Faux Flowers & Brooch Wedding Bouquet | DIY Brooch Wedding Bouquet tutorial

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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I’m gonna show you how to make an
elegant and romantic flower brooch bouquet for the bride who wants to look
extra special and sparkly on her special day here we go I’m actually making this intro after
already making my flower brooch bouquet featuring sparkly and beautiful brooches
from totally that’s all and guys I love I am so in love with it so much so that
I asked my husband to marry me all over even yesterday just so we could use it
guys oh my gosh we love her to do let’s get started with the video
alright guys to make my floral brooch bouquet I am going to be using three
different types of four flowers I am going to be using ivory roses ivory
peonies and paint dahlias and the very first thing I’m going to do is cut them
off the bouquet which means that I’m going to cut them as long as possible so
I’m just going to cut this off and all of these flowers that I have here are
from Michaels so these stems are a little longer
before they unite right here at the end but if you are going to buy flowers from
Dollar Tree they are going to be a little shorter so you may have to open
this with your exacto knife and pull them off individually okay so in total I have two bouquets of ivory
roses which are going to be the base of my bouquet and then I have one bouquet
of ivory pew knees which are going to make my bouquet look very elegant
because that’s just what they do peonies are good for that and then I
have my pink dahlias only one bouquet for a pop of color so I’m going to start
putting the base together and I’m going to pull all my leaves out now I’m just
going to grab them one by one and place them next to the other until I
make a round a nice looking bouquet and all right look at that that looks
pretty pretty good so now I’m going to go ahead and start placing my puny is
now and make sure to take off all the leaves on that as well I’m going to add
one right in here I’m gonna add about degree I’m gonna add another the
opposite let’s add one right here alright so yeah
so three is perfect and if you feel like he’s just blending in I’m going to add
bigger brooches to this one so I kind of need it to be bigger and puny czar just
very beautiful flowers now I’m going to go ahead and add my
dahlias okay so make sure to grab the smallest flowers you find in a bouquet
to me these three were their smallest so that’s what I’m going to use and this is
going to be the front of my bouquet okay I want one of my puny sube at the front
and I’m going to grab and you see the prettiest one guess what I’m going to
place it right in here and then I’m gonna grab another one and this one right here I may or may not
add more jolliest later but for now I am going to leave it as it is so next I am
going to wrap where’s my wire next I am going to use floral wire to wrap my
stems together and keep the bouquet together so I just cut the wire and I’m
just going to twist it together again now I’m going to tie it again
right here in this midsection because there are some stems that are shorter
right here in the middle so I’m going to go ahead and wrap that together this is
what it’s looking like so far and I’m going to cut this I’m going to trim it
so it can all be the same size and I’m gonna go ahead and give it one
last wire wrap right here at the bottom and it should look something like this
all right and here is where you make sure that all
your flowers are in the position that you want it to be so I’m going to nip
and tuck a little bit okay so here is what it looks like with all of the nip
and tuck it’s very pretty but as you can see is well proportion this way but not
back here so what I’m going to do is squeeze another Dahlia back here I knew
that won’t happen but you know I just didn’t want to over
do it but it’s necessary so the stem is a little shorter and I’m just going to
squeeze it in the middle of right here and there she is
well proportion now and ready to go now I’m going to go ahead and use floral
tape to cover of the fire and these steps I’m going to add a
little bit of hot glue right here and then I’m going to start rolling now I’m
going to place this one-and-a-half base lace ribbon over the tape and I’m going
to basically wrap it around this same way I’m going to add a little little hot
glue right here and I’m just going to go ahead and wrap it around there are going
to be some areas where destem is a little skinnier or smaller so just go
ahead and wrap it around twice on that area so we can all look like the same
size at the end I’m gonna bring it down to make it thicker and you can choose to
leave it right there but I’m going to go back up one more time this time I’m
going to add a little bit of glue right here that looks good so I’m gonna go
ahead and cut back here and then I’m just going to blue it down I’m gonna go ahead and cover this at the
bottom all you’re gonna do is just put a little piece a little glue be careful I
already burned myself so many times so just place it right in there and that’s that very easy next I’m going
to be placing some of these beautiful brooches from totally dazzled on my
flowers guys these are gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous and don’t be alarmed
by the way they look I know they look very expensive but they are totally
affordable and I’m gonna have all the information for you in the description
box below so what I’m thinking is that I’m going to start with the front this
is my back so with this one let me give you some room so you guys can see there
you go so I’m just going to apply hot glue to the back of the brooch and place
it right inside my flowers I’m going to be leaving the pins on because I’m going
to be using these beautiful brooches for future projects so I don’t want to mess
them up but if you don’t want to use the pin all you have to do is grab some wire
cutters and cut them off but to tell you the truth I don’t think it really
matters I think it will be just fine if you leave them on anyway so I’m just
going to look at this and here is the finished up part of the
bouquet for the bottom part of my bouquet for
the stem I have two looks in mind there’s this one it’s a bit smaller and
this one is a little bit grand and I absolutely love it so let’s test it out so here is the small one and your ears
the bigger one look at that I think this is set guys this is the one so I’m just
going to go ahead and clip it on Wow Wow that’s beautiful
love it and last but absolutely not least I am going to be placing this
rhinestone trim to the bottom of my bouquet I did thought about placing the
diamond wrap from Dollar Tree but you can totally see the difference between
the glass and the plastic and I wanted this to match perfectly to the brooches
from totally dazzled and this is only about four inches long and it cost me 85
cents so you know I went for it I just have to make a look as best as I can all
right so I’m just going to go ahead and glue it to the bottom of the bouquet so
I can polish and finish up the look perfect okay guys this is it this is my
elegant and romantic floral brooch bouquet and it is absolutely oh my gosh
guys absolutely breathtaking the way that the different brooch is flowy one
another to me is absolute perfection love it I hope you guys enjoy this video
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