hey guys welcome back to my channel so today I am sure you have been waiting all week for another house update this is supposed to be week five of the updates because the only five weeks down until move-in at least that is what I'm hoping because now I'm here to share with you I'm not sure if you can tell but we're not in the new house we're still in my current house because we have dealt with a setback so originally I was thinking am I gonna film a house update am I not because there really is nothing to show you guys but I figured this would be the perfect opportunity to share with you guys that things aren't always easy things don't always go as planned you don't stay in budget when you think you're gonna stay in budget so that's kind of what happened this week we were scheduled to move like I said in five weeks I'm not sure if we're on track with that now we may be pushed back a week which may be a problem because not only are we renovating the whole house we are packing this house we both have work and we have to rent this apartment so I've been like a madwoman posting it everywhere taking pictures and everything like that so it's been quite a stressful time sorry guys I'm sure you see my little Elsa back there and the reflection of the mirror that just me like because I'm home and I'm just gonna be filming this update with her here yes honey you want to show them your lipstick okay Mila wants to show you her lipstick I was just doing my makeup so of course she wanted to put some makeup on too and she's obsessed with Elsa hence why she's wearing Elsa just let me see if I can prop my camera over here just because this is gonna be a like chatty type of update for you guys cuz I'm gonna explain to you everything that happened this week and why things didn't go the way they were supposed to so a little bit of story time alright so today is currently Saturday I'm filming this update normally you guys know I put my updates up on Fridays but with everything going on like I said I wasn't even sure if I was gonna be posting anything since there was nothing really to show you guys today was supposed to be the day that our kitchen cabinets were getting delivered that had to now be pushed back into next week and what I was supposed to be showing you guys was our house was supposed to have all of our flooring put in that didn't happen we are still with the same floors that we had totally destroyed some plywood some hardwood a mix of everything and that is because if you don't know we call our house kind of like the DIY house because we're doing everything ourselves literally from start to finish Micah's gutted all the electrical all the plumbing tore down walls built new walls everything he has done himself so when you rely on yourself there's good and bad one you have to just kind of learn things cuz by day mike is a financial analyst Monday through Friday 9:00 to 5:00 that's what he does and then weekends during the morning during the evening every other hour that he is not doing that he's working on our new house so he loves construction this honestly would be his dream job to be fixing up houses and flipping them I would love to join that because you guys know I love design layouts decorating of course so for us it's been a stressful process but also something that we're getting to learn throughout the way we're really enjoying it possibly being able to do something like this for ourselves in the future but when you rely on yourself it's easier fleece say at nine o'clock at night we want to go to the house and paint sorry I'm just checking on me let's make sure she's not going into my vanity and stealing makeup okay honey you're not gonna touch my makeup right oh you're being okay okay okay just a little bit okay okay yeah okay thank you she's makeup obsessed it's a problem um so yeah so if we stay at nine o'clock at night we're gonna go to the house and we want to paint or do something we honestly can do that because it's relying on us the only thing that we decided to hire someone for in this house was for the flooring I felt like one it would just take Mike probably like two weeks to do it worse these guys said they're gonna do it in two days and secondly Mike needs a break like he's been working non-stop on the house and I feel like it's just time to give him a little bit of stress relief before we go into these final weeks trek through it finish it and push through to be able to be ready for the move so we hire these guys I want to say a good let's see yeah good like two months ago and five months ago we had ordered our flooring I'm sure you guys have seen in previous house update vlogs it was vinyl flooring that has like the look of real wood it was the perfect color like a brownish gray which is what I'm looking for we were really happy we thought we found what we needed we got it at a really great price and then two months ago when we hired these guys to do our floors we had them of course check out the space so they could give us a quote as well as check the flooring that we purchased to make sure that they thought with their expert opinion that it would be good they said yes absolutely it's great flooring good quality you guys are good to go just set the date when they're gone just set the date when we're going to be installing and we should be good so that's exactly what we did come Tuesday Mike took off of work and he wanted to be there because of course he wants to make sure everything goes in goes perfectly so he took the days off work so he can be able to supervise and make sure everything goes as planned he calls me literally 30 minutes before he got to the house telling me that he's going to be picking me up because we're no longer going to use the floor that it's not gonna work they said it's not great flooring it's gonna be for us it's great for rentals but not for us that we're gonna be living in the house we have a pool so water laminate it's gonna start lifting up in a couple of years we're gonna have to tear it out and essentially you'll be like spending double the money because you'll have to rip it out in the end so we then spent the last four days yeah Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday