GRANNY KIM'S COTTAGE // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

GRANNY KIM'S COTTAGE // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper - Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fix our up for the show where I attempt to fix up your houses so quick before SEPA sewed I wanted to know that there are lots of entries and we didn't pick your house and super sorry about that because listen there are hundreds of them to choose from Anna just I can't do all them obviously and I'm really sorry I didn't pick yours I do what go through and comment favorite lots of them so hopefully you don't I've seen all of your houses I do look at all of them and just uh okay lots of stress lots of excitement but also lots of us had some great feedback I was really happy about that too so just yeah I'm glad that's like the series I just it's my favorite one to do and just it's a good time okay I love fixer-upper alright yes but this house is called granny Kim so I have changed the name for this particular purpose to be Kim's cottage or something along that line I haven't decided yet absently because it fits my aesthetic a little bit more on the channel so sorry about that on the Creator it is like a Cajun or again I'm not sure um he she they have made a house on a 30 by 20 lot it's two bedrooms and two bathrooms it is about sixty seven thousand simoleons presently and they gave us a thirty-five thousand to renovate the house and kind of fix it up which makes the final house cost about one hundred and two thousand simoleons and felt like 800 samolians under that so we couldn't we met our budget which is good and there's like 804 you know life afterwards which is also great I think we do the SERPs and they left for me and I'm kind of meet the sims are gonna live here and all that good stuff so she cows or heat sorry they say just regular grandma's home when she fell on the stairs because of her old age yikes she had food with her kids so she decided since you can't live in the home she would give it to her grandkids Jake Drake Jake hmm Drake and Josh even though it's Drake and Josh are very appreciate for the home and need some serious renovations they have a tight burnish budget of 35,000 what a beautiful backyard any nicer kitchen hashtag fix me little Cindy and listen KK I got you covered I'm pretty happy without turned out but we can see these pictures it is super cute kind of small pretty backyard already I'm not gonna talking about cuz it's kind of messy in the backyard but it's not nearly as like overgrown it somehow stood in the past so I mean I don't know what you guys are talking about but I think it looks really good so we're gonna jump in and kind of take a look at what we're working with here so this is the house we have Drake & Josh of course I think it's a coincidence but also Drake and Josh we've got Drake over here and Josh right here cabrel brothers and their grandmother who is unnamed but also exist I let this house about because they had these details again with the debug items like for example these over here take a look at them I'll leave the package to the front yard that is so cool I proposed to do that before that's awesome so you can see the house can been empty for a while as liquor wasn't kind of like maybe in the hospital out of nose film the Seraph is not good um hope she's fallen and she can't get up that's nothing to joke about she was seriously injured but the house is really nice I like it a lot again like this backyard this is not a bad backyard it looks so nice already just the pools kind of messy but otherwise this is a really nice place I don't know we're talking about both hey I mean I'm not here to judge also if my dog you hear her with her collar in the background yeah she's laying on my floor and I'm not going to move her because she's a nice puppy so get over it and was that too mean I'm sorry I didn't mean to come across that way but this is the house I think looks really pretty to be honest you I'm kind of excited renovate it I mean I already have but you haven't seen that part yet so we can take a look here we have it looks like a super small upstairs just two bedrooms this really tiny tiny bathroom I'm this is so small I'm kind of this is weird doing the top floor first we're gonna switch it up today but also super small bathroom we've got these two bedrooms a really know master it looks like I mean this one I assume what the dough but is the master but like it's just did they're both kind of similarly-sized so there that's that problem downstairs we have a super pretty focal actually I like these ideas these like like Ali kitchen type style that's not the word but I like that kind of kitchen so and they've done the same thing with all these like crazy decoration debug items all these wineglasses on the wall up here just it looks so nice with the cleaning supplies and I mean it's a pain to get rid of because then you can actually use these things but they look super cool so it's really exciting also okay this area the living room the wallpaper is kind of terrifying to say the least but it's so much fun I just I enjoy houses like this a lot we have a super cool study area