HISTORICAL HOMESTEAD // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

HISTORICAL HOMESTEAD // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper - Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fixer-upper the show where I attempt to fix up your houses so today we're doing a house called historical homestead it's by Kelsey place on the gallery it cost about a hundred thousand simoleons four bedrooms three bathrooms 30 by 20 lot basically a family lived here they abandoned it when they couldn't afford it anymore and now it's in a bit of a state of disrepair um so oh there's a basement oh I just realized I didn't furnish the basement oops okay so when you del in the house renovated there's no basement I mean there is but like it's empty anyway so this is the house you guys I mean it's pretty cute it's just a little bit messy as per usual so we're gonna do a quick tour and then I'll renovate it and stuff you know how it works you know the drill but here's the outside there's a grave that's always a fun time but you know there's I mean again this one those things was really creative like I love the use of these thingies to make it look like there's broken pieces of the fence laying around you know what I mean and I just think it looks really cool I'm really proud of people you guys are sort of like I can't speak you guys are such good builders it's just it makes me feel inferior okay look at the backyard though like with all these these wood pieces broken down all around the place I don't know I just think it's cool okay I love good builds in the Sims and this one took a lot of time I can tell I'm gonna just keep gushing about it and then make fun of it don't worry but when you first come in it's pretty small um there's the kitchen area there's like this little walk in space you know I got some urns doors that are blocking the bathroom and stuff over here's the kitchen hmm I wonder if all that pizzas been there for because it's a little bit spooky but you know just nice place all around god-awful tiling and also I don't really know what that is the flooring in here but it's not good so there's that but in here we've just got a nice little living room it's really dark kind of spooky but in a good way she says trying to justify it but it looks nice in here and then over here we have a nice little master bedroom with just junk everywhere I mean it's an interesting like idea of this hallway here and then we have the master bath back here love the use of the fountain to make it look like there's like broken stuff in this tub and look at that isn't that cool the tub is broken it's clever I'm sorry and out here is that the whole first floor there's a basement – but I didn't again I didn't I didn't do anything to it get me down here let's see the basement while we can yeah look at her yeah no I forgot to furnish this so it exists though up then if you go upstairs it was just got this nice little landing area again kind of spooky lots a broken furniture and stuff we've got over here is a bedroom looks like a toddler's room and then over here we have a nice bedroom lots of candles here that's kind of creepy too and wonder how long they've been lit because this place has been abandoned for a while so oh that's weird wait look at that floor plan you see when you you're in the hallway and then you go through the bathroom and then into the bedroom yikes I love old floor plans they also no windows in this room yeah okay well it's cute though and that's that's the whole place um so it's it's nice I like it a lot I just think that she needs some help and so I'm gonna do that for her keep like personifying a house alright but with that being said let's go ahead and jump right on in to the renovation okay so we are back and we are fixer-upper in this house that's right you guys also other thing this is just I got a dress this okay I'm recording this from my dorm room I think it's the first speed build since being here which is weird because oh oh last week I'm fixer-upper oh okay this is this is yep yep I'm remembering now last week I record a fixer-upper the night before I moved in and I was recording it like 2 a.m. and I was really stressed about it okay let's do a quick recap so last week fixer-upper I recorded it on Thursday night oh no no way hold on oh yeah so that make sense the Thursday before hand I recorded it and it was like 2 a.m. I hadn't packed my PC set up yet I was really freaked out um it was just a lot I was in a very dark place but we're back now I've been in college for like a week I can talk about that I did a whole podcast about it you want to check that out by the way hey sims ii podcast it's linked down below go review it on itunes and stuff if you want to I'm just saying anyway but last week fixer-upper I was in the middle of like a minor freak out and I say minor I mean a big freak out because I was packing for college and I was trying to basically administer this again I think I mentioned it in the podcast and also in the video but I'll say it again so for fixer-upper I was recording it super late at night because I had to get done like I was pre recording it late at night I wasn't like procrastinating I was working in advance but like too much anyway um so welcome