Latest Modular kitchen design with making price

hello friends welcome to my channel i have already uploaded this kitchen but this is a more detailed video i will tell you the making cost the cost of making it has led lights installed there is a glass and inside is the led lights this is the chimney in the center there is a different tile for a classy look to highlight the stone one onxy marble piece is installed the border has tiles installed all are polished tiles 2*2 feet this is for the oven this space is for the container storage there is marble installed inside this space is given for the mixer this space is for dining table and the wall has led lights in it this wall is made in wood let me show you the difference lights off and on this is sliding there is a marble piece installed to stop the water the flooring stone name is katni marble an doesn’t hold stains you can have a look how diamond figure will look indian market price of the stone 60rs to 80 rs sft to save the costing marble is installed in it make sure the water taps are installed in the center there is extra stone installed so that the water doesn’t spill the cost of furniture is 2 lakh rupee please like and subscribe the total kitchen making cost is 3 lakh rupee

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