Government Suggests To Paint The House If You Can’t Pay Your Rent During Shutdown

Government Suggests To Paint The House If You Can’t Pay Your Rent During Shutdown

As unpaid federal workers struggle with tough
financial choices during the shutdown, a federal employees union has decided to bring a lawsuit
against the Trump administration. We’re joined by attorney Steve Babin to discuss
whether this lawsuit has merit and maybe where it’s going to go. Steve, we’ve seen this before. We saw 2013 lawsuit was brought on behalf
of union workers. The way I see this is there are essential
union workers. I mean, they truly are essential. They, if we don’t have law enforcement, federal
law enforcement, we have a problem. If we don’t have federal firefighting, we
got a problem. Give me your take on where this is going. So where this is going, Pap, is there are
essential employees, like you said, and those are essential employees have filed a lawsuit
against the government on behalf of all of the essential employees. And there’s over 400,000 of them who are working
currently without pay. The lawsuit’s going to go, what will probably
happen, Pap, is Congress will institute legislation to give back pay to these employees. Did we see that before? We did see that before, however, the lawsuit
stays alive because there are penalty damages under the law, which they sued under. It’s called the Fair Labor Standards Act. And those penalty damages provide for basically
doubled back wages. The federal government owes you $100, but
you sue them. They owe you $200 under the Fair Labor Standards
Act. The statute provides that? The statute provides that, they’re called
liquidated damages. Okay, well, so here, here’s the way this is
problematic. First of all, if I look back into 2013 lawsuit,
a judge did say if my, if my memory’s correct, a judge did say, yes, we’re going to give
you these double damages. Some of those people are still waiting to
be paid, and so I guess it’s good on paper, but what does it, how are, you know, let’s
humanize this. How are federal workers, how were they affected
by this? Because we, we miss that, don’t we? I think we absolutely missed that Pap. I think that the administration itself misses
it too. It says, it’s a sign of how detached the Trump
administration is from day to day realities of the government workers. But in America today, if a regular average
worker, say a TSA employee goes two weeks without pay, well that’s going to be problematic
and if they go a month without pay, it could be detrimental to their family. So on a day to day basis, you have the office
of personnel management issuing emails and letters to the employees saying to do things
like this with your landlord, if you can’t pay rent this month, offer to paint the house
or do some maintenance. Wait, back up, back up. The government is involved in the, and the
unions and the government I guess are trying to tell these people how to stay alive. So this… That’s right. So this first anecdotal information, go paint
a house if you can’t pay the bill? Yeah. These are, these are sample letters that were
provided online by the office of personnel management. They were, they were taken down after they
got some bad publicity. One of the, the options was to tell your landlord,
I’m not getting paid right now, I will, I’ll paint the house or do you need some maintenance
done? If that person may or may not have some, some
maintenance skills and that’s how you stay alive and get the rent paid. Yeah. Okay. So, it’s deplorable that we’ve gotten to that
point, but it’s just so ridiculous that it is almost, it almost is laughable to tell,
to tell an employee, some of these people have been at this for 15, 20 years. Gee, I’m sorry you can’t get paid work something
out with your landlord. Work something out with the grocery store,
you know, work something out with a gas station where you have to buy fuel. So the human factor on this is huge. Look, first of all, there was about 2 million
federal employees, little, little more than 2 million federal employees out of there. About 400, 450,000 do fall into that class
of essential employees. Explain what essential employee is. I mean, that’s a classification of federal
employees. It’s a classification, just like you said,
Pap, someone who protects the health and safety of individuals and the government. Also, individuals that work in the judiciary
are generally termed essential employees. They try to keep the courts running. Oftentimes only the criminal courts will remain
running. I know currently, or when they shut down the
US attorney’s office, they’ll shut down the civil side first and they’ll shut down the
criminal side second is the way it’ll work. So there is, the line is drawn at basically
if that person protecting the health and safety of anyone in our country, then their jobs
essentially. Do the unions, I’m curious, have the unions
planned on, surely they’re looking ahead. The unions are taking money from employees. They know that shut down is always possible. Have they put together any kind of workable
fund that I, I don’t know what to call it, an emergency distress fund. I mean well look, we’re asking federal firefighter
to go put their life on the line and oh, by the way, Mary, oh by the way, Joe, we can’t
pay you for that, but we’re good for our word. Well no they’re not really good for the word
because we know what happened in 2013. 2013 the federal government said, yes, Mr.
Firefighter, we owe you double and they still haven’t paid them to this day. These people have not been paid that double. What’s your take? So the unions don’t have, as far as I know,
a distress fund for this situation. However, this this lawsuit and the employees
affected aren’t just union employees. There are employees, they are in federal unions
and there are employees that aren’t and that the union, the union’s lawyers tagged along
with the lawsuit and filed the complaint along with some civil lawyers, civil trial lawyers
and DC that filed on behalf of everybody union and non union employees. Steve, thanks for joining me. This is, this has potential to go on for quite
a while.


