2 thoughts on “Getting Ready for G20 – Day Trading Live, Option Trading, Robinhood App & Personal Finance

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      Super helpful stuff today for rookies like myself. Tuned in for only about an hour or so, during the 11ish phone call. Never considered using dividend stocks as wealth protection. Great stuff. I hear you on all the stuff on using information as leverage, but putting that aside, great work my guy.
      Your contribution to general public no names like myself has been invaluable!

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      I got in late and nobody replied to me, but it was interesting. I need to get an iPad. I hate computers and I hate sitting with my right arm in the computer mouse position. I did that for years and it has permanently damaged my right arm. Since the smart world has come out I haven’t had to use a mouse anymore 🙂 i’m chasing shit was iPhone 6 and an iPhone 4. I watched a video last night and I think I’m going to get an iPad mini. The only thing is I think I might be unhappy I didn’t get a full sized one.
      Been using Robin Hood since mid April. I’ve made $30 profits, not including dividends til 6/28.
      I have a criminal record for fights and I got caught with something in 2006. I did my time I should be treated like I did. I hate the man but I am enjoying learning how to make money off of him.

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