Hey guys, it’s Lisa from the blog and I’m gonna do something today that I have had requests for for the longest time. And that is a full farmhouse home tour. So if you can see right now, it is snowing. I’m very sorry that I’ve never gotten to this the entire time we’ve lived here. So let’s dive into it. I’m gonna take you on a full home tour. You walk directly into our living room where we have some built-ins. I have a post about that on the blog, we built those. And I have all the details there. The slipcovers on the chair I made and there’s a post about that. And then we also stripped the paint off the little dresser, there’s a post about that. All of these sources will be in the description below. Right off the living room is the dining room. And then I just created a tiny little entryway to the right of the door. It’s not really an entryway but I can put some hooks there and a mirror and A bench. Alright when you come off of the dining room here you can go through this little archway through to the kitchen. Now this is what I love about old homes – so much character. So in a new home you don’t usually see things like these arches and then of course there are hardwood floors throughout and thick baseboards and crown molding which is all just that old house character. Also we have the window seat which is a craftsman style. We just added this dishwasher, I normally just kept it as a curtain with some storage because we don’t really need a dishwasher but, thought it would be good for buyers. Right here when you first walk in I have a hook for aprons. Uh, the only upgrade we’ve done to our cabinets – I’m pretty sure they’re completely original to the home – is we’ve painted them. Now they go all the way to the ceiling and, in my opinion, they’re really pretty. I painted some of the hardward and some of it’s brand new. These cabinets down here below we had to actually rebuild because this farmhouse sink made it to where they had to be shorter for it to be this overmount farmhouse sink. But my cousin helped us with that and I think it still looks really great. We went with quartz countertops from IKEA, subway tile backsplash, big ol’ windowsill major requirement for me in any home. For my plants and just to look out. Then we added these lights from Lamps Plus. Now they are the exact same lights that I showed you a moment ago here in the living room. The only difference is the ones in the living room have the brass at the top of the shade and these here are the black all the way. Then we’ve got this light which used to have little glass covers but we broke one and instead of replacing it we just took them all off and put in Edison bulbs. The kitchen island is a $20 thrift shop find that we added a new top to and painted. We’re gonna put something different in the new house. That’s what we had for this. Then there’s a little bit of open shelving which I like a touch of but not a crazy amount. And then this room leads into our mudroom. Which also has our laundry room and then our brand new bathroom that I have just showed you recently. Now this mudroom of course usually has tons of kids’ shoes. But I removed if for the photos. And of course there’s a chalkboard and we keep back here shopping bags and egg cartons and milk jars and all that. Over here off of the mudroom is the laundry room and guest bathroom. Alright I’m gonna take you guys outside in the backyard. It is not as show worthy as the front, that’s for sure. Um, strictly a place for the kids to play. Um, so we have here a playground which we found on Craigslist and kind of fixed up. It’s awesome. It has a curly slide, a monkey bars, and all that stuff. A trampoline and then a garage. Then the back of the house is a lot like the front of the house. Really it’s almost like a mirror image on the back. I know I’m gonna get a lot of questions about why we’re moving because we do love our home. It’s really cute, in my opinion, we fixed it up and we love it. But there is not much space. So this whole lot that we’re sitting on is about .23, about a quarter of an acre. And it was perfect for us as a starter home. Something that we could afford. As you know we were able to pay it off really quickly, so it was what we could afford. But we are ready to upgrade and get some more space. Our kids are getting bigger. And so it’s just time for us to upgrade and move on to something that can fit our family a little bit better. But this, for someone with little kids, um, it’s actually – we neighbor a park. You can see here. It is literally our backyard is a public park. And that was awesome. I’d go over there and my friends would come with their kids. I met so many moms over there and I would see people I know and run over there with my kids. So fun. But, we’ve outgrown it. Now it has um, walking, like a third of a mile of paved walking trails, which is great. But I can’t send my kids out there on their own, obviously because it’s a public park. And so I just want somewhere where we can just play and have some privacy. Alright now, going up the stairs. We’ve done a lot of things with these stairs. We’ve had carpet on them. We’ve had them wood but the wood was really messed up. We’ve had it with a runner. And now at the moment they’re just painted white. If I was staying here, I’d probably paint maybe a different color or paint a runner on. But I’m just gonna leave that up to the next buyer. We just had a fabric delivery so there’s tons of fabric to finish out the rest of our orders. Alright this little room here is just kind of the landing at the top of the steps. We’ve added these built-ins and the reason for that is this here was a ledge before – all the way out – that kids could’ve walked out and fallen all the way down. Which would be terrible. So this was the best solution that we could come up with. And then we hid another little bookshelf over here just for added storage. Now I shared