Home Office Organization

Home Office Organization

hey everybody this is Cortney from gray house studio and today I'm going to take you on a tour of our newly made of our home office so we're standing in the very front room of our house which was supposed to be a formal living room but it's had many purposes over the two years we've lived here for a while it has Brent's musical equipment and then it was our studio but now it's our home office due to us having to reshuffle some rooms to make room for a nursery having a home office be the first room guests see when they walk in your front door can seem a little crazy especially if that room doesn't have any drawers to hide your mess behind so I knew the first thing we needed to build in this room for cabinets to hide all of my office supplies one of the key ways I've found to stay organized is to make sure that everything has a place to go back to so when organizing my cabinets I made sure to have each place have a designated spot that I knew where to put it back so stay off of the counters and hidden in its proper place these cabinets work out perfectly to house everything that I don't want anyone to see I love the herringbone countertop that Brent built and I didn't want to have too much on top of it so you could still see the really nice pattern and because this is in the front of our house when people first walk in I wanted to keep it clean and just have a few simple decor items as well as storage pieces that were both practical but also looked really neat – I would say the style of our home office is a little bit rustic a little bit industrial and a little bit vintage so I have had my eye on this two-tiered tray from world market since the very beginning when I started planning our home office it's the perfect combination of all three and it works really well to hold the paperwork for the projects that I'm working on on a daily basis another one of my favorite storage pieces that I found at world market is this industrial styled lazy susan bin it's really fun to display some of the supplies that I use on a daily basis or just that look cuter than regular supplies like the twine or the washi tape I found this awesome industrial vintage trashcan at world market that even though it's hidden under my desk every time I throw something away I'm still like that's really cool pencils pens markers are always something that I need quick to grab because it never fails that you find them all throughout your house but when you need one you don't know where to find one so having this really cool industrial vintage pencil holder on the desk is not only looks cool and fits the theme of our room but also makes it handy for whenever I need to grab a pen or tell somebody else for a pen is they know right where to find one one of the challenges that we found in this room was how to hide the printer big and its clunky and it's not too pretty so when looking for a solution we decided to put it under the desk we found this really cool end table on rollers and if I'm just sitting at my desk and I hit print I can just reach under and grab my piece paper as it comes out or I can kind of pull it out if I need a little extra space desktop space to store some of the stuff that I'm working on it's really nice because once I'm done working with it we can just roll it back under the desk I would say the number one offender of clutter in our home is the mail we get so much paper in the mail I don't even know why even when we say we're going paperless we get mail we get mail that is a piece of paper that says thanks for going paperless so to try and contain all this clutter out in the open I created a little system so we have these three baskets that we got that I'm storing under the cabinets and as soon as I walk in the door with the mail I immediately start designating to their proper basket so anything that's important paperwork that I need to keep we put in the file basket anything that's important paperwork that we don't need anymore but it has important information on it well shred and anything that is just pointless paper that I don't know why we got it we put in the recycle and so I purposely have used small baskets so that I have to clean out the clutter more regularly so it doesn't stack up so about once a week I'll file I'll either shred recycle or file the paper in their appropriate places now for a really important paper that mail that either needs to go out or camp in that we need each other to see Brenner I to see we have this really cool mail sitting on the counter on the top of my desk so this is all the important mail that either needs to go out or that one of the other needs to look over and then mail out so it's really easy on the way in or on the way out to grab and put in the mailbox so we don't forget for lose important papers or bills well my favorite projects in this room is this new desk that we built I love it because it has nice and spacious and has a lot of room to hide and store things we've built a front onto the desk so that we could do some major chord control we're my biggest pet peeves about a desk is all of the cords that run for your computer and your lamp and in my old office I was constantly tripping over them there's a lot of browns and grays going on this room so I wanted to brighten it up a little with some greenery it took us a while to brainstorm an idea to create a plant wall both totally we came up with these awesome DIY wall-mounted shelves I would have loved to have used live plants but I can't keep a little plant alive to save my life and they probably all would have died at different rates which would have completely ruined the Conformity look that we were going for so we use the next best thing these faux plants from Ikea I really like how this has a minimal approach but it's still eye catching at the same time so that's it I hope you enjoyed this tour of our home office Brett and I are extremely happy with how everything turned out and I'm really pleased with how easy it is to keep everything organized now if you have any interests in any of the projects that you saw in this room we'll put the links down below for you to check out and you can also check out these videos over here give us thumbs up if you like this tour and be sure to subscribe to our Channel

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