  • lilli harlow 61 says:

    i want to know what kind of chores and diy projects trump did for his creditors every time he faced financial disaster. oh, never mind, he files bankruptcy.

  • Phil 488 Pista says:


  • jeff wolf says:

    They have no idea how expensive house paint is now it's $50 a gallon for everything decent. Drump is out of his fucking mind as usual. Lying like a rug trying to say this is a National, Emergency there are National emergencies that is not it. There's many national emergencies. Wall that does nothing is far from one of those.

  • Winston Shih says:

    At this point we should promote legislation that senate president and congress have to suffer with their government workers whenever the republikkklans want another shutdown so that they would feel the impact of a shutdown

  • CCGArcana says:


  • Chazreal says:

    Further illustrates the disconnect from the social reality that they constructed.

  • Patrik Nilsson says:

    Sounds like Sweden, circa 1910…God,the US is really, back asswards 😁

  • ScreamForThe Sunlight says:

    this would hands down be the best reality tv show out there if it weren't a real life living nightmare that's ruining all our lives. you see.. the presidency is a lot like riding a bicycle with the exception that this particular presidency the bicycle is on fire, the rider is on fire, the ground is on fire and everything else is on fire because we're in hell. have a fantastic weekend everyone! 🔥 🔥 🔥

  • Francisco Ramirez says:

    😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣be ahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!

  • Janice Briggs says:

    You know the saying "I can show you, better than I can tell you".

    Trump is showing us and the World EXACTLY what he thinks of us!!!!

    This includes his supporters that wear his $25 maga hats that they pay for.

  • Ace1000ks1975 says:

    This is the retarded response from the Trump administration. Go mow your neighbors lawn, go paint your neighbors house, go beg for money, and those things are going to solve the income you lost????? Not a chance!!!

  • Robert Garcia says:

    Ideas from complete Dipsh!ts! Paint the house HA! 😂

  • Nonstarter-in-Chief says:

    Right. Because Trump did just the same thing when he didn't get his paych… oh, the hypocrisy!

  • Ann B says:

    Where are the people who say, to hell with this red and blue political crap. It's not about this anymore! What trump is doing is destroying America!! He's putting Americans, our country in danger! He's killing us while his ego takes over his every decision. His one-way decision with this government shut down is more dangerous than any illegal immigrant! His lies are more dangerous. I demand he be drug tested. He's off his damn rocker. He told speaker Pelosi he refused to reopen the government because he wouldn't get what HE wanted. Notice how he didn't say, the feared Americans, the former presidents, his supporters! NO! He said, HE, wouldn't get what HE wanted! Which is exactly what the wall is. What HE wants. HE is killing his own people for a useless racist wall that HE wants, and ONLY HE wants!! Dictator tRump is here!

  • Matthew Kelly says:

    When was the last time anyone went to their local Walmart and tried to barter for fucking groceries?

