Home Renovation Has Started! | WahlieTV EP522

Home Renovation Has Started! | WahlieTV EP522

mm-hmm it feels really nice okay come on new ones you guys haven't seen my room from this angle huh or actually maybe you have but in this super wide lens you can just see the view of my bedroom so take a look let us sink in because in two months I will beat out of you I am so ready I am so ready to get out of here every single time I come back to this apartment although I love my space I'm just so ready like every morning I wake up I'm like I wish I could just go outside into the backyard let's just open up a door and be like hello fresh air but here when I open up my window it's like Hello dust hello smog hello smell of dog pee so here's my bedroom area you guys see this background in my videos quite often I would say it's really plain so originally when I moved in here a year ago I had plans of like putting up shelves on the side and stuff like that but that just never really happened so yeah this area stayed pretty plain which now I'm actually glad because that means when I move out it would be less of a thing to take down and I don't have to worry about paying the fee of like you know drilling holes in the wall but anyways yes don't mind the mess that is my outfit that I'm gonna wear today speaking of outfit I do have a haul I want to share with you guys so I'm just gonna show you guys right now the haul I have for you guys today is sponsored by thread up so I just want to say thank you guys for partnering with us on this video so here it is let me show you guys what the packaging looks like I'm just gonna cover this because they wrote my unit number on here but here's the packaging I love the polka dots super super cute so again the pretty polka dot packaging in case you guys don't know what thredUP is it is a online consignment and thrift store so it's kind of like going into a thrift store except it's online so you can see photos and it's just a lot easier for me that way I'm just a online shopper when I'm gonna store especially in a thrift store I get really overwhelmed because there's just so many thing as the sizes are all like mixed up and stuff so this is really fun for me because you are getting secondhand clothing which is great for the environment you're not buying more creating more waste and also I just like the idea of giving clothes a new life so the first item that I've got I'm super excited about this one because it is made well yes girl you can find really really nice name brands at thredUP which is what I really love about this site so when you go and thread ups website you can actually filter your search to make it a lot easier so I just go in and I put in my shirt size my pant size my dress size and also you can even filter by color or brands and things like that you can also see the condition on the page it will tell you that if this clothing item is in like perfect condition good condition or whatsoever um so here is my first item and I also picked up another pair of Lululemon's yes girl so here it is I have a pair of workout shorts from Lulu Lemon here's the next item that I got what is this one this one's open for oh my gosh so open for I've been really into lately too another super cute thing they have their own little tags and this one said renewed with in San Francisco so cute um so here is a nice cardigan I will try some of these items on just a second to show you guys how it looks so another pair of workout shorts these are Nike and like how these look I feel like it has like a vintage look to it right oh my goodness this one I'm really flying about this is mink pink yes a girl I was finding all the deals if you ever go to Nordstrom behalf of mink pinky bear and everything is like so expensive and I remember I bought this one for a really good deal I'll put the pricing on the screen oh yes so I got another pair of jeans or not another pair of jeans but another thing from Madewell and here it is a pair of black denims this is a skinny ankle fit yes girl here's another pair of Lululemon leggings hello okay so I would try some of these things on to show you guys because I know it's just a lot easier when you see someone actually wear the clothes so I'm gonna let's see which one should I try I'm gonna try on the romper first so let's do the romper first alright so here is the romper what do you guys think it is so cute first one I held it up I thought it was gonna be really long but it actually fits just right at my ankle if I wore heels it would be perfect I love how this romper looks it's like this and you also have like a tie here on the waist next up I have the Madewell jeans I'm so glad they fit perfectly I was a little worried that they weren't gonna fit but it fits perfectly oh alright next up I have this skirt but as you guys can see it's a little big on me so I'm gonna have to return in this one right up has free shipping on qualified orders and easy returns so in this case since this one doesn't fit me too well I can just easily return it maybe it sits here at the hip but I prefer skirts up here so I may go and get it altered we'll see what happens alright lastly I wanted to show you the Lululemon legging they fit perfectly and then the oken for cardigan I have some pockets right over here very soft and comfy I hope you guys enjoyed this little try on pull thread I've wanted to offer you guys my sistas 40% off your first order so I'll put the link down below you can save up to $50 so make sure you guys check it out the link