in here it looks like actually I believe not trick but josh is a musical perfectionist and he same users wants to be a what is this like some music stuff I assume he has to kind of write some music so it's good to have an office for him in here which is exciting I like this a lot with this okay this this this thing this blackboard chalk what I've never used for my entire life but they did use it nice also a bar area that I ended up getting rid of just for a more space with like a dining room and whatnot but I mean it looks nice while it's still here right those are in the backyard like I said before we have this overgrown pool just kind of dirty again I don't know what these things are on the bottom can I not go down but those things you see them do you see them yeah I know they are but they're kind of scary-looking so we should make it Californians they say scary and Yanks in this video because it's probably going to be a lot but there you go that that also just all in all a really nice house and not so scary overcome scary an overgrown is in the past but I just think that it looks really nice and I'm excited about the backyard already and just it's gonna be a good time but now I have my list of course I get our new here to the stairs I always do a list I do a kind of a tour and then a list of like my favorite or like most important renovation tip thingies like personally got a real renovation should have like a list of things they want to renovate here's my list for you guys number one it's a nicer kitchens we kind of have this like small old outdated kind of blue scary kitchen going on right now that I kind of fix up for then I kind of had that listen specifically to in their list of things they wanted so definitely get that one in there updated appliances and plumbing across the whole house I want to kind of do some cosmetic things like maybe fix some tiles and some wallpaper because there is some you know really yikes worthy wallpaper downstairs I want to do an addition kind of in the backyard here let's see if we can get over here I want to kind of build off at least this downstairs whole area maybe for example like pull out this wall I'm kind of thinking like two and then move everything else out too just for some more space kind of make the house a little bit more symmetrical oh please on the top floor which we kind of I think I did do that and it looked nice but I kind of want this to be like I haven't done it yet I don't know you see what I'm trying to say anyway I also want to do kind of a new backyard area I just make it look a little bit fresher and do some fancy new landscaping to to kind of kind of fit the whole new house new some painting of course just all that cosmetic stuff in the end I think it's look really nice and I'm excited to see how it kind of turns out make sure you guys take until the end have some screenshots of before and afters so we're gonna go ahead and jump right now into the voiceover the f4 invasion so I will see you guys all then alrighty so we are back we are working on some fixer-upper e things quick disclaimer if you guys can hear some like really noise in the background that's because there are people fixing a fence actually putting in a new fence in my backyard right now and I don't have time to report this later so we're gonna have to kind of just deal with it because they're out there and I can't exactly ask them to move I have so much stuff going on that I can't record this later I didn't record it last night because you know I was gonna do this I added the whole video last night I usually do this thing with a fixer-upper stuff I will record it on Mondays actual build or Sunday but you it was Monday this week and then I will edit it on Tuesdays as I usually do but yesterday I just I was so out of it I couldn't do the voiceover yesterday I usually would be able to but yesterday was just a lot and oh my god my minor editing disaster yesterday so I yesterday was mostly you'll see I've been so busy this past couple weeks everything's kind of been like falling apart she's not good but you know what all all gets through it just not yet so yesterday oh my god this is so stressful so usually I have things to recorded at least a day or two in advance but yesterday on so on Monday on Sunday I recorded two episodes of both to a series of mine on the on repeat challenge and get together some kind of ahead for next week but I didn't record Mostly Ghostly and yesterday like I would usually have done it on Monday but I on Monday I was so tired and just I couldn't record it looks like I was gonna be so boring in it so I just didn't record it and then yesterday it gets to be like 6 o'clock still hadn't recorded mostly ghostly which is really bad and I recorded it from like 6:30 to seven o'clock ish and then I go to edit it and I discover to my dismay as I'm like halfway to the video that the audio has repeated itself like I don't know how this happened but I went to go edit the video and halfway through like the audio started over so then it's like oh they're me going like hi everybody it's Kaelyn welcome back to mostly ghostly and I freaked out because in the heart where it happened it was if you