How To: Replace Your Vehicle’s Side View Mirror Glass

How To: Replace Your Vehicle’s Side View Mirror Glass

[Mechanical SFX] Hey everybody.
Jeremy here from O’Reilly Auto Parts to show you how to replace your sideview
mirror glass. Always know the manufacturer’s specifications for your
vehicle before you get started so you know exactly what you’re getting into. If
you’re not completely comfortable doing the job yourself, we’d be happy to
recommend a professional technician in your area. If your mirror assembly as a
whole is still intact but the glass is cracked, broken, or missing, start by
finding your replacement mirror. This will help you determine whether the
backing plate behind the glass needs to come out as well. If your replacement
glass is a snap-on unit, you’ll remove the old backing plate and whatever bits of
glass are left attached to it as a whole. If the mirror is heated, you’ll need to
detach the wires involved before removing the old backing plate. If your
replacement glass is a stick-on mirror, you want to remove as much of the old
glass as possible so that you can use double sided tape or epoxy to attach the
new mirror to the backing plate. If you’re replacing a stick-on mirror,
follow the specific directions for your adhesive to attach the mirror to the
backing plate. Once the mirror is attached, make sure you’re able to adjust
it as needed. Use some painters masking tape to hold the mirror in place while
adhesive sets. If necessary, reattach any wires you detach to the new unit and
snap it into place. And that’s it. You’ll find everything you
need for this and other jobs at your local O’Reilly Auto Parts Store or Our DIY videos are designed to help answer questions that we get in our stores every day. If you found this one helpful, subscribe
to our channel to get all the latest. We’ll see you again soon.


  • Lakoal Douglas says:

    So I don't have to replace the whole thing

  • Sidney Holmes says:

    And then protect that mirror:

  • WorldRenownedCFE says:

    Why make the mess? these people are dumb, just use a heat gun to remove the old mirror

  • Choo G TV says:

    whoever this is god bless him . he’s a fineeeeee BLACK MAN . i need a link to every diy video he’s in

  • gigglecheeks123 says:

    Thanks so much Jeremy! A god send!

  • moniana781 says:

    I'm not super familiar with replacing side view mirrors but a big ass truck grazed mine when driving by and impact broke the glass when it folded. Mine aren't heated or have turn signals but they do adjust with a switch and only the glass broke and this video was trying to explain two different mirror types and how to replace at the same time. I'm not an idiot but it was too many directions at once.

  • carlitos ducoing says:

    How to on a 2013 gmc sierra please help! And if part is available at oreillys

  • Mobile Gaming with Hector says:

    What if the new mirror includes a backing plate but doesn't have the metal clips like the old backing plate? 2012 kia sportage base

  • Internet Glass Network/ says:

    Wrong. So wrong. Self DImming mirror. You show replacing the wrong Part without the arrow. Then suddenly you install an Arrow mirror that was not auto dimming from some china looking glass. Next time use heat to remove the glass, but on this truck you don't remove the glass from the frame. The correct installation would have been a fitover mirror.

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