Home Renovation DIY – Part 2

Home Renovation DIY - Part 2

We are hoping to get it all painted by next
Friday. Yes, is this recording? We are here doing some pressure washing. yeah, a lot of noise in here yes, we are doing
the pressure washing today Probably in 2 weeks we will have it completely
painted, inside and out. it all looks good, right on schedule. How is it going boss? All right, how about yourself? Good. You've done a great job in their man, look
at that. How about this one? Yep this one is going to be the next project,
your next project. Yes the process here, this thing was loaded
with weeds, we removed the weeds and we loaded it with about 2.5 inches of wood chips that
way it prevents some weeds from growing and will save us some time in the future. Here in BC it is not very hard, if you need
wood chips you just need to get in touch with a landscaping and they will just drop it off
for you for free. We didn't ask them because we don't really
need a big load, we just need a truck load it is good enough for what we need. How is the Landscaping going? For me it looks great man looks perfect. Friday… The 13, friday the 13 today wow! A nice day man!

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