Ghosts of Wilkesboro – Candlelight Ghost Tour – Received 2013 Midsouth Emmy® Nomination

[Wolf howling] The Carolinas are well known for their
ghost stories and we discovered that in Wilkes County there are historic personalities that
some say still make themselves known to the
citizens and to the visitors of Wilkesboro. Now it’s time for you to decide. [Howling] [Thunder] [Man] I’m going tell you a ghost story. We’re gonna start with the gentleman
behind me. his name is Ben Cleveland. Ben Cleveland began to hunt down and track down and prosecute Tories. Now, Tories were those people who were loyalists to the crown. Ben Cleveland hated them, thought them to be traitors of the utmost proportion, and he felt it his Christian duty
to do away with them. He began to really, really hang every Tory he possibly could. In fact, nine of those Tories were hanged on the Tory Oak. This is the side of the Tory Oak where Ben Cleveland hanged nine Tories. Ben Cleveland was a fierce patriot. He believed that anybody who was loyal to the King, was actually miserable. He was quoted as saying, we have to put these people out of their misery,’ [Thunder] Ben Cleveland was noted as almost a terrorist, kind of like a guerrilla warfare type of person. One of the Tories tried to bribe
the guard before breakfast and Ben Cleveland had just sat down to breakfast. He got up, went outside, hanged the man, and came back and finished his breakfast. [Thunder] [Man] This is a real flight cabin built in 1837. [Indistinguishable] about the Civil War right there, as the South was collapsing, a shortage a money. They sold two of the children out of here, a little girl and a little boy. They were ages five and twelve. This caused a great deal of hatred in the family right here, and being of the Voodoo religion, they put a curse on the family right there and the former [well], writing in an inscription on the wall there that is still written. Some people came and analyzed it from North Carolina Archaeology Department out of Raleigh, and said it was made of coal, tar, and kerosene. It looked like three Ws with three
little inscriptions there. But this supposedly meant the death and destruction to the family that lived in the bigger house, right here. [Strange growling] [Woman] Well, this building, the Old Wilkes Jail, is probably the most haunted building in all of Wilkesboro. Many paranormal groups have come
to investigate here and the lady’s cell next door, where Anne Milton was held for the murder of Lara Foster, along with
Tom Daley. A lady whispering has been heard. [Eerie whispering] Several EVPs, Electronic Voice Phenomena have been captured here in the men’s holding cell downstairs. A group from Lenore captured what sounded like a multitude of people talking at the
same time, Maybe many people who had been arrested on a rowdy Saturday night. [Woman] Where the holding cell, this would have been the room that the drunken and disorderly
people would have been thrown, probably after a court date, before they
were either released, or put upstairs in a more permanent
cell. And you can tell from the door, that there’s bars there, so there wouldn’t be any contact with these drunken and disorderly people. Now this is a brigadier general, James B. Gordon. He was the highest-ranking officer in
the Confederacy from Wilkes County and according to many records the most
eligible bachelor of all the Confederate officers. But what’s really interesting about this particular picture, is that people have reported it actually winking at them, especially young girls. So, many people think that when he suddenly winks at these young
girls, that maybe he’s still trying to pick somebody up. [Ding] [Man] We’re in the home of Robert Cleveland, the whole reason he stood in Parsonsville, where he built a house in 1779. Lots of interesting things have happened in this home as far as paranormal activity. one activity is people sometimes come
to this mirror, but they look in the mirror, they don’t
see themselves, but they see an apparition of a Revolutionary Soldier. [Spooky giggle] Another paranormal activity reported in the Cleveland house, is the rocking chair to my left. Robert’s first wife, Ellie Mathis Cleveland, had 10 children; the last two were twin daughters. About two weeks after their birth, one of the twins died alone with Ellie. People have come on tours, as
well as other business, to the Cleveland house have seen apparitions of a woman rocking in the rocking chair. [Narative] Is it possible these historic figures continue to express themselves from beyond? [Music-box playing] [Thunder] The Old Wilkes Candlelight Ghost Tour, you now have a chance find out for yourself.

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