will be down below we have to head out soon we have to let the contractors in the house because they're starting demo today good morning well to hear that a demo day so the contractors are here its first day of demo demo is gonna take three days he said so yeah they're tearing the house apart now I'm gonna check back in later so I can show you guys like the progress and stuff like that but I'm also just kind of doing more of like a documenting process on my own channel so you'll see more on my channel but today in the vlog we're hanging out with some family so I thought I'd bring you guys along but yeah I'm really excited for demo day I honestly wish that I could be a part of it a little more like what if I could just go and throw a hammer at the wall you know but I don't know maybe I'll hurt myself so let's not sue laughs but yeah I'll show you guys how it looks in a bit so this plant came with the house and what is it called baby it is mon cydia that is your delicious monster cheese point yeah so this house came with I mean this house came with the house this plan came with the house and was planning to save him or her what is your gender yeah but we have the the asia chips mach sable it's fun Jamie I don't know how to read it but Mexican tomato chicken flavor why and then look at this packaging right here so this is the original but it looks like this oh my god I want to get it just to see if it tastes different Wow oh they even have Texas grilled barbecue flavor and what is this sign this one is mm and spicy hot hot flavor Wow sorry don't know what happens with the cameras but um look right here 1899 so usually we just get ones like this I don't really enjoy the taste of moon cakes anyway it's really just for the sake of the holiday and eating it with family it's just tradition but I do want to try this one out just because the packaging is so pretty and it's from Hong Kong but for the same price amazing awesome Pirlo John Green Team hmm you know what I call you I call you the pl o– Chan the vitamin like you know yeah that was pretty I just don't like pop oh that's s come with tea this one doesn't come with tea I don't think this one is on less sweet though right less sugar healthier but this packaging is so pretty let me just show you guys let's see if it tastes the same I just you done sold my feeling different it tastes less what I call let's bleaching I don't know what I eat American lays the regular ones it has like this exotic flavor bleach yeah why was that bad he's always said that he feels like lace has a bleach taste I see what you're saying you never know but if you compare these with the regular American lace yeah these taste more like potato yeah come on suck up a little sweet right know back when we leave here just like they had like the best deals like the sanju the sandwiches were like bites again the third and the drinks by one here at Monday and check Cali California for my vegetarian sisters don't be here because they have a vegetarian sandwich that is yeah W Terry in the meat loaf or something right it's so Bob I'm always gonna get my yeah thing I'll just get a sandwich yeah I need to help the best what is our free family I guess it could be the vegetarian and then what he was one forgot what I was good I always were good I think is barb I've got to know number one to – melty lipoma I've always wanted to try these guys but I don't know I don't know I always want to but I always do eggs funny story you guys back then we used to think that buy one get one free what's just like a promotional I mean like a season of promotion but turns out what's a lifetime we've got our food at homee we've got our food I don't know why this look I love showing food this way like just having it in the bag yeah this is like the signature I got my food I ain't gotta wait for my food oh that's me my sweat while we are raping about this place I think y'all should know that some days it's not that good so and you think it also really depends on what times a day you come but there's been a few times when we go off the drinks and it's like the milk teas like old tasting and sometimes the Bobo's old house it today well we came early so good not come when they're about to close I guess or not come two hours before they close because they're not gonna make a fresh batch of no tea you know I have a really itchy spot on my cheek and when you have foundation on the ladies you know the struggle you could just poke it you can't scratch it when I just cracked up at this conversation we have so okay get any other couple relate okay this might be a little TMI I'm just gonna go in on it okay so why is it that in the beginning stages of your relationship hickeys actually feel good when someone's giving you a hickey but now I feel like for the past like four years we have oh no five No yeah probably for the past five years we haven't given each other Hickey or even try to get in that area because it's so ticklish now back that needs to be like oh there's no thanks I don't know every time your partner gets closer like it tickles so violent wire and hickeys sexy anymore is it because you're not saying anymore so this is what it looks like this is the vegetarian ham and it's pretty basic the inside there's just carrots and jalapeno honey opinion I usually take them out because it's too spicy for me even the seeds oh my goodness sometimes I accidentally eat one of the seeds then it's so spicy I can't handle it at all it's so plain but so good what what you say who said something