watch the video you don't have to watch it but like I mean you should it's great but anyway have you watched it it's like at this part where I was taking a screenshot and I oftentimes my star a video I'll have it like pause on a screen shot before I start the video and so like you see and this part was repeating itself I'm editing it like I go to take a screenshot and then I'm like focusing on it and then I say like Harriet skills I was like okay did I start the video over in the middle of the series like wasn't recording it for like 12 minutes already and then just started over by accident because I I mean I Granick I could do something like that I'm not stupid so you know what I was so stressful but I freaked out I ended up fixing I had like reacts for the video from it just some stuff that's technological happened and I fixed it but it just it was a whole bunch of stress and I was not okay I tweeted about it obviously I had a minor or I said that I had like a last-minute editing disaster but it was um you know what more so than that it was just not good but I fixed it got one time everything was fine oh and now it's fixer-upper day and you know what I'm feeling good about it um like so if we're I had just a lot going on these past few weeks and next week in particular because I have AP exams starting next week um and Kayla took approximately too many AP classes this year so I just I have a lot going on um working through it though that's like well the house for a second I am kind of fixing the floor plan I do then sink some things some words Oh voiceovers I just did some things like expanding this because there was this weird tiny bathroom that I wanted to kind of make bigger and so I did some crazy to finagling to get into work I don't know I think it looks nice in the end though and that's always good so you know what a +4 effort Kayla I think that you did a nice job so there you go that's the build we're done all right see you guys later no I'm just kidding I wish I have to be back at school and just a little bit to do some nice things for the ice Awards just like a TV production award ceremony at my school um identity production but I'm actually like working this and you know what I'll be honest I'm not too excited for it I've been working on this thing these awards for a very long time I'm just doing like publicity stuff and I just I'm not a fan but I promised my friend Kylie that I would go with her and can you hear it someone's like pounding the floor they're trying to like I think doing the like pegs the stakes of the fence this is driving me insane I just want to record my voice over but anyway going to ice and you know what I just oh people with the fence this is such an inconvenient does that help me for in a long time I usually don't have problems with like people in or my recordings but you know what at 2:15 p.m. on a Wednesday evidently we do have this problem Wow Wow thank you fence people you know what I greatly appreciate it just go okay can you even hear that I hope that you can't and you're done talking about random things but you probably like feel the vibrations of the horrible sound you know what I'm going okay I'm going crazy I'm actually going crazy this I just have too much going on this isn't why why junior year is a horrible whose idea was this okay anyway if you're in high school right now or if you're in middle school or whatever you are be warned junior year is horrible it will ruin your life guaranteed so happy highschool happy American education system everybody you'll have a great time but we are kind of coming close to halfway through the voiceover luckily it's a pretty short one this time students it wasn't the fence people for so long but I kinda said this early like I brushed on at the beginning but the last few episodes I've fixed ever had like really great feedback which is really cool because listen I don't know if I talked what's in the last episode I forget when this happened but the sims actually tweeted a link on their Twitter tweeted on their Twitter obviously and to one of the favorite episodes the I believe is the ruined ranch one they like wood they said like watch low Sims you take this home from ruined ranch to like something I forgot and lots of people watch that episode way more than usual I'll just super cool cuz I mean usually these videos get like about 4000 views which is a lot obviously but I mean that one has at this point like almost 12,000 which is insane so the first episode has like a nine thousand I think or maybe seven or eight I forgotten already the but now at that one that the Sims shares when most others in the whole channel which is really cool because thanks the Sims for noticing me and for kind of sharing this series I'm glad you guys like it because I had this idea so randomly and the fact that like seven people are so enjoy this video is super cool to me because I just I was in the car on like a 16 hour car ride I was like you I want to renovate a house because I was going to those like if you don't put us in three off and you'll have this problem but like people like me that are very very obsessed with the Sims I go there like Sims withdrawals so