four days looking at different types of flooring trying to get the best pricing because I'm sure you know when you're renovating old house you really have to try and stick to budget as best as you possibly can and we just wanted something that we could afford but we also want things that are gonna look beautiful that's going to go with the whole aesthetic that we're going for for the home so we had finally narrowed it down to two vinyl flooring and hardwood flooring I really wanted a hardwood because I feel like that's just going to increase the value of the home but everyone everywhere we went they were kind of suggesting if you have kids if you're gonna have pets you have pool pool vinyl is just super super durable so then we were contemplating that and vinyl also is a little bit cheaper so just to give you guys a rough estimate the laminate flooring that we had was about like 180 a square foot the vinyl flooring was about 250 to $3 a square foot and then hardwood flooring there's finished unfinished you could go up to like 550 a square foot depending on what you're going for so we were definitely looking at a huge price jump going from laminate flooring that we thought we already had budgeted he told us that flooring was good we thought we were done with that and now we're going like surprised you have to spend three to four times what you were expecting and then not only that installing hardwood flooring they charge more for that labor because has to be sanded nailed in stains and you know all of that so that throws for a big loop we were so shut out this week that's why my uploads were like a little bit off on scheduling and just so you guys know from here into the moon I'm going to try my best to have three videos up a week there will be weeks that they're just gonna be – just cuz it's a really crazy time for us and we have so much going on like I said moving packing renovating renting this apartment it's just a lot a lot to handle right now and I don't want to get overwhelming stress and neglect one thing versus another I'm going to try as best I can to balance it all and stay relaxed as much as we can as we're just down the long stretch and almost ready for the big move so we finally decided that we are going to go with hardwood flooring we know that we're people that kind of really take care of our things we don't allow any shoes in the house we're the ones that put like the rubbers on all of our furniture all of our chairs so it won't scratch any of the flooring till this point Miele is almost gonna be three years old we haven't had any issues with her like you know messing things up yes Miele is a good girl right yeah Miele your big yeah so yeah so we felt like just with the lifestyle and the way we live and the way we keep our home and for resale value we feel like we'll be able to get a lot more money for our house in the future doing hardwood so that's what we're gonna do so this entire week we are having the floors delivered on Monday hardwood has to sit out for about two days so they're gonna be installing it on Wednesday Mike and I are gonna go over there make sure everything goes right I'm going to film now next week's update I'm going to include a little bit of days throughout because I think that will be fun for you guys to see so the floor is getting put in and the hardest part which I'm a little bit stressed out about is picking a stain the laminate was already Collard we knew what we wanted we knew I was coming out but now I have to kind of see what color is gonna work best I'm thinking of mixing two different scenes so I'll be showing you guys those options and ultimately what we decide and then of course next week will be the huge transformation because of the floors of will be put in and I'll get to show you what the upstairs and the downstairs looks like with brand-new hardwood flooring so I'm excited for that and now our cabinets like I said are delayed by one week so an ex aturday they're going to be in so Friday's update I'm going to be showing you guys basically the transformation of the old floors transforming to the new ones and how the whole house looks like at this point today mike is actually at the house so he's doing some painting so I'll be able to show you the master bedroom that'll be painted a new color as well so a couple of things next week I promise you guys there will be things to show you and it'll be a true house update giving you the tour once again to show you what things are looking like for today it was just basically to give you guys some insight sharing some of the struggles that you go with renovating a home showing you that it's not always easy things don't always go as planned and as you want and the scariest part honestly is trying to stick to your budget we are so so tight right now and this just really threw us for a loop me and Mike we're going crazy a lot of you're like you Mike are so great you renovate house with such ease and not stressful I'm not happy so believe me this week we were getting at each other because I knew what I wanted but then I knew we had to stick to certain budget he was getting so confused between vinyl and laminate and it was just a really stressful experience I'm really upset with the flooring guy but I'm just gonna try and let it go like why couldn't he tell me back two months ago when I told him is this floor good is this gonna work because that me and Mike could have had two months to kind of look at things and see what we wanted what we did in but that's okay you know people make mistakes I'm just gonna let it go and I'm not gonna do while I'm getting so upset about it so that's where I have been this week that has been the update on what is going on with the house and why zero progress has happened this week I you guys enjoyed thumbs up this video if you did subscribe to my channel so you could stay tuned and don't miss out on next week hey wow Amelia wants to do an outro – okay aisle 8 what do you want to say let me last me every day mommy a new house Gaga no more meaning the floor she calls I'm caca because they have paint on them they're ruined by wood but next week we're gonna have new floor see you next time bye you


