then I'm going to complain about that son big deal like I just saved my fries and was fine but I mean I waited in line in this store for like 20 minutes to get a bad veggie burger and it was like twelve dollars and I mean oh okay anyway look Universal is not worth it being part food is so expensive if you're going to go here's a protip my family we always stop at like subway and get sandwiches or some kind of food we can because you can bring food into the part like you can bring snacks and stuff we always stop and get sandwiches outside of the park and then come later like we'll go to the park at like 10:00 because usually Subway's I don't know win subway open so you can get a sandwich in the morning and then just bring it in our bags and then we'll eat our sandwiches at the park because it's one cheaper and two so much better than like gross theme park food and there's no line like it's just because theme parks when it's like twelve dollars for one meal not counting a drink but you can get a $5 sandwich you know like it's a big difference anyway that's just pro tip but I have a my fair share of theme park pro tips for you guys want those but no when we were in line for veggie burger I mean they had also regular burgers and friends were getting really burgers I got a veggie burger when we were in line this boy different boy you know it when there's lines they have like the ropes kind of roping them off and it kind of like goes it's like kind of snakes around you to the line so it was a pretty small space but like a snaky line so there was probably it was like a 20 minute way of the food right but we were in the snakey line okay and this boy because they had the ropes off he somehow got his finger stuck in one of the little poles holding up the ropes and so he put his finger into it freaked out because it got stuck and he goes through a river of a rope broke over overrode it was frying his figure was stuck and this is like not even fifteen minutes after the first bro incident of the night and this boy is like shouting the word bro like probably at least thirty times in a span of like ten seconds I mean it was weird maybe less than that like you like less time than that he just feels like bro bro bro bro bro bro – the singer was stuck and he is finally got it out of sling not a big deal but like the initial shock of his finger being stuck he said the word bro so many times and it just it came so soon after the first thing that it was just so funny to me and I have never met maybe I'm just privileged to not live in places like this but I don't know anybody that talks like that I was so shocked at these people these boys were saying I mean who does that who actually speaks that way I don't mean look the the freak out bro was a little bit different but the first guy with his like starting and finishing of every sentence with the same word I just don't understand bro oh you're this anyway Wow alright well at least my audio record at this time you do the first letter was that are no more Ranchi now I'm just laughing about it cuz I mean you know anyway screenshots are coming soon you guys asked me to go ahead and come out here make sure to like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and in case you guys didn't know I posting videos every single day and so I will see you all hi everybody you guys oh my god Kayla from the future right now something just happened that I cannot wait to talk about on Sunday prepare yourselves for my speed building as a boy do I have some drama for you oh my goodness


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