How To Make Floating Harry Potter Candles Starry Sky! Hogwarts Great Hall!

Welcome to Pins and Things! Today, we’re going to be making floating candles from Harry Potter and if you liked this video make sure to subscribe and give it a thumbs up because I’ve got more Harry Potter videos coming your Way soon, so I’ve already been doing these for a while now, and I think I’ve got the process down pretty good So you start out with a paper towel roll, I didn’t have a paper towel roll So I actually used a tube from wrapping paper and chopped that up into sections So now I’ve got these tubes ready to go. The first thing I want to do is actually cut some little divots Basically what I’m doing? Now is making it look like how a candle looks after it’s been burning for a long time So I think that’s good the next thing you do is you just take your hot glue and you start dripping it down the sides You can always use it on the low setting so that it doesn’t burn you. With it being on the hotter setting it drips a little bit better So you can keep that in mind. Also the really great thing about this is it does not have to be perfect because it’s supposed To look like how wax would naturally fall from the candle So usually I go over the whole candle with Longer strips being some lower than others making sure that they’re just not like perfectly even Cuz if they’re too perfectly even they’re not going to look like natural wax falling and I think it looks really good if I like take a little bit and Split it off to the side with a drip to the side Wax falls in strange ways and just try to recreate that as best you can This has been cooling for a little while. I this is the first layer I’m gonna do about four layers. The first layer goes down the furthest then I’m gonna have one that goes about 3/4 of the way half the way, and then one at the very top and the reason why I do This is so that it looks like it’s been burned multiple times So the last layer that I want to do of the glue is going to be over the very Top edge and this also helps to clean up edges that are on top that are a little bit raggedy from being cut So it smoothes it out with the glue. Before we paint it We will need to try and get all the little string ease off of it the less strings you have Showing underneath the paint the more realistic the glue will look. The next step is to set the bottom round part of the tube onto Some cardboard and trace the circle of the bottom of it as close to the size of the bottom that you can get now I’m gonna cut that out and that’s gonna be the bottom to finish off our tube But make it look more like a candle instead of just a tube. Painting it is exciting because all of a sudden when you put the paint on it doesn’t look like a tube and hot glue anymore It starts to look like a real candle now. It’s just time to paint the whole thing Okay, so something super important make sure that your candles fit in the tubes before You paint them and get them ready, otherwise you’re gonna be in trouble So this one fits in there, but only if there’s no glue drips on the inside, so I’m just gonna clean up the inside Get the glue drips off because we made it uneven and not perfectly even like this We’re actually Going to have to paint the inside about an inch down just so that if anything does show it’s white And it’s not brown revealing that we made it from a toilet paper paper towel roll So now that our candles are done, finally! This is the ceiling we’re going to be putting our candles on, so what I have to do is actually Darken the ceiling and make it look like a night sky So I have two Table cloths that are just really thin plastic I set it on the floor because that’s like the distance that I need up here And now I’m going to tape them together and I’m gonna paint them like the night sky I’ve dabbed at the tablecloth with some shiny metallic blue and then on top of that I put a little bit of grey with a sponge and then a little bit of red with a sponge because I really want it To look kind of like a galaxy. I’m very Magically mystical. The next thing I’m doing is splatter painting in my kitchen So that’s how I’m making the Stars I want to put more of the stars on top of the blue parts that I’ve already done Just because it looks more galaxy-esque I think that’s how this the sky looks mostly like you can see clusters of stars more than just like evenly spaced stars So that’s what I’m trying to do. I’m starting with my gold splattering I’m rotating between the different colors of gold white red and blue. So I mixed a little bit of acrylic paint with Water, so it’s super thin and easy to splutter. It’s not thick at all and it will drive really quickly We finally got all of these candles finished. They’re dry They look beautiful Got all of the hot glue on them in the exact way that we wanted it to make it look like it was melting and now We’ve got our candles ready to go. I am going to take something you can use a nail or a thick needle I’m just gonna poke a hole through the cardboard. What I need to think about are a couple of things how far down does this little groove Go to make it look like the candle is down here because the string Underneath the candle here will be holding it up so that it doesn’t fall down to the bottom of the candle So I’m gonna poke it about right here And I’m trying to also poke in between the glue because it’s hard to Get the needle through the hot glue. I’m using pliers to push it the rest of the way. And then to pull it through So now I have a hole big enough that I can stick my fishing line through and let’s face it guys It actually is magic and it actually is invisible But this is just something we have to do for no reason at all. Cutting it about the length that I want it to hang from the ceiling I have a really short ceiling so it’s not gonna be hanging very far and tying a knot So now our starry sky is all dry so let’s be fly and hang it up high I’m a rapper and – Is that rapping? I’m almost finished. I’m just trimming up the edges really quick and cleaning it up and then we’re finished with that least this part, and then it’s time to hang our candles, finally! So a problem that I found is Happening quite often is that sometimes the tube is too big for the candle so when you put it in. This is what happens? it leans to one side or the other or can even fall in what we’ve Discovered is the best way to help with that is actually to just take a piece of tape make a little holder for? The candle by stringing the tape from one side to the other Like that and then when you put the candle in it holds it perfectly. I’m so excited We’ve been hanging them up for a while now as you can tell How I’m hanging them up is I’m just taking the string and finding the knot and sticking the tack Right there like that to hold it up as I’ve been going I’ve been going okay I think it needs to have a longer one here a shorter one here You know just to make it look more like the movie, and I think it needs to have a short one like right here Double double toil and trouble So I hope you guys loved this tutorial this turned out so cool I’m I am literally going to leave it up at least until Christmas cuz I love it that much. It’s really cool Thank you guys so much for watching make sure to subscribe. Also. You can follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I have more Harry Potter videos coming soon, and I have a ton of other ones that you can check out over Here and also you can follow me every day on The Beach House. Alright. We will see you guys next time This is so cool that it’s in my own house There is like an echo. Do you here that? I actually really like it!

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