How to Assemble Patio Furniture

How to Assemble  Patio Furniture

how to assemble Mainstays Patio Furniture how to put together Mainstays patio table and chairs mainstays patio sets Walmart Amazon hi it’s Alaskagranny I ordered a Mainstays patio set of table and 2 chairs from walmart or Amazon and it’s called Mainstays it has a table and two chairs and it comes delivered right to your house free delivery if you order over fifty dollars from Walmart I’m going to show you how to assemble the chairs and the table by Mainstays the patio set comes wrapped up nicely here are the parts to the table and here the parts of the 2 chairs they include directions and the parts to put them together there’s also an included little wrench so that you can assemble it with the correct size all you need to add is a Phillips head screwdriver here are the parts for the table and here are the parts of the chairs place your tabletop on a non abrasive surface such as a carpet because you don’t want to scratch the tabletop then you’re going to insert the legs into the plastic holders that are attached to the tabletop you can clearly see which is the bottom and which is the top and you want the bracket to face to the inside there are small screw holes between the plastic holder and the leg that’s where you take this little screws labeled number four and you screw them in lift up a little bit while you’re screwing it into make sure that the leg is in there securely repeat on all four legs now you’re going to fasten the center connector in the middle of the table legs using the bolts and there are little brackets on each leg insert the square center contector into the bracket stick in the bolts and use the included wrench to tighten them once you get all the bolts tight turn your table over and it’s ready to enjoy now it’s time to work on the chairs the chairs already have the back legs attached you simply need to attach the front legs now if you look at the arms they’re wrapped in green and white because there’s a left arm and a right arm so make sure you get one of each for each chair there’s a plastic bracket on either side of the chair make sure you remove that and dispose of it properly open up the chair and then you want to pull out the bar on the front all the way so that when you go to screw it together it fits properly there are little white tabs covering where the screw goes make sure you take those off and throw them away now at the back of the seat and the back assembly you want to fasten the seat and the back using bolts number 4 and use the smaller of the two wrenches but keep the bolts loose you can continue to adjust it while you’re working on it you can see the holes they are on the inside on the back at the seat bottom now take either the right or the left leg so the holes are facing towards your chair then you want to fasten the legs to the cross brace now turn it over and do the other leg now right behind where you just screwed there’s going to be two more holes where you put additional bolts the next two screws are 5 that use the larger tool and this is where you’re going to finish attaching the leg to the bottom of the seat now turn your chair over and at the back of the chair you’re going to use the longest bolts to attach the back to the arms using the smaller tool now go back and tighten each of the screws and make sure that everything is adjusted and balanced the way that you want then repeat the steps on the second chair when you’re done tightening all of the bolts turn your chairs over and you’re Mainstays patio set is ready to use in no time at all you’ll have your two Mainstays chairs and your table assembled they’ll fit nicely on your patio on a small balcony or anywhere outdoors to bring you enjoyment how to assemble Mainstays patio table and chairs set learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel


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