so I recently went to nature Republic and picked up this lotion and I just have to talk about it to you guys because it's the best lotion I've ever used first of all the packaging is super cute like look at it it looks like a little aloe plant he is so cute I forgot how much it was but it was pretty inexpensive I think it might have been like $3 or something close to that I really like it because most lotions for me I feel like it just makes my hand feel greasy and especially if you're someone that I don't know maybe you have to write a lot at school I remember one thing I hated about putting on lotion back then in class was because after I put on lotion I couldn't hold my pencil right because the lotion was really oily or sticky or whatever and I just never wanted to use lotion in class because I felt like I just couldn't write correctly after I use the sticky lotion so for my sisters who are in school or maybe your job requires that you always write or touch things hold things this lotion you will absolutely love because it just I don't know what it is it just dries so softly and it's not Whaley your skin really drinks it up oh my god and it smells so good I feel like this is the lotion of life I will never use another lotion again unless nature Republic comes out with a different scent at one but this is so gone so if you guys are looking for a good lotion this is the one I had no idea but apparently you Adam some up until like Karen create Simpson to me is the shipwreck fost thing that I thought it around or maybe the twelve but um yes stop dim sum by three so we just sat down here at Atlantic seafood restaurant inside Atlantic Time Square in modern America then some here and I'll employ a column so here we have a suit sample that's like Snow Mountain fun let me ride the spot I know my mom would very low chance ordered some more food we think there the kitchen is fully shutting down now so loose we're getting the last of everything so this is a shrimp dumpling oh that's so sad no it sucks when they break good it looks really hot and fresh sandwich earlier I think a food coma bad yeah we do dim sum gives you the worst food coma I don't know it's because you're drinking TV so you're like there's a cafe just like the caffeine gets me going but then I'm also just like tired of all people we need mommy mom what's that are you not trying to let the stank out I mean it's already out here they can't go back hey pretty girls don't stink then why do pretty girls put things to stop this behavior let me leave having a throwback a moment in the car do you guys remember f4 much honey sisters do you guys remember them this was my favorite he's Vic and this was my sister's favorite Jerry who was your favorite babe you didn't my favorite don't lie you want it to be them come on every guy wanted to be them so what makes you think that I wanted to be a woman because you had that hair really really oh I love them so much I had their poster all over my mom I actually even had a photo of me like wow you guys work so fast looking hard for you my goodness thank you everything's outside Wow thank you thank you you can tell cool sure so they took out the cabinets the kitchen cabinets and some were able to keep so I might try to sell them some are pretty beat so then we're gonna let those go but we have the washer and dryer I'm hopefully gonna try to sell wow you guys must be tired nice nice the stove and the fridge yeah perfect thank you nice okay dishwasher dishwasher yeah yeah oh yeah Wow what else are you guys taking down today besides the cabinets and things okay oh you guys are doing the tile now the floors right okay whoa thank you so much thank you so much so we're showing lost family to house and I'm showing her this red date tree we have and it just confirmed done hi um Dona moça baba Johnson we think I'm a jerk I'm cold and girly you're on set that the whole show is ready so we should pick them and sundry them to eat or like to make tea she said we're talking about what to do about all the fruit tree little van we're [Laughter] like mm-hmm yeah I know it's gonna be a project yeah so this is our little tangerine tree so cute so so cute but it's just an awkward spot that's why we're like I don't know if we should just get rid of it it's just right smack in the middle of that the backyard yeah if it was only just like maybe a foot over it'd be better but I'm scared of replanting it come on family oh no pain Monica oh wow so we're here at seven leaves once again my first time in because we think havoc I gonna get another drink can I get your stamp you may should I get my own stick yeah oh use mine so it's actually my first time in here because we usually go through the drive-thru and yep over shop like drive it's not just but they have yeah we pretty much been coming out here all the way from downtown every day because I was hanging out here with Sandra and then they're actually heading out now go home it's really cute and love the decor they're very cute and this couch very very comfortable nice little hangout and they're like tables back there so we met two of our systems and you have a shout out thank you miss you it's like backlit so you guys are super dark let's try this way it's empty so what's supposed to be here is Gardein which is my favorite vegan meat they're so good and they're always out Wow Wow can you let a girl get her veggie meat though so I guess we're just gonna have to compromise and get Morningstar which I absolutely love as well but for the veggie