back to fixer-upper you guys I don't know so this week I wanted to talk a little bit about my college experience because I feel like I have to update you it's only fair after how I freaked out on you last week for like 20 minutes and now we're back and I'm that I'm better now okay also my roommate is home and I think she can hear me talking I know she can hear me talking and so I'm a little bit freaked out about that dude but it's fine I'm fine guys everything is fine actually though everything is kind of fine which is weird because knowing me most the time things aren't fine but it's going well and this is gonna be wild okay so you guys member hotel a story about how I don't know where I told this story but I think on a podcast maybe once I talked about how I got a lot of anonymous hate on tumblr and I mean like a lot about how I wouldn't be able to handle doing youtube in college like for like two weeks straight I was getting like hundreds of messages a day about how I was gonna like fail at everything like I couldn't do youtube in college and I wasn't gonna succeed in how it's gonna like die and stuff like literally was like Kayla you're gonna commit suicide if you do this and so I was getting a lot of hate a lot of like negative feedback about like YouTube in college and stuff and so far I can speak from the first week of classes so it's not much to say because like it was still this week and stuff but I've handled that pretty well you guys so shout out to my tumblr haters huh you were wrong but yeah so I feel like after my freakout I feel a little bit silly about how stressed I was like coming to college and doing youtube here because I was so worried about it and now we're fine mostly also I don't really have a plan of what I want to talk about today I'm just gonna talk which I guess is what I do every time but you know here we are oh I have a funny story this is completely relevant and I hope the person that tweeted this to me watches this because maybe I don't know but I got a tweet today and I forget exactly what they said but like it was basically like they took a screenshot of their notes like they had typed this long thing in their notes screenshot it and tweeted at me and in the note the whole thing was like dear Kayla I love your videos and all but there is this person named Clarice that was horrible to me in school and I can't watch your videos with a sim named Clarice because it reminds me of this horrible person so can you please change the girl's name – Claire or something and this is fine funny whatever and all but I don't have a sim named Clarice like who is Clarice I don't understand what's going on so I got this tweet and I this morning I saw and I was like giggling about it for a long time because I didn't really understand like what the context was like who's Clarice what's the deal so if you look really – that me I'm sorry can you please tell me who Clarice is can we click elaborate on this one because I honestly don't know like do I have a sim that I'm forgetting about the same Clarice because I have four loads plays and none of us ending Clarice I don't understand I don't get it but that's that also yesterday I was facetiming my sister because I talked to my siblings a little bit you know since I've been in college I FaceTime Shanna a few times and bread and stuff but I was on FaceTime with Shanna yesterday because she's snapchatted me I called her immediately afterwards so so freaked out by us but she snapped out of me a picture that was said like streaks also I cut a bold spot into my hair she wrote bold she met bald um and so she what she did i okay this is like a classic like 12 year old in middle school okay my editing software just crashed but we're back it's fine I was talking about 12 year olds in middle school something like that okay so my sister Oh bless her soul this poor little child I don't know what she was thinking I'm gonna expose her to to the masses because she died she made a grave mistake okay it's like I cut my hair when I was little – like once um and I I didn't do it this bad though okay so my sister oh my god bless her soul speaking of hair cutting I thought – sorry about that – but so what she did is she put her hair in a ponytail and she was looking at her baby hairs like in the front there's the front face you know and she was like wow these are kind of ugly I'm gonna trim them which is a big mistake in the first place okay but my dear little sister so what she did is she took scissors right and she like pulled her hair out so she could cut pretty close and then get rid of her baby hairs all of them on one side and so she cut off the baby hairs and now she has a bald spot on the side of her face kind of like well I mean also there's noises happening I'm sorry but they're on the side of her face is she cut off the baby hair it's like right next to her ear kind of you know but there's like a very visible bald spot now there so a plus four effort Shanna F for execution because that's so oh my god what was she thinking I just don't understand why she would have done that I mean I get it she was she was trying to improve her appearance or something but it was it was a very bad decision so I guess my pro tip for you guys is don't do