hey guys what's up and welcome back to my channel if you are new here my name is Amanda and today I am going to be sharing with you our fourth and fifth week renovation progress on our first house flip we will not be living in this house if you like electical are kinda getting confused about that we will not be living here wheres we just bought this stairway just to flip it and so forth we could really just spend replacing our roof if you're new here it was it was like collapsing and all different spots so we had to get that done you know so that the exterior paint it and then you can see behind me this wall started getting that taken out and I'll just a the love you through the inside of the house I have kitchen plans in my hands too so I can kinda go over all that with you and I get really this and I'll take you outside and I'll show you the paintings up in the difference this will all be open into the living room so basically right here where I'm standing we're gonna have a huge kitchen island and I love our exterior paint colors so much its Sherwin Williams slate tile if you can we bring it inside and I'm going to paint the island be Sherwin Williams the slate tile color it's really pretty and then for the countertop on the island we do like a wooden chopping block kind of look so it should look really pretty I'm over here is you'll you'll see we're gonna have a hood range right here and then we'll have our oven stove right here we're getting everything converted over to gas as well so this is quite the present we're going ham on this to the right of it there will be a little more cabinet and drawer space and every single end right at this window so above me like I said above the oven we're gonna have the hood net and then I'll have some floating shelves on each side and tile just going all the way up to the ceiling in this area we're all the dishwasher right here with some cabinets or what's up with the countertop going over to the sink I'm going through your contrasting countertops like I said I'll do a wooden a lot for the island on this countertop I think I'm just gonna do like a white was like a great marble or something very basic and so we'll have the sink here there will be some cabinets underneath here with like a lazy susan there will be some magnets up here as well corner cabinet cabinet just more cabinets and drawers down here refrigerator will go right here and then over it will be some more habits and I'll kind of show you so like this how is that looking on there so this will just kind of give you an idea of what the kitchen will look like without the island right in the middle this wall right here I don't know if I mentioned this rich and I were considering closing off that little mudroom area over there because it's open for a pantry but now what we're going to do since this closet right over here it's just massive it's just so big we're going to put like a wall through here and just kind of close it off and take up some of that space it'll still be huge and then cut out an area right here big enough to put some shelves in there and maybe just two little basic what do you call those doors sort of like white doors with this box whatever they're called those those just won't hold this put those right here so then you'll have a ton of space here for your canned goods and whatever else you want to put in your pantry over here we did through too much in here but this will be washer/dryer and then this wall I think I'm just going to make this like a really pretty boutique-style closets so down the middle we'll probably just have some shelves for purses or shoes and then they'll be who do you call those bars to hang your clothes here maybe more bars here maybe some drawers if you want to like have some of your stuff hidden I'll keep these I think even though they're the old ones whatever I'll work with it we're gonna paint them and try to work with it I guess I should say and if it doesn't work out we'll put the shelf there some and that's basically it for over here really inside the only other stuff we got done was priming some of the rooms and the back to one whole week there so I feel like it was raining so much in Pennsylvania the roof collapse like at least two times tell me about the house right mm-hmm assuming I swear as soon as we got the roof your place during a you can thank guys so this is just one of the rooms that I like to say I do a lot of the the MCCCD torque but I mean it's going to be but I just take it away from the wall so you'll be able to get that out of here now and a ton of work just done in here I'll try to insert a picture of what I want this bathroom to look like it's gonna be really pretty this tub will be moved down to this side over here roughly and we'll have us like that floating what do you call it is a soaking tub so with one of those and then on this wall we're gonna have one shower head and then we'll do like a half glass wall that comes out of here and this will all be tiled in here so your bath of your shower like the same stereo not like how they are most else it's not like a shower in about I don't know I'll try to insert that you're so you get what I'm saying and then we'll just have vanity here and the toilet will be there inside there's nothing really in the basement that was my last video okay so oh you know what let's shuffle the ceiling in the kitchen and also he ripped out all the drywall kitchen one because but we are going to be adding bald in installation none of this wall has information in it bizarre but the Attic back to and this all had to go it was it pretty pretty rough shape so whoever lights out well it's probably going to be getting a brand new house almost like this nice foundation or whatever these exterior but chuckling boy see a hunter for our first flow outside will take out here not too much super exciting but that should last about thirty years and then I'll try to insert a clip of the old color it was I think it looks really pretty with both the slate and the brick they can come over here you kind of see the old it felt like right along that my job so you can sign it through the old color and then I think most of like the trim that we have to paint I think we're gonna go with Sherwin Williams or no we are gonna go with Sherwin Williams snow black snow bound it's white but it has like a little tint of grey in it so it should help to really pull out that grayish blue and just so that's a pretty DS v do if you liked it please make sure you give a thumbs up and subscribe if you are interested in following along on our journey hopefully this would be first of many until next time I will see you later bye guys


  • Vane & Emma Vlogs says:

    GIRL yes the picture of the kitchen gave me a better idea because Im honestly not those type of people that can just see the wall and imagine it😩🥵 but I’m loving the way you setting everything up🤩

  • Crosley’s Toy Party says:

    Looks good! ❤️

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