Home Renovation DIY – Part 3

Home Renovation DIY - Part 3

hello here's my young selfie let's look here wait bayano hello let's show you guys the progress let's go take a look no like I says we painted gray Cola on the door and some of the wood we are very happy with the color how it turned out the top part we just stained it looks great the garden like you can see we put some wood chips plant is just growing back again look this we have nice rose in there nice nice nice yes the wood chip looks very good job we did we have a we'll have a video coming up on it on the wood chip and we're gonna show what we done in here you can see we have more plots from this area plots from there and just left a few plants this side the same way this area here is where we put a barrier for the wind you can see it's no weeds coming up here so far it looks good looks really good we are very happy with the result and it was a lot of weed in there chickens are doing great I love my pets they looking good here we Becky here to the back of the house we have moved that a small roof that we have in there in a wrap paint like your guys can see we paint it on a grey of the wood this is the color that we're gonna keep paint with you need to go back and do some touch-up the trim is all dark gray here fresh painted we did not paint they stuck it looks good the way it is we order the windows I believe they would show up in another two weeks brush wash move went great we did the pressure wash before we paint looks very good the place looks like a new place we painted the trim of the garage like you guys can see it is some of the same compact gray all the trims and it looks great because before the paint was just peeling off we will show you the inside of the house hello hello who is there let's show the inside of the house okay here what you can see I don't know if you guys have memory so all the way around different color back to red and orange we just go through and paint all the walls the same color some new light fixtures some we just keep the original one we paint all the doors white and put new real lockers and you lock your knobs and go from there let's go upstairs I don't know if you remember the carpentry juice we wash it with a steam cleaner rate looks much better I'm not hundred percent happy with it yet we end up gonna go one more tone try to clean it better see if we can could be cleaned like you can cyst you can see some mark you guys see this vide and have some suggestion with a good product we would try it we are all thankful for suggestion to clean the carpet under cereal because we we tried some different product but was not in work hundred percent which you gotta go for another tune on the carpet we are in the living room here is the fireplace the feature was like a different tone of gray again we are very happy with the result it looks great yes the brick they worried yellow before no just paint gray and looks away bear I believe yes we can have a bit coming up on this this part very soon here you have this room with the Rope still it was we had two different colors on this room no we just go one neutral color see the difference looks great just look totally like a different place looking good the event was done on a chip away I just put all them together one can of white paint and spray them right to keep them clean and was about it like they are better than the plastic one looks new all day all the rats cover the we use one spray can probably they are the age of the house probably about 40 years old something like that he on the kitchen like you can see we've painted it smooth ceiling we put with we put new lights new knob new handle on the door break the doors we are going to have placed a stove and the holder you're gonna replace them by with I stay glasses too that way it look better which you have to do like I place one extra light finish the punch out on the thing finish the paint the counter here the country I work on it we might have placed a counter the cut they don't looks very good you can see his bedroom this bedroom we had some green blue color their door was with the coolest thing we just you know they are all on a white color the sugar I put some notes but yeah this is a my own window single pane they're gonna be he placed and justice for winds because the other ones they are all double glazed this will they're gray double glazed windows we had some some stuff for the walls known we just hit them they look looks amazing yes here we had a mirror go to this wall so we have moved the mirror and we just skim coat it with dry or compound and paint it I don't know if you guys have memorized this guy they were on standby because just demo right that way the house would looks bright was not it's not a whole lot of light on this area with the white it too just looks away different mushroom is still here the Sun we can have twice the bathtub yet it's painted but we need to replace a bathtub but Hamza right is just the color and the age the college shows the age of the the house the famous eating only tired sorry once we played the bathtub oh he plays all the time he plays the faucets counter yes the frig head plays all we just put on the same colors when her place was New York work on this washing we'd have placed very much everything here – a new new stuff some new dog see here they are not very expensive here there is no cabinets here we are on the master bedroom we have placed one light in there good and oh yeah we have we had a home here to be a home I guess was open to access the bathtub or the water for the background that is right behind this wall yes one day we can show you how to have place and fix the hole like on the dryer that was open for plumbing I believe and we will have a video on it Oh bathroom we do not in this bathroom we just what just done the paint we know too much me here I just paid to clean it up throw a new novel and the paint oh the toilet would ya all right I believe it'd be good idea to replace this is and then they are not very expensive with pay off twist to have places because this one is the old type well you can see you put on your toilet to see how big is this guy how much more it to use with the hot and cold or us called si with this to me here and this used my water and this was not original the new toilet just use a very little water beautiful color your sink and toilet together if we go with white white and white wood looks away better the counter fill if we not have placed the cabinets once we not have placed accountant but if we're gonna have place the governor to have placed a whole thing together this party he was just stained we just keep the original oh very much see doc oh my cremation on the beginning this was just very much a cleanup job like a paint and old just try to clean up and see how the place look looks really good whole place will show you you can see can compare with the previous video and you can see the difference how do you sign inside we just need to touch-ups the big stuff is done just get a little bit more time and go through a list of little things to do one more we thank you guys for the support and no time to watch the videos we are glad very glad the support that we received from you guys enjoy the video give a thumb up subscribe for it and that way we keep you update and if you guys have comments suggestion just let us know thank you very much this is by unenroll we buy an Marino thank you talk to you soon great well you sure yeah get yourself conscious I think you they don't even match know the fashion fashion


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