Fresh Flower Centerpiece DIY for Wedding or Party Decoration

Prepare the floral tray for arrangement. Cut a piece of pre-soaked wet foam. Place and secure it with waterproof tapes. Get some leather leaf ferns, cut them in smaller pieces to green the wet foam in different directions. Add pink snapdragons at both ends. Insert open green lilies on top. Arrange more flowers all around. Flowers used: white football mums, pink roses, alstroemerias, purple stocks, mini pink carnations, purple tulips, white asters & yellow solid asters. Get a small clear plastic tray (planter liner). Cut the pre-soaked wet foam to fit into the liner. Secure the foam with waterproof tapes. Cut flowers in shorter stems. Arrange them all around into a half-sphere shape. Flowers used: yellow and pink roses in standard & mini sizes, mini carnations. Insert ferns b/w flowers. Make a dozen white tulle picks with floral wires and folded tulle ribbons. Insert the tulle picks all around the arrangement to add the finishing touch. You can make a few of the same arrangements and place them at your event for decoration. Container used is a red wooden box. Cut a piece of cellophane to line the box. Put the wet foam in. Trim off excess cellophane. Secure the wet foam with waterproof floral tapes. Green the foam with leather leaf ferns and salal leaves. Add gerbera daisies in 4 directions. Arrange roses, alstroemerias, purple statice flowers all around. Lovely centerpiece to decorate your special event. You can use different types of flowers to make similar style centerpiece!

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