KLC Full Time Foundation Degree Interior Design

KLC Full Time Foundation Degree Interior Design

hi I'm Rachel and I'm the full-time foundation degree course leader the course the last two years and is structured around the UK academic year and is validated by the University of Brighton the first year's Craster's level for and will primarily focus on residential design and learning core skills the second year is classed as level 5 and it will move into commercial design and developing a far more detailed knowledge students can either enter the industry at this point will develop her skills and add on the be a one-year course to obtain a degree we're really excited as we're always keen to push ourselves to create as inspirational and an atmosphere as possible the weekdays are structured around discussion time workshops and inspirational talks we pride ourselves on the extent of what to want you to contact that you'll receive the biggest difference is that we've got time to go out and about that's why we can offer you a different experience as a student so for example I could stand here and lecture you how pipework runs through a building or how drawings should be created for a joiner and you will understand the basics but if I take you to a building site or we go visit a joiner in his workshop you'll understand how things work at a much deeper level so where else do we go you may find yourselves in a nightclub obviously in the daytime examining the depth of detail that's gone into the design or in a period building sketching we also look at how design can change lives and explore social projects that create a direct impact on how people live and work Linton's an amazing city to explore and we'll learn to appreciate how our surroundings can inspire us to create new designs for the future there is more information on the website if you're interested in applying and finding out more then please contact our admissions department and they'll arrange an interview you're welcome to bring someone with you and whilst they're not going to sit in on the interview they can accompany you on a tour of the school I'm not looking for you to demonstrate design knowledge we're here to teach you that but I am looking for students who can show passion and enthusiasm I do like a good mater about design so thank you for your time and I look forward to meeting you

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