Hey guys, I’m Alexandra,
a decor expert. Welcome to my series, Make My
Space Work, where I am helping entrepreneurs make over
their office spaces. These are people who are in
desperate need of a change. So I am here to help all the while
sticking to a very tight budget. Today I’m helping Edo, who is a
full time student and also somehow building a business. She’s like a super woman and I’m so
excited that I get to make over her space. And the craziest part of this
makeover is that I just have one day to pull it off. Hey Alexandra! My name’s Edo. I’m a third year nursing student
in university, and I’m also an entrepreneur. I’m the founder of NAIJ Hair
Company, which is an online human hair extensions brand. Managing clinicals and nursing
school, with all the papers and tests as well as my business –
which is growing – um, it can get, it can get pretty hectic! Sometimes I’ll be working hard for
like three weeks on end and I’ll burn out for, like, four days. And burnout looks like me being in
my bed, like, can’t do anything, like, can’t move. My room is basically everything. It’s where I work on my business. It’s where I also sleep. It’s where I meditate. It’s where I do yoga flows. It’s where I work on my schoolwork. It’s where I kind of coordinate
everything that’s going on in my life. So it’s really the central
space, and I love how it’s super functional for me. Um, but there’s some
rooms for improvement. Definitely. So that is my desk. This beautiful, beautiful,
expensive piece of furniture was purchased on the side of the road. Here’s my bed. Unfortunately, I do work on here
sometimes, even though I know that I’m not supposed to, but I just
like the idea of being cozy. So basically what I would like to
see in here is probably more of a separation between
working and resting. And also just keeping the whole
minimalistic kind of vibe. Please make my space work for me. Can I just say that I can’t even
believe how much Edo has on the go? I thought my life was busy. She’s, like, basically plotting to
take over the world and she gets it done all in this tiny bedroom. So I really want to create a space that has division,
that has a sleeping area, a lounge area, and also a workspace. Fingers crossed. This is going to be a challenge. It is day one and the only
day of Edo’s makeover. Usually we have a prep
day…oh, hello Lottie. Usually we have a prep day but for
Edo’s we’re doing this makeover in all one day. I, I know we can do it. I was gonna say: “I
think we can do it.” I know we can do it. I’m so excited. Unlike Edo I have a separate place
to sleep and my bedroom is really a tranquil place for me. So I totally understand how Edo’s
feeling, ummm, in the sense that she’s, like, “I can never
separate work and life.” We have a budget of $900, which is kind of nuts because I am
buying her all new furniture. Nothing in that bedroom
is staying except her bed. So wish me luck. Ready Lottie? Just kidding! You’re not coming. First things first, we got to
get everything out of this space. The thing about Edo’s bedroom is
that I feel like a lot of people are going to think: “Oh! Put up a physical divider in
her room so that it really does separate her bed
from her workspace.” But I’m working with such a tight
space that I don’t think a divider makes sense. So instead I’m going to try and
create moments in her space and I feel like this is a great
tip for you guys at home. If you are struggling with
the layout of your space, take everything out of your room
and then bring it back in. You’ll have a new perspective. Your whole room will be empty. You’ll look at corners differently. This is something I love to do
when I’m starting a new project. Before this desk leaves Edo’s room
I think we all need to just take a moment to thank it for
the time it has served. She found this on
the side of the road. She’s literally built her business
and done all of her nursing school work sitting at this
desk, but it’s got to go. Yeah, it’s just got to go. Okay, glad we had that moment. Now it’s going back on the side of the road. Okay, I said this is going
back on the side of the road. Um, it’s going in the garbage. You guys missed that, but the whole
thing just, like, collapsed, like, it’s done. It’s…the day, the day has come. Now that everything is out of her
room, I am looking at this bed and thinking: “This needs to move.” Just pivoting this bed a little
already makes this room feel so different. It doesn’t feel that much bigger,
so I have a tight space to work with. It already feels like this
is the sleeping corner. One side is for work and the other
side is for relaxing and unwinding, and it’s going to allow me to kind
of create like an invisible line down the middle of her bedroom. So because Edo doesn’t have a ton
of space to work with, and because she wants to keep things minimal,
I thought: “Why not put her nightstand on the wall?” So I found this beautiful,
beautiful floating shelf. I love the texture in the leather. This oak is amazing. And now we’re not taking up any
floor space, which is such a great tip for you guys at home
who live in small spaces. It’s kind of like, think outside
the box when you buy your furniture. Instead of getting your traditional
night table, get something a little different. So next step, I have to find a
place to put all of Edo’s clothes now that we’ve gotten
rid of that hutch. I’m actually thinking of taking a
risk, doing something that seems very not minimal, and putting
all of her clothes on display. I’ve wanted to use one
of these for so long. Okay, let’s see. This looks so, so good. So this open closet is going to,
not only be functional, but it’s also going to be decorative. I’m saving budget. I’m not buying her a whole new
wardrobe system or trying to find a solution that’s going
to hide her clothes. I’m just putting them on display
and spending just over $100 on a beautiful wardrobe solution. Okay, next step is to bring
a dresser in this space. Well, I’ve got a
dresser alternative. She’s going to hang all her clothes
here, but then Edo needs somewhere to put her socks, her shoes, you
