Easter Tablescape | Inspired By Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home

Easter Tablescape | Inspired By Pottery Barn and Williams Sonoma Home

Coming up on this episode of Designed to the
Nines, we are culminating the past three weeks of episodes of designer knockoffs and dupes
into one awesome episode where we do our Easter tablescape. So if you’re interested in seeing that, stay
tuned. Welcome to
Designed to the Nines! I’m NataLee Callahan, and if we’ve never met
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love it if you joined me because we try to have a lot of fun on here, but I know that
it would be even more fun if you joined me. So, on this week’s episode, I am participating
in DIY Mommy’s Spring Decor Challenge. So after watching this episode, make sure
you go over and watch hers and really all of the amazing and talented individuals on
that playlist. So I’ll provide the link below. This week, I am so totally excited about it
because for the past several weeks we have been doing several projects all culminating
for this moment. All the designer knockoffs, all the Pottery
Barn, Williams-Sonoma, and all of those things are going to be on our Easter table. So let’s get started, and let’s set our table. Okay. Before we get too far into this, I’m just
wondering what you think of my dining room table makeover? I am so happy with how it turned out, but
let me know in the comment section below what you think about the before and after now that
you get to see the whole thing. If you’ve watched any of my tablescaping videos
before, and you know that I have kind of a process of how I go about setting my table,
and usually it starts out with a crisp white tablecloth, but this time I wanted to shake
things up because I have a lot more natural elements that I’m bringing in for Easter,
and so this time we’re starting out with the linen tablecloth. By now, you certainly know that I love to
use wrapping paper on top of my tablecloth. And the one that I selected today I got at
the Dollar Tree, and I just loved it because it had kind of like that natural craft paper
look, but it had little flowers on it that were in white, but it was really subtle, kind
of like a nice little textural nod to spring, and I just love it. Let’s put it on. Just barely enough for my really long table. I also like to add an additional runner. Again, it’s always about layering and adding
more texture when you are tablescaping. In my Thanksgiving poolside tablescape, I’ll
put the link above, I used a burlap runner and I’m going to use that again. The one I did was outside and my table’s longer
in here, so I’m going to make another one. So, it looks like I had just barely enough,
and the end is kind of wrinkled so I’m going to go iron that real quick and then we’ll
put it back on. Okay. So one of the really awesome things about
tablescaping is, just like with our burlap runner, you can sometimes reuse things. You know, I probably won’t reuse the wrapping
paper because we’ll get stuff and drips and spills on it, but the things like the tablecloths
and the runners and things, you can reuse them. Just put them with different decor and get
a totally different look. Okay, so for my floral center piece, this
was super easy. You can totally do this. What I did was start out with a trifle dish
and a wide mouth mason jar. And I put that in the center and then I filled
just some Easter eggs, speckled Easter eggs that I got at the Dollar Tree. Now, they came in with purples and yellows
and pinks as well, but I only opted to do the blue, greens, and whites because it kind
of matched my decor already. But I love all the pastels and that would
look really fantastic on your table if that works with your decor. As far as the flowers, I have a few flowers
in here that are super nice that I have around my house all the time. And I bent them and just reuse them and make
it work. And then I mixed them in with lots of bunches
of white flowers from the Dollar Tree, probably like seven or eight and I just, I didn’t even
cut them off the bushes. I just shoved them in and kind of intertwined
them a little bit. And honestly, it’s just a mounded flower arrangement. Super easy to do. Seven or eight bushes and then a couple of
nice flowers that I had are from around the house. And bam! You have an awesome centerpiece for
Easter. I don’t know if you recognize this tray, but
I featured this in my Valentines tutorial. It was filled with the little tea lights. Well, I went to Michaels and got some of this
grass mat and cut it down to fit inside of it. And the grass mat was like regularly $10,
but Michaels is always having like 50% off or 40% off coupons. So I was able to grab this for $6 because
it was on a 40% off sale. And I also grabbed these other little speckled