  • TheGlamorousQueen says:

    I love it Mila and makeup 😍🥰 she’s adorable. Girl this is so stressful I bet and your hubby must be exhausted but this will all be worth it 🙌🏽 and don’t stress the video uploads you’ll end up burning yourself out and you need that energy for the big move. Hard wood floor will be gorgeous 😍 can’t wait to see it all 🤗

  • Renata Valentina Iasmim says:


  • Julie R 11 says:

    Oh hun, I know about these setbacks. Know that everything will be worth it in the end❣️ sending you many hugs🥰

  • diana reyes says:

    I'm so sorry about the set back , my husband has been remodeling our home for a while now because he does have a full time job as a subcontractor. There are setbacks that you don't expect , but once your back on track everything will be worth the wait. Mila is so adorable. Blessings to you both.

  • Diana Kim says:

    Hi Karissa sorry to hear that you guys are having a set back but you guys are doing amazing & putting in hard work on your house. I’m sure everything will work out and turn out the way you’ll want it to look. 😊 can’t wait for more updates on the house. Mila is too cute putting on lipstick in the background. Can I ask where you get all her princess dress up dresses from???

  • Ariana Castaneda says:

    Keep positive girl you guys got this 👍🏻

  • Mari says:

    Stay positive don’t worry I’m sure it’s going to be a beautiful flooring.

  • Barbara White says:

    Hi Karissa – We know from experience ourselves that when renovating a home there will be problems; however, I had hoped your remodel would go smoothly for ya'll. When it's done it will be worth it and be amazing!! Mila is so so precious too, you are so blessed! TFS and I wish you only good things from here on out with your new home. tc

  • murphy1384 says:

    I hope these flooring guys are better at installing than they are at estimating & telling you that the other flooring was fine. I think I would be questioning them more on that. I gwt very upset abt those kind of mistakes.
    Redoing a home is not easy when you have literally to pick every single thing. It's a lot easier to buy a new hoyse already finished. But you can't make it your own.
    Good luck & prayers as you go forward.

  • Cynthia King says:

    Awwe You guys got this! Sorry you guys had that set back but there’s definitely always a reason why and maybe you were just meant to have wood floors. 😉Omggg im soooo excited to see how they look. And sending you good vibes on the packing, now that can be stressful huh lol blessings

  • Susan B says:

    Can’t believe the floor guys didn’t know from the get go that the laminate floor wouldn’t work ugh. What a shame. But you guys have a good attitude; keep the faith.. it’ll all be done and worth it in the long run. Love Mila peeking in and putting her “lipstick” on and getting so excited about the new house. She’s so cute 🙂

  • lyne chretien says:

    Love your videos!! Beautiful family

  • Maria Cortes says:


  • Kells says:

    Hi Karissa , why do you have to rent out the appointment? Is it your appointment?

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