  • Joseph Davis says:

    get rid of mitch and trump, enough already

  • Olli Oxenfree says:

    Paint houses….??? What a really stupid suggestion?.let stupid trump paint houses ….that is what trump should do…he is so so unfit for the presidency …WHAT A TRAVESTY HE IS

  • OpinionatedProgressive 1989 says:

    The American people must not forget this in 2020! Vote them out.

  • ABEL OROZCO says:

    Oh Negotiate something with you kids when they hungry…😡😡😡😡😡😡

  • Sinister Minister says:

    I don't think it's disconnect. It's simply that they just don't give a fuck. Earlier today I was watching a report on the shut down on the Canadian CBC channel. Their were very,very few Canadians in the comments expressing sympathy and support for the American Government Workers. The vast majority of commenters were American Dumptards all expressing the exact same sentiment. FUCK EM! WHO CARES? Who cares if they lose their homes? Who cares if their children go hungry? Tell me how do you negotiate with that? How do you have an adult civil debate with that? How do you find any common ground with that?

  • CenkUygursIguana says:

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  • AirgiodFeochadan says:

    How about every single American refuses to pay taxes this year?

  • Nancy Mesek says:

    I’m surprised they haven’t suggested giving blood or donating an organ at this point. They’re so pathetic.

  • King Yellowman says:

    Paint the whitehouse orange

  • kanimo24 says:

    "Go become indentured servants because our retarded President refuses to budge on his stupid wall he said Mexico would pay for!!!!"

    You can't make this shit up.

  • Susan Bodell says:

    Yes folks go paint the White House Russian Red!

  • crash bandicoot says:

    I like how Trump says then the landlord will work with their tenants when Trump himself didn't even do that with his tenants and he's a multi-billionaire soo what make you think rentol apartment owners will let them not pay 1 munths rent or more espesholy sins the guvernment will not be giving thees pepol back pay and what about the pepol that own thare own hows you cant tellvthe banke sory your not going to ever get 1 or more munths pay

  • James Frank says:

    He is in violation of the FLSA.

  • MrMakemusicmike says:

    My Republican friends say "you can't tear down the system without putting something in place."

    Yeah, ok.


    Other ideas would be: Mr. Trump, we can use : 1. the excess money we are using to pay for your many trips to Mar A Lago and other of your golf courses; 2. your grown children's security when they are in private business. 3. the russian money you have laundered with the help of people like Rudy and that German Bank; 4. the millions someone in your administration saved and has unaccounted for from the presidential inauguration; 5. the overpayment to your properties used for the inauguration; 6. reassign the millions the Saudis gave to Ivanka; 7. $ returned to the Trump Foundation that was not used for what was supposed to; 8. Donations from your MAGA unconditional followers. 9. $ you owe the IRS. That should help with the emergency. We are sure you and your family will consider our tax payer's money. You consider yourself a genius for cheating the nation from what you owe in taxes. Let's reverse course and lead by example. After all, that "barrier" can be built with much less if your allies #10. donate $ and labor.

  • spectreshadow says:

    Back in the old days the people would have had pitchforks if this kind of crap was going on.

  • Pyroman / says:

    Sickening eh if these employees don't get paid congress or the white house/west wing shouldnt be paid either

  • devildham says:

    Yes. Paint the house…because you're going to want your deposit back after they put you out.

  • Pyroman / says:

    If I ran company a and tried to Froce people to work for not pay the government would be so fsr up my ass id be so fucked but ots okay for the goverment to force people to work without pay

  • Pyroman / says:

    3:14 i did work for my landlord before and he took money off The rent but it wasn't enough to pay the whole month and plus he came to me cuz he knew I was handy plus a lot of these people got mortgages, car payments, kids to feed most landlords have regular people who doo there work might work for a cripple dozen people what about the other 780,000 workers

  • A King says:

    My favorite was to have a yardsale. Really?

  • Rodney Wiggins says:

    Yellow vest yellow vest yellow vest American men f**** cowards.