this room on this blog and YouTube channels so you’ve seen it. I’ll link it in the cards and the description below but it’s our boys’ room. And it’s pretty straightforward. We keep this room very decluttered. We do just keep very few toys and clothes and books in here. This is pretty much it because I don’t want to be cleaning all the time. So for more details and sources on this room, go ahead and check out the link in the description below. We’ve got some original shiplap in here and then we have hardwoods that my husband and I refinished. Mostly my husband, but it was all blue, ugly carpet up here before. Alright going across the way is my girls’ room. Now in both rooms we put the shiplap on the ceiling which I shared a tutorial for on this channel. They do have this desk which is normally full of stuff then I added a new pole for their closet door just because it looks pretty. I did paint the back of the girls’ closet with chalkboard paint just to make it a little bit more fun. Now both my girls’ and boys’ room have the exact same light fixutre and ceiling treatment. This room here, off the girls’ room is the room that I’ve ran my pillow and fabric by the yard business for the last two and a half years. Now I’m recording this video just a bit out of order because the day that I was recording this full home tour I had all three of my workers here getting out the last of the pillow orders before we closed our shop. And it was just a madness. So at this time most of the stuff is in the trailer because it is moving day. Uh, tomorrow everything has to be out. I do still have my computer in here because I’m gonna be editing this video to get it out to you guys today. So this room doesn’t look exactly like its been looking just because it’s so cleared. There was tons of fabric and pillows. In this closet we had stacked full of inventory but we just actually had the post office guy come and get the last of it a few minutes ago. And that’s about to go in the trailer as well. So. So here’s an overall shot of the fourth bedroom that we’ve never actually used as a bedroom. We actually built this desk right in here. We used some cabinets, some base cabinets and we built the top and I acutally have a post on the blog about that. So if you’re curious to make something like this for your craft room, if you have a long area, you can. Now we can’t take it with us because we built it in here. So we checked with the buyer and he is okay with us leaving it. I guess he does not need this as a bedroom so he’s gonna use it for something else. But if you have a spot where you can build something like this, check the blog. Now here right off the kitchen is the master. Lots of pictures of this bedroom on the blog and I have a tutorial for how to do the plank wall. I’ll link that below, I have a tutorial on painting with milk paint because I painted this dresser with milk paint and then I painted these nightstands with chalkpaint. I painted this dresser with chalkpaint. Everything is just mismatched and collected from various thrift shops and things like that. I sewed all the pillow covers here and here. And I have this slipcover I made, there’s also a tutorial for that. You can make over any bench with a slipcover like that. The lights, I get a lot of questions about the lights – they’re found from a thrift shop unfortunately, er, not a thrift shop. I’m sorry. A garage sale. They were $5 for the pair so I wish I could tell you a source but I can’t. The bed I can definitely give you a source for. I’ll leave that in the description below and in the blog post. And the rug as well, I have a source for that. Our closet’s pretty small but we make it work with the dressers and everything. Our new farmhouse doesn’t have any closets at all. So. Good thing we are not people with many clothes. So right off the master is the, of course, master bath. We did a full renovation. This was down to the studs. So if you wanna see the before pictures, I will probably insert a few above but then I’ll also leave a link to the blog post below so you can check out the sources, where I got everything, all the projects we did. We refinished a clawfoot tub that I found on Craigslist for $200. We did some hexagon tile here with the gray grout. We did subway tile all the way around pretty much and then we did beadboard on the ceilings because it was popcorn ceiling and it was just the easiest way to get rid of it. We did add this window here because the owner’s previous to us had taken out an original window and put in a shower insert here. Well we just kind of re-installed the spot where the original window was and then I had my cousin help us build some matching farmhouse window trim that kind of matched the rest of the windows in our home. And then here I found this sink at a garage sale for $35. Which was one of my most proudest garage sale-ing moments. And it was actually the same garage sale that I found the lights over there and so that was a very big bonus because it was just like 40 bucks and I got all this decor. And I had my cousin help us build a custom vanity for it and I found the mirror on Craigslist and then I’ll leave a link below for the light sources and all of the various decor. The faucets that I have here on the sink and over here in the tub, that’s a new faucet. Did not come with it but I wanted something that would kind of honor the old school tub. Alright guys, well I hate that we are now just gonna be moving out after I showed you this. But don’t worry, there’ll be plenty more farmhouse home tours with our new farmhouse that we’re moving to. Alright well thank you so much for watching this video. If you’re brand new, please hit that subscribe button. I make two new videos every week on food from scratch, natural living, and a handmade home. Thank you so much for stopping by our current farmhouse.


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