that don't cut off your baby hairs just and then today she snapped out at me and she was like in the clinic okay and I guess this morning she had a headache I say in air quotes and then she went to the clinic to probably like be sent home you know and then they were like oh yo fever you can go back to class which I don't think she had a fever but whatever and so she was stuck in the clinic so that one come pick her up because he thinks she's lying I think she's lying too but she told me she went to the clinic because she had a headache and she had a bald spot so this morning she got to school and she was like yep going home I just don't understand why she's like this I love her seriously but come on channa like what are you thinking and I mean I cut my hair once too when I was little I don't know when that I think I must have been like fourth or fifth grade maybe he's in third grade I don't know sometime in elementary school though I wasn't 12 I was like nine I had my hair in a ponytail under the ponytail holder got stuck like the hair tie got stuck in my hair and so I like reached back with scissors to try and cut the hair tie you know so it would break and then get out of my hair and then I accidentally like chopped off some of my hair while doing it but I never like cut a bald spot into my hair or anything also one time my neighbor who is my best friend at the time kind of she and I I mean wasn't it wasn't it was the two of us that it wasn't like I never cut anybody's hair I just watched her do it but like she wanted to be a hairstylist she was like seven wanted to be a hair stylist and she would go and she would cut the other neighbor kids hair and she kept it in a drawer and so creepy sounding I know but like one time there was this poor little girl oh my god one of our other neighbors have helped me like three or four at the time and she had bangs and my neighbor my friend went and she cut her bangs completely off like she oh my can you picture it like she cut the bangs off it was so bad oh the poor girl she looked horrible for so long because of that cuz I mean when you got the bangs like that's it grow out oh it was not good but she's fine now she's probably she's probably in high school now that girl that's so weird to think about I haven't seen her in a long time anyway it wasn't me it was my neighbor I'm just saying she also cut my hair but she only cut like a tiny out and so it wasn't like principal or anything but yeah I guess what am I where am I going with this this is not how I intended for today's video to go I don't understand what's wrong with me why am I like this anyway um I guess my point here though is that you I always have like a life lesson your life but I take away from these videos and today's takeaway is that you shouldn't cut your hair or your friends hair or realistically anyone's hair let's just not cut hair unless maybe you have like a license to do it or something because let's be honest we're not good at that I say we you know it's true but yeah so that happened but let's talk about college for a second because I know that I was freaking out and again I promise I'll get guys look I know this videos a mess I'm sorry I'm trying hard to make it not be but it's my video and so it's bound to be a mess like you just got to bear with me here um but yeah College has been going great aside from the whole like scared to record thing it's been going fine and my mom is pretty close to here like she lives around the area and so yesterday this is really funny and actually like mom of the Year award okay you guys but last night we had this like group chat of our whole family on like over text you know and my mom was texting in it like she was gonna bring my brother and sister chick-fil-a for dinner and so she was like guys I'm getting new chick-fil-a what do you want you know and then in the group chat applied I was like what about me mom like as a joke obviously because I'm in college and they're not like they're at home she was eating them dinner I was here in college you know and then my mom called me 20 minutes later and she's like Kayla I'm outside come pick up your fries because I'm vegetarians I don't need like chick-fil-a but I will eat their fries and so she brought me fries and dr. pepper from chick-fil-a I didn't even really ask I mean I did ask but like as a joke and then she actually she went and brought me chick-fil-a well I mean momma's here honestly I mean she was it was like on her way home she didn't like go out of her way to do it but she brought me chick-fil-a isn't that cool I love my mother isn't that so kind of her and I went home this weekend on just on Sunday um and I did my laundry at home so that's super lame I know but like I was really excited about that because I'm scared to do laundry here I don't know where it is the laundry room on campus or in my dorm building and you'll have to pay it costs like I think it's like a dollar 75 total like a dollar for the wash and 70 something like that I don't know again I wouldn't know I haven't in there I have no idea where it is but I went home and did laundry at home and I saw my cat I think she's mad at me but that's ok I think she'll get over it this video is honestly this is like a downward