  • Deth Rugg says:

    What Trump and McConnell are doing the equivalent to domestic terrorism. Proves the constitution doesn’t matter to either of them

  • Pyroman / says:

    What I also find funny trumps saying he's going do a Nat emergency, top flipped about Obama do e.o,s trump does them all the time and they don't say shit if Obama tried to declare a Nat emergency to fulfill a campaign promise the gop would be looking there coookies

  • Pyroman / says:

    Trump would of had 25 billion last year with he went threw with the dreamers deal

  • Madcat4301 says:

    The majority of landlords are not going to accept handyman chores in lieu of rent. That's ridiculous.

  • the village idiot says:

    Brought to you by the greatest nation in the world 👍😂😂😂
    America is earths comedy network!

  • DeadMarine1980 says:

    You could always drive for Lyft or Uber and get your slave wage.

  • Mick Slater says:

    Paint a house! So now they’re gonna do painting contractors out of work? Don’t they realise trump is Stormying the whole country not just the out of work govt workers?

  • Ally Jay says:

    This is all by Trump's design. He is trying to destabilize the country so we will be fighting amongst ourselves and won't be prepared for an invasion. If he declares an emergency, something really bad is gonna happen…

  • GOD is good God says:


  • Kevin Clements says:

    Trump has no idea what is coming down on him very very very soon

  • T Slap says:

    If trump tenants couldn't pay him rent would he be ok with favors? Maybe sexual favors but besides that he'd evict them.. The rich can not relate to the average persons problems. It's impossible for their spoiled rich self centered minds to understand..

  • No Limits Amputee says:

    This is all republicans fault. Demi's screwed up running Hillary but it's very possible that was hijacked as well. The Republican Party of the United States was given full control and in two years turned it into a dumpster fire. They should not be allowed anywhere near leadership positions.

  • Zack Sherman says:

    The fact that trump shut the government down to appease his base. His base are pretty much the worst people in this country.

  • V says:

    Sounds like a suggestion that came straight from the head idiot himself.

  • Italian English says:

    WOW 🤔😠

  • mary humphreys says:

    TRUMP ratings at a low 10% with AMERICAN'S

  • Rob B rc n stuff says:

    trump should be the one painting, it's his fault, he's going to have a hard time convincing people that aren't going to get their tax returns because of this stupid game he's playing

  • Super Sonico says:

    President Orc suggests to become a stripper or a hooker to pay bills, with some luck you’ll land a $130,000 hush payment!

  • Barry Kaine says:

    Our Democratic Republic has devolved into a plutocracy, where the will of one person overrules all others. Until this very basic problem is remedied, we shall see no justice or fairness in our country.
    It's time for the sane people among us to reclaim the government, and expel these incompetent criminal autocrats, before they do further harm to our country. Their actions make them seditionists, regardless of what their mouths say, it's past time for some significant arrests to be made, and to stop coddling the members of this high level conspiracy.

  • bonson45 says:

    Queen Antoinette "let them eat cake" Trump "Hold a garage sale, paint houses, do odd jobs so you don't lose your house"

  • highrzr says:

    IMHO, this just further shows the contempt the wealthy have for the 99% of us. For me, the irony is, without the 99% of us, the 1% would not be wealthy. Ojeda said it best when he said "The dirt poor are going to eat the filthy rich".

  • ursaltydog says:

    yeah.. paint the house that you no longer will own if you go 30 days past due… banks can attempt to put you out.. they will add lawyer fees, filing fees, interest, etc..

  • ursaltydog says:

    The entire GOP is out of touch with everyday people..

  • Andrew Owens says:

    Once this shutdown really hits those Trump supporters who rely on the government (despite their dumb moaning) then you'll see Trump shift gears. But for the moment this is the best they can come up with for people who will not have any money coming in?

    Trump and those who support him are heartless if they think this will somehow help. This isn't some weekend job to make a little extra money on the side. People need these paychecks to live and just expecting them to pick up any old job (when mind you many of who still have to work their government job, even without pay) is so distant from the reality it's actually scares me. I thought nobody could be that stupid but how wrong I was.