grounds the Guardian one is better just slightly better so on I have a new obsession and that is frosted flakes frosted flakes with its a specific almond milk tastes Olga together I've had it with different almond milks before but it's not as good as though a tie today she was trying to tell me Frost your fleet was it good but after she tried it she liked it yeah I have to give him that I did I doubted him I was like it can't be good but it's all good the last one it's the last one okay you have to get the Caliph iya vanilla almond milk it's so so good and so what was that please don't want to go here should we try the coconut it toasted coconut and then this one is just coconut milk with coconut water no toasted coconut okay so yeah you guys please try this combo it's so good frosted flakes with calathea vanilla almond no okay just picked up a case of water we hardly ever drink bottled with bottled water but we wanted to keep some at the house so that whenever we just go to the new house while it's under construction without water to drink and stuff and also the construction guys they're working so hard they're like busting their ass and we just wanted to make sure that water at the house – okay so what's the next thing that we need we usually need more than we need every time I come here do you guys want some pre-poo why is it called the pre-poo pre-shampoo but i mean that's bad name choice I don't like it something tells me I need this at the new house it really goes with the house but obviously I can't get it now because the house is not ready but let's remember this can you guys please remind me two months from now Whaley you need the tufted bench from tar Shay really pretty and just it has that theme that I want I really want everything to be very a senior secondary zai was very dangerous for me because I loved everything and I just want everything oh hello hello I was saying that I really like this bench don't you think it will be really cute in the house yes um like the entry area so that we can put on our shoes my coach oh yeah kind of yeah yeah maybe not the color though oh I love color once all our furniture goes in I heard that my bosses oh wait okay I thought that was a first okay we'll see I really like this vibe though this might young you a vine is survive vibration so your so your question guy so I've been eyeing the Casper pillow and it's pretty expensive it's like 85 Danis which I mean I don't mind paying for a pillow if it's nice so let me know if you guys have it and how is it because I need a new pillow my pillow is really old and it's terrible it hurts my neck so in the market for a new pillow so let me know if you guys like it and let me know of any other youtubers out there have like a coupon code because I know Casper works with my youtubers so there's a coupon code let me know and we so emotional with the song every sip of this is so good hey I bought a large so I can drink more not so that you can drink some of it stop being selfish what's yours is mine with mine of mine okay when we're dated you sign the contract inside the whole contract let me see you let me see the papers exactly see the cops are getting you for frauding me you're a fraud she's afraid she's a little girl come here little cloche give me your girls my mind come on my little mama and your my later money my later money have a good girl such a good girl you guys showed her name so many tricks well money's really good at tricks huh are you she's so good at tricks mani sit sit yeah sometimes he's just met her miss and today it's a Miss money sit sit oh my god your face Navi so cute you're so cute Navi high five high five good girl good girl I see money that's how I was done bitch I was done okay money um my man oh she's dead currently 928 we just had dinner or actually we had dinner maybe two hours ago yeah about two hours ago made spaghetti is this still spaghetti when it's a different type of noodle I don't know but it's pasta I am doing a face mask I shouldn't breaking out lately I don't know what it is actually I do know it is period week that is why um some doing face mask was already knocked out knocked out we just started line walker to which is a it's a TV drama just watch the first episode I don't know how I feel about it I think it has to grow on me um if any of you guys are watching it let me know what you guys think but no spoilers please I I'm gonna call it a night he called it a night already Whaley ended the vlog already but I just woke up at 137 why didn't just wake up this girl woke me up because you were playing you're watching our videos and then there was like really really loud like really really loud like out of all the places you could have been watching it you had to watch it mixes mixing me on bed when I was us when I was so knocked bell you were being my it was so little old videos of PV and I gots to be PC somewhere up there she has a big-ass box that's the baby but yeah she just woke up and just ate a bowl of pasta mini mini but tell me why while the biggest one isn't the smallest box I know ya gonna do a mask way yeah and then go to sleep why disco out I know such a baby this car is such a baby tool Oh rejected oh she like pretends to be super oh you don't have to she I know it's a tough love though it's tough love I know but we're getting there I mean she's finally starting to accept you I know me she likes her but it really is just tough love okay now we're gonna end the vlog goodnight

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