Dental Clinic Design || Interior & Exterior

Dental Clinic Design || Interior & Exterior

the wide doors open and lead us into a spacious reception that offers ease and comfort to adults and children whilst allowing ease of space for disabled users it provides the staff with a modern fully equipped reception area with additional private office and record storage room hosting five specially designed and fully equipped clinical treatment areas each tastefully decorated with soothing colors and cabinetry of your choice imagine yourself in such a professionally presented environment bespoke Dental Surgery designs is happy to adapt the specifications to individual needs such as reducing or increasing the number of treatment rooms required the use of Korean provides seamless worktops and gives you extra reassurance and security that all current legislation requirements will be met bespoke dental surgery Designs recognizes that the important need to meet hygiene requirements is high on the list of safety aspects with this in mind we've incorporated a decontamination area that offers clean and dirty rooms with a built-in sterilizing unit giving you peace of mind that your health and safety requirements have been met the area has its own external entrance and exit helping reduce the risk of cross-contamination keeping risk away from treatment and reception areas on the top floor of the building you'll find a comfortable staff restroom that will also serve as a meeting or training area

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