DIY Rustic Mirror Makeover

DIY Rustic Mirror Makeover

we’ve all been looking online and seeing something that inspired us to create something and that’s what happened here and this is my barnyard rustic meets urban chic mirror that I made with the little ampersand sign and I absolutely loved the way that this turned out it’s such a statement piece on the wall and I really it was a Hail Mary I was looking at this picture online well a bunch of pictures and I just love this color that kind of gray and whitewashed and then I started looking at what the prices were and this was crazy to me $189 for a mirror so I had this one it was just in the garage like I said and this goal to be great for somebody but not for me anymore so I taped it off that’s just wrapping paper in the middle and I started spray-painting and all of the products that I used are gonna be in the description box below so I spray-painted with the flat red at first and you can see it’s not really taking and it’s kind of crackly but I don’t really care because I’m going for that rustic feel so I had the flat red which kind of looks like rust and then this bright red because at first I thought maybe I would leave that kind of peeking through but I decided against that ultimately but that is the rustic red right there and so then what I did was basically just painted the mirror fully with the gray which I literally just mixed black and white paint until I got a color that I liked and then I just mix mix mix it up baby and then we’re just gonna I’m just showing you here what dry brushing is in case you don’t really know what that is cuz I wasn’t a hundred percent sure that it was actually a painting technique I just kind of winged it and then found out that it was a legitimate painting technique who knew so I again I painted it gray and then after it was fully dry you’re gonna come back and you just dip a brush like this just the very tips and have something that you can kind of dab the paint on so you can get all the excess off like you see me doing here you really want to get rid of 90% of it and then you just very very lightly kind of stroke back and forth back and forth and you’re gonna get that look and then if you want it to be very light then you would just leave it like that and then you can go back and do another coat if you want it to sort of have a more distressed I want to have a higher slightly higher washed look in certain places so I went back and did it again but I’m just gonna show you here real quickly again what that looks like if you do it with a heavier hand or it’s or a second coat so we’re just gonna go back and you can see you’re kind of getting that really cool aged distressed look and what an easy technique I mean you can do this with any color that suits your decor this just happened to be what worked for my particular project and now I’m just gonna show you so this is the difference so if you were really painting like full painting like that’s how I painted the gray on you know full strokes most of the brush heads submerged in the paint and then really laying it down so that’s how I did the gray and I think I did two full coats and the reason why I painted the red under just to clarify is because as this piece ages and you can kind of see paint peeking through I wanted to see that rustic red and not that cold so that’s why I put that there that’s an optional step you do not have to do that so if you can see right here the difference between a full painting and then you know here’s just again this is just that wispy dry brushing very very cool effect and I just wanted to show you side by side so you can see how dramatic the difference can be and again play with this with whatever colors work for you I mean the sky is the limit literally okay so then when I was done with that I just took that little ampersand and I got that at Walmart and you’re gonna see that in a minute I’m gonna put the screen capture up and I just spray painted this with the flat red once or twice I did not put any topcoat on it because I wanted it all to be very very bad I was not going for a high-gloss look so this is when it was still pretty wet it was laying on the floor you see the mirror has all that gunk all over it and then now it’s fully dry and on the wall and I did not put a top coat on anything here because no one’s gonna be touching this I like the really flat color in this picture of these pictures it kind of has a blue tint to it but in real life it’s not it’s very grey and why and rustic and I love the way that rust-red looks against the gray on the ampersand it’s just so cute everybody that walks in the house asks about it I love it it’s such a quick easy and inexpensive way to just overhaul any mirror if you don’t have one go to Facebook marketplace and grab a mirror for ten dollars they’re all over there and do whatever you need to do thanks for spending some time with me don’t forget to click like or subscribe if you enjoy videos like this and I will see you guys in my next video have a great day bye you

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  • Raphaela Laurean says:

    Hey guys, if you have questions or suggestions about this DIY Rustic Mirror Makeover, please leave them in the comments section below or tag me at #askRL. I always include all of the products that I use in my videos in the description box above. Thanks for spending a few minutes with me and I will see you in the next video.

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