spiral you know like it just keeps getting worse as the minutes go by why do people watch these things you know although that's but I mean yesterday sounds so weird too but I have pre-recorded like two or three podcasts that I haven't posted and maybe it's just two now cuz I posted one of them last week but I have like two podcasts kind of backlogged like one that I recorded with my second ever podcast I recorded um and I recorded it like the same day as the first one and I've just kind of kept it in the back logs I'm ready to post whatever and so I've got that one anyone with my friend too but I was editing the one that I've kind of kept in the back last night and i sat there and I watched myself talk for 40 minutes isn't that ridiculous like I've always made jokes like why doesn't he watch me like I can't watch my own videos like wow anyone sit there watching for 26 minutes or whatever but like i sat there and I watched myself talk for 40 minutes last night and I had work to do like I had homework to do but I just sat there and I like listen to myself tell the story I post like entertained by it isn't that so bad like I mean it's bad enough because I've got editing my videos I laugh at my own jokes a lot like I'll catch myself like listening to myself talk and tell a joke and that'll be like laughing or like smiling at my own jokes and it's so lame like I laugh at my own jokes like twice because I laugh I'll say it and then laugh and then I'll edit the video hear it again and laugh and it's so bad but like I listen to myself tell this story on my podcast for 40 minutes I mean for I kind of had to watch it – like confirm that I didn't say anything bad that I could still post it because it's a bit of a sensitive topic the podcast episode I'm gonna post it next week so you'll see it on Monday um by the way hey since a podcast check it out link down below I'm just gonna keep plugging it if you like my build videos you'll like my podcast I promise is the same thing just as my face and a fortune on YouTube and if you watch it on itunes or listen to it on itunes there's no face it's just audio but like anyway anyway so I was listening to the podcast and I never the thing is I usually want to edit my videos I don't watch the whole thing back like what I'll do if I make a mistake I want to play cut something out I'll pause and so like for like a good like 7 to 8 seconds and so when I go to edit the video I can find the breaks in the audio and then stuff easier toughen to watch the whole video back because no one wants to watch me talk for 26 minutes was my previous opinion but then I listened to myself talk for 40 minutes yesterday and I put oh this is unrelated to but I owe my mate oh I realized my point I've gone back on my own train of thought so I started talking before about how I couldn't handle YouTube in college and how I thought they were wrong because I've actually had time to watch her Netflix recently like I haven't watched any Netflix since like the beginning of the summer because as soon as school got out I had to pre-record like 40 videos for a month-long trip and so I couldn't watch them like the first week of summer I couldn't watch one my trip and then I got back I was just out of the habit of watching TV and so I didn't although I watched a little bit of Downton Abbey but like not a lot and so I started watching Game of Thrones again I watched the first season last summer and I guess I watched like half of the second season too because I started at season two like this week and I've been watching it so fair warning for those of you that are like family channel oriented Game of Thrones is not Family Channel or hinted if you're here to watch my videos and you're not cool with like swearing or incest or nudity etc Game of Thrones maybe not for you but it's a great show and I've been watching it also if you spoil it in the comments for me I will never forgive you I'm gonna block the words and not read the comments so like don't even bother to spoil it in the comments cuz like it's it's gonna get lost and I'm not gonna read it so don't worry about that guys rummy and I check these comments actually like if you could go ahead and tweet me like right now Kayla don't read the comments today thank you because I can't talk about TV anymore on YouTube without getting spoilers because people are mean but anyway I can watching Game of Thrones too so I guess my takeaway here is that college isn't about I thought it would be I've got more time than I thought I would I'm I've got things under control and I have time to watch Game of Thrones which is cool because usually I don't have time to watch TV at all so that's exciting the videos almost over you guys I hope you enjoyed it make sure to leave a like and comment and subscribe and do all those fun YouTube things and in case you guys didn't know I post new videos every single day and so I will see you all tomorrow it's not even over yet and I I was premature on my ending but I've got screenshots coming out so let's put on some wee music and then we can just listen to it and stuff okay bye you know I feel like it at some point that we music is going to get old but that point is not today


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