know, all of that stuff, um, tucked away. And so I’m thinking that it’s
gonna go right under here. I love the texture of this piece
and it’s gonna actually help warm up the room a little bit. Even though Edo likes things super
clean, super white, and super minimal, I just didn’t
want it to feel too stark. And a really great way to avoid
this is to bring in texture and some neutral colors. If you can believe it, I fit
everything that was in that hutch in this tiny dresser system and
the clothing rail, and I’m so happy about it. Next up is adding a light to
this beautiful high ceiling. I wanted to hang a pendant up
here to draw the eye upwards. I am obsessed with this light. I’ve used it many times. But the texture is
perfect for this room. The color is perfect. It’s very, like,
Scandinavian inspired. If I was to marry a piece of
decor, it would be this light. We’ve spent so much time together. We’ve been, like, so
many places together. I understand it and
it understands me. So this table looks very similar to
Edo’s old table but pros to this: it has a drawer. She asked specifically
for a drawer. And it’s not going to fall
apart…like the other one literally crumbled into pieces. This one is sturdy, it’s beautiful,
and still very, very minimal. And then to complete this
little set up we have this lovely velvet, pink chair. I feel like a lot of people think
that your office chair needs to be one of those, like, rolly chairs
with the back support and, like, that’s great and wonderful, but you
can totally think outside the box. So I actually got
Edo a dining chair. Um, this is velvet, so
it’s really comfortable. It’s warm, it’s cozy. It’s still a very neutral color. Um, but it’s, it’s super
comfortable and it looks really pretty as well. On second thought, this is where
Edo had her desk before, but I’m thinking I might slide it over a
little bit so she can see out the window, cause she has this
beautiful natural light coming through. That feels so much better! Also, my goal in this space was
really to create a divide between her bed and her work area, and
there’s so much more space than there was before. Like, before her bed was
practically touching her desk and now there’s all this space and it
just feels really, really separate. Edo needs storage, and this is
particularly important in any space, but especially when you’re
working with kind of a minimal space: you need a place to tuck all
of those things away that you need. For Edo’s business she
has lots of hair tools. She has lots of cords
and camera equipment. But not really
anywhere to store them. They were kind of all on this side
under her old desk or on her old desk. So my plan is to use these simple
white storage boxes and tuck everything away. So now Edo has all of this storage
that is functional, but also decorative for under
$75: it’s a win. Because Edo has this big blank wall
above her bed, I knew that I had to put some art up here. The thing is, when I was looking
online, big art pieces that are framed are so expensive, and
framing is super expensive. So a budget solution for framing
is to get these magnetic wooden hangers. They’re really minimal. They hang super nicely and they’re
under $20 each, and they hold a poster size, which is amazing. Okay, I’m gonna take a step back. See what that looks like. That is so cute. Accent chairs can get pricey. Sometimes they, like, cost
basically the same as a new couch. I’m not sure why, I guess because
they’re just really beautiful. If you guys don’t want to splurge
on like a $700 arm chair, I get it. Who would want to do that? Just go and get a simple chair and
then dress it up at home yourself to make it feel more
cozy and inviting. So what I’m doing here is just
wrapping a faux sheepskin on the seat cushion and I’m adding a
really beautiful decorative and textured cushion. This adds comfort and coziness to
this corner, but it also makes the chair just look that
much more elevated. Because this is such a small room I
am hanging a mirror here to bounce the light off from the window, make
the space feel so much bigger, and obviously it’s functional. It’s by Edo’s clothing. She can check out her outfits
before she leaves for the day. Next, it’s the finishing touches. I cannot believe we pulled
this off in a day. I need to make sure that
I’ve stayed within budget. Final budget counter? $999.69. Ahhh okay. That’s, that’s very close. I am 31 cents under budget, which
I have to say is an accomplishment considering the fact that I got
rid of all of Edo’s furniture and replaced it with new items: a desk,
a desk chair, a wardrobe system, open shelving. So it’s kind of a miracle that I
didn’t go over $1000, to be honest. Okay. It’s time to bring in Edo. So I want you to picture what
your room looked like before. You needed some serious
division of your space. You needed a hangout area. Yes I know what I needed! A desk area. A bed area. Okay, are you ready? Yes. On the count of three. Okay? One. Two. Three. Oh, no freaking way. What in the world?! This is so cute! Oh my God. This is actually, I
love this so much. Yay, I’m so glad! Wow. Thank you so much. This is like a whole –
. Did you see the light? No, I didn’t even…that’s so cute! This is genuinely my reaction,
like I’m so flabbergasted. Are you shocked? Yes! Good! And I can read in that chair. So my idea was just by turning your
bed now you’re not looking at your desk. Yeah. You’re looking at your
beautiful clothes. Yeah. Which, I love the colors of
your clothes, by the way. They’re like, perfectly minimal. I’m like shaking. Thank you so much. One more hug. Sure! Thank you. Thank you, thank you,
thank you, oh my gosh. Thank you guys so
much for watching. I really hope that you enjoyed this
episode and got some tips for your own home, whether it’s your
office or your bedroom. Let me know in the comments
down below what your biggest organization struggle
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to like this space? Oh, you’re asleep. Cutie.

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