Easter eggs from Michaels as well. They were $3 a bag. I think I got … Did I get two bags or one
bag? I don’t remember. But they were $3 a bag and they are so cute. So we’re going to put that right down low
in front. So, on my last episode, you will remember
that I did a dupe of Pottery Barn’s, I think they’re called bunny ivy topiaries or something
like that. These look a little bit different than what
I showed you, but I kept looking at it, and I felt like it was missing a little something
extra. And so I actually happened to have some of
this greenery on hand, this variegated stuff, and I decided to add it on. And it just really took it over the top, and
it really added that something that I felt like it was missing. I got it on a clearance sale, so I probably
didn’t pay more than a dollar for the greenery. And I’ve added it to all of our moss bunnies
from last tutorial. So we’re going to put them on now. You’ll notice on this one, I ended up placing
it on a little cupcake stand just to give it a little height to balance out with the
other side. So we’ll just tuck them in here. I love these little bunnies. They’re probably one of my favorite knockoffs. Just to balance things out with the other
side weight-wise, I got this little sign at Ross that says, “Hello, honey bunny.” Anyways, I thought that would look really
cute on our tablescape. So I just wanted to add a few finishing touches. I’ve got a whole bunch of these moss-covered
stone things that I got at the Dollar Tree, and we’re just going to scatter them in here
and just fill it in a little bit. And then I also have some of these extras
of the speckled eggs. So we’re going to just place them strategically
through. So, on Pottery Barn I saw the most adorable
wood charger plates, and I knew that I wasn’t going to spend $40 a piece. So I found some chargers that had like a wood
look to them on dollartree.com, and honestly, truth be told, they looked a little bit more
wood like than they are. I mean, you can see the grain, but these ones
are definitely more gold, and I was going for more natural, but I think it’s going to
work. And I debated about whether or not to even
use them because I have kind of a double charger thing going on. So I’ll show you what I mean in just a second. But let’s get these on the table. So you’ll notice that I’m only setting the
table for six. I only have six chairs. I’m looking for the perfect captains chairs. I have not yet found them yet so you’ll have
to watch for that because I’m sure that will involve some kind of tutorial for you. So stay tuned for that. Okay, so I mentioned that I had debated whether
or not to even use chargers. I ultimately decided on it because I liked
the added layers. But I got these ivy wreaths at the Dollar
Tree, a dollar a piece, and they are the perfect size for a plate to go on top, and they look
like a nest and we have definitely a nest thing going on. So again, I’m going to use both of them because
I like texture, but you could get away with just using these. So now it’s time to set our dishes, and you’ll
see me use these time and time again. I’m just using everyday white plates. It works out great because we have those decorative
bunny damask plates that we did. I always find that food looks beautiful on
a traditional white plate so it works out great. I just love how the white plate is in a little
bird’s nest. It’s so cute. Okay, so we have our Williams-Sonoma bunny
damask dishes dupe that we did a couple of episodes ago. I’ll put the link up there if you have not
seen that yet and how I did this. I’m so excited to finally put him on my Easter
table. And you’ll notice that I actually did them
in two different colors. So this one’s kind of more of like a steely
blue and this is more of a turquoise. So I’m going to just alternate those every
other chair. This is turning out every bit as cute as I
had hoped. Now we need to let people know where to sit
so it’s time to put on our little place card holders, a dupe of Pottery Barn’s. Spring is in the air. All right, time for stem stemware. Okay, so in our last tutorial we duped some
older napkin rings by Pottery Barn, burlap bunny ears. So we are going to place those now. So cute! And I am just going to place it right on the
edge of the right hand side of the plate. My Easter tablescape is done. I am so thrilled with how it turned out. I hope that you like it too. If you did, let me know in the comment section
below what your favorite element was, and maybe what you didn’t like, or maybe what
you thought I was missing. I like to hear all of your comments, believe
it or not. So thank you so much for stopping by, and
I want to see your Easter table, too. So in order to do that, you can hop on over
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