  • 6dazey9 says:

    Get a small loan of a million dollars from your father

  • mark harrowfield says:

    All federal government workers should strike until shutdown is over

  • 1pyroace1 says:

    Until he get what he want he will put thousands of people homeless u didn’t see obama through a fit when congress blocked him

  • griffinwm says:

    “Have you ever wondered why Republicans are so interested in encouraging people to volunteer in their communities? It’s because volunteers work for no pay. Republicans have been trying to get people to work for no pay for a long time.”
    ~George Carlin

  • Spring4030 Zxqa6519 says:

    Food, clothes, shelter is a necessity, and not an option. If we get out of this situation. People should never, ever trust anything the the government says. Stop borrowing money and stop using your credit cards.Buy what you need and not what you want. And save, save, save.

  • Enjin3 says:

    800,000 federal workers walked into a bar…

  • hellshade2 says:

    yeah its deplorable that things have gotten to this point. and whose basket full of deplorables are responsible?

  • Doris Lo says:

    American are going back to caves SO SAD

  • lextacy2008 says:

    thats the problem with lawsuits, right-wingers wont pay what is owed. its not in their nature. They only know how to steal

  • SSanf says:

    So. the landlord is supposed to go to the bank and say, "I can't pay the mortgage but the house is painted. Thanks for letting me charge the paint."

  • Gothic Dragon warrior Queen says:

    Lying bullshit, Baldy !!!!🇺🇸😡🖕🖕🖕

  • Ace HAMMER says:

    I say a government worker should take a copy of Trump's letter to the landlord to their landlord and record a video of that landlord laughing in their face and ripping up the paper

  • carroll rogers says:

    ring of fire fake news liberals.///

  • Deacon Verter says:

    My landlady is a sweaty butterball.
    Not a woman I would ever choose to hump.
    But I'm not a guy that you'd call handy at all.
    She waived the rent but…….Fuck You, Trump!

  • spiderlime says:

    sure, paint the house, paint the fence, and run away with huck finn to grand new adventures…

  • Fun Sized Dancer says:

    Why is it when ppl are talking about something terrible they smile or grin.. what is that about?

  • Claire Will says:

    Landlords don’t have to comply, plus its illegal to accept “in Kind” payments towards rents, property maintenance etc.

  • Master Hypnos says:

    Paint the house and do maintenance IN ADDITION TO doing your unpaid federal job!

  • Jay London says:

    This is all Obama’s fault
    Stupid American will vote for him again. Immigrants are coming, there will be sudden “terriost” attack

  • Cheryl Bullard says:

    How about the Government Painting your house for Free since it is Their Fault for the Government shut down !! Place the blame on the entity that caused the problem in the first place.

  • Luc Préfontaine says:

    a who will pay the paint ? 🤔😶😬🔨👈

  • hyakoutake says:

    Seems Idiot Trump doesn`t understand how democracy works 😉 SHutdown is his democracy understanding. What a nothing

  • michael preston says:

    Oh boy,,, Fresh popcorn please ! I see another Blue Wave on the horizon.

  • pearlgarden29 says:

    What’s next president Trump? Offer our bodies to our landlord? You stupid? Opps!! Yes you are very!

  • pearlgarden29 says:

    Correct they should call it “ Clown’s screw up fund”.

  • Sandy says:

    People are afraid of losing retirement but what they don't realize is that if this maniac continues, there will be no retirement! They will be homeless as this furlough proceeds
    We all know that the only remedy is for ALL 2mm governent workers to walk out. That includes Secret Service, border patrol, Air traffic controllers, & stateside national guard – good luck organizing that one! It has to be an "inside movement" LOUSY UNION If union doesn't have an emergency fund then where does the money go?

  • ޓކހރ-ލއއބޚ says:

    There is no freaking way this falls under "fair use."

  • negra lopez says:

    Wow shameful shi

  • Conald-is-a Scourge-on-humanity says:

    Tyrant and all of his damn jackboot licking GOP cronies can go paint those houses.

  • Supa Hamster says:

    Wow puttin sure is having a good time I bet!

  • Nuance6 says:

    Working without pay? I wonder who else in history experienced the same thing?

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