if I don't play the students were very long from like on vacation for example when I went to Chicago for Christmas like I always do um what or when was it yeah this was Christmas break okay wow God just a lot happened this Christmas I don't want to talk about that but man okay but I pre-recorded everything for like two and a half weeks in advance so I had like 20 something plus videos already scheduled but so I played a lot of things leading up to my leaving for this trip but once I was gone I didn't play sims for like two and a half weeks which doesn't seem like a lot but when you play since every day like I do for this sort of thing going that long with playing the game is a very long time and it's almost impossible I actually started getting into Sims as much as I am at this point and like I have another sorb I discovered a Sims YouTube like that there was actually a YouTube community for The Sims because when I play the sims 3 so this is like a long time ago um I was on vacation and I wanted to play sounds like the Sims withdrawals naturally and I wanted to play since about and I didn't know how to build back then so I was looking up like build tutorials and I just got people like made speed bills on The Sims 4 or simpler I guess and I was like what this is interesting and then I like saw their channels have like Let's Plays and I didn't know that like gaming YouTube was a thing back then and it was super cool to see and like I didn't get involved in this and so I became like a mega YouTube fan kind of slowly cuz the last place at first we're kind of weird for me to watch because I wasn't used to like watching people like video games and then I got into speed builds and just it's all downhill from there and now I'm a youtuber myself which is kind of cool to see like other people doing these things before me but I had a channel back then where I posted up more like short film type things and then I didn't realize that gaming YouTube was even like a big deal I know that minecraft on YouTube was a big deal back then but I didn't like realize that you know what I mean if you aren't involved in the community probably don't think it's I mean for the thing it's weird right like my grandparents had this they know our channel of course and they have this like really weird like freaking like grandpa keeps telling me that I should make he's like try to give me ideas for short films like I think that he thinks that I'm making like films because he hears what my storyline somehow and then he's like oh here's an idea for a film you should do kala and I'm like well grandpa that's a nice idea but I mean maybe next time you know it's so inches it's kind of cute but I don't know YouTube is fun if you are a youtuber you should make a channel you know I mean you're my competition but you know what I thought you'd be good at it cuz you have you and I have similar sense of humor right so I mean I would probably watch you if you watch me and that's how this works does it not what am I talking about now oh my god I'm so tired I have someone should do and just the fence people and they're consistent drilling is driving me insane Oh fixer-upper its fixer-upper day get excited we just love fixer-upper but this house back to the house I guess um so we came in about I believe my budget was like a hundred and five thousand so I haven't written down one hundred and two thousand millions and I came in under I was like hundred seventy-three samolians and I had like 800 something at the end so we were cutting it real close usually it's not been that close because in the past we've had like some pretty high budgets and some pretty expensive house to start with so we sell a lot of things and get a lot of money but I kept a lot of original furniture like the whole living room I think is what it was originally just with some different colors so like we reupholstered the furniture because this house I mean if you think the story behind it it's their grandmother's house and she's still alive she just fell down the stairs kind of tragically poor Drake and Josh his grandmother and she needed to move him with their other family members so her house is kind of for grass but it's still a family home and it's still kind of her home even though she's not in it anymore I didn't want to kind of go to her stuff because I mean if you have nice furniture you aren't gonna get rid of it so I kept it does that make sense I don't know I don't I've never had an experience already don't like keep furniture from a house but I'm sure they've had to do this in real life you probably have something similar going on but anyway house comes along really nicely this room I use those shares a lot lately by the way oh my god we're coming to the end this is I was not expecting that all right well I'm gonna go ahead and cut off right here you guys I hope you enjoy the video and they should have like and comment subscribe and do LS when YouTube things also stick on for the screen at the end I have some before and afters of course and in case you guys didn't know I post videos every single day so I will see you all tomorrow bye everybody


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