hey guys so we are starting off this video in my living room because this is where we are going to be decorating today I am so excited I can't believe I've waited this long to decorate today is September 22nd technically the first day of fall so I guess it's fitting that I decorate for Halloween today so usually I start early September I mentioned that I might want to film a decorating with me kind of video and a lot of you guys said that you wanted to see something like that so that's what today's video is going to be it's gonna be a very casual video just kind of vlog II I'm just showing you where I'm gonna end up decorating or where I'm gonna be putting all my decorations and it'll probably I don't really have a plan like a game plan going into this video I know like an idea of where I want to put some things but yesterday I went to storage and pulled out all my boxes of Halloween decor so I'd honestly forget everything that I have so we're also going to be going through the boxes see what I got and putting it places and then I'll obviously be like rearranging things constantly so but by the end of this video we will be doing a whole tour of everything being decorated so hopefully this gives you some inspiration for the Halloween season first things first though the first thing that we need to get into the spooky season are you ready to get spooky go look at you so now that monkey is ready for this video let's get started I wanted to give you guys a sneak peak overview I guess of the decor that I'm going to be placing that probably won't be using a lot of that box it has like old stuff in it but I mean I have a lot of Halloween decor guys like there is so much here and I only have like two roots to do it so it's gonna be very tricked out to go with like Halloween threw up all over my apartment okay so I'm thinking we're gonna start with the fireplace because a lot of you guys said that you were excited to see the skeleton in the fireplace and that you thought it was a good idea you can thank Pinterest although the ones I saw on Pinterest wasn't like as scary as my like earned skeleton but yeah so let's get in here we'll play some actually first I need to I'm going to be doing a bunch of things to this section I think I'm going to put some like lanterns over here but um let's just get started with scrap this is broken let's just get started with placing the bones you alright guys so it is time to do the tour we literally just got back from camping today so I did the final touches and everything and finished that part of the video but now it's time to actually give you a tour of the place show you where everything is and then all insert clips of how it looks at night because I feel like obviously the most spooky time is nighttime so I want you to see like how the decorations look at night because some of these decor items and like things were placed in thinking about what it would look like at night obviously with the candles and everything so I want to give you the full effect of what my apartment will look like I also just want to thank you guys on Twitter I posted some sneak peeks of my apartment and the tweet went viral for whatever reason um which I you know I'm so grateful everyone was so kind and saying like oh when I get my own place and this will be me in the future that's how my apartments about to be and all the kind of stuff and it made me feel really grateful for like the little home that I've made here and like how I've decorated it and the furniture and things that I've collected over this time I just feel like I've come so far in this journey and trusts me like none of this was that expensive it wasn't like a huge process it was just a long journey that's all anyway I don't know why we getting so deep right now but let's go ahead and get into the actual tour okay so that's my front door for perspective my kitchens in there which I did not decorate my kitchen but here's my front door to the right of that is the TV area and I got some questions on where the TV stand is from it's from Target I love this like Center door like sliding door it's so convenient because we can hide whatever on either side I just have some like books here these are all the kids toys um and then Ryan's side is over there with his xbox and all his accessories this is honestly my first time working with cobwebs I don't normally like them but I think they add such like a cute aesthetic to thing it can make anything look spooky you know I just had some cobwebs obviously my theme this year was like cozy spooky so I feel like I've really achieved that these corner shelves were really a nightmare I felt like I needed to have things like at different heights the shelves themselves are from Amazon I'll try to link them down below and then over here in this section is just my fireplace and it has like my DVDs and I decided to put these 3d pots up here I wanted to do other things above the fireplace but I just didn't have like the time or money this year to do it so maybe next year I'll have like a cuter display above the fireplace cuz this wall is just like screaming for some cool stuff I have some things in mind I can't wait to try to create next year and then of course we have the magnificent fireplace it's got lots of attention on social media too when I put a sneak peek I love how this turned out I think it looks so creepy and it's exactly what I wanted I can't wait to see what it looks like at night when I like those little candles and really highlight the skeleton in there I hope you're still able to see it I put the kids bed in front of a fireplace because that's kind of where it is normally so I don't want to change my whole life completely just for the decor you know and then I just have these two little lanterns on the floor the front one is from Goodwill and then the back one I think is from Michael's a year or two ago that's the thing as I've been collecting Halloween decor for like years so a lot of this is really old and obviously the next relevant piece is my coffee table which is just this like square coffee table and you know I wanted to do like a cute little centerpiece on it so I just had some fabric honestly textures and colors the easiest way to achieve like your goal vibes for Halloween because mine is cozy spooky so I wanted to have like creepy elements like the fireplace but also cozy elements so you know I have like the fabric it's in a lighter color instead of black I have the velvet pumpkin I feel like that adds some like coziness to it also lighting some candles you guys saw me create that hurricane vase glass jar thing it's super easy al all three pieces the moss the skulls and the hurricane jar is from Dollar Tree so that cost three dollars to make right there people and I just have some like candles on there that little hand I think it's from Michael's a while ago across from the TV stand we obviously have my couch we have a loveseat actually because it was free from Ryan's sisters so we don't actually have like a full couch we are in the market though I think we'll be purchasing one soon but for now we love our loveseat they both sides recline so watching the visas so comfy I just put my two halloween pillows one is from michaels one dancing skeletons is from amazon it was just a pillow cover and I already had a pillow insert that I just exchanged I love the vibes of our side table we got the table itself at like home goods I think and then I have my Ouija board burlap which a lot of my old decor has really played well into my new theme that I was going for this year like I have the burlap we do board which really works with everything else so I have a lot of cohesive elements going on and I really appreciate that I got a bundle of baby heads from spirit Halloween and then the cloche is from 99 cent store and then the moss is obviously still from Dollar Tree the vase and floral what is that weeds wheat whatever that floral piece is both of those are from Dollar Tree actually and I had those from last year all right if we move over to the left of the front door we have the key table entrance bar area this gave me a headache today this was a struggle because this was the last thing that I decorated I got this eeeek light-up sign from Michaels on clearance or on sale rather I put the succulents that I already had in this cauldron thing and then this cute little Garland the pumpkin and ghost garland is from Michael no Marshalls Marshalls anyway I wanted to leave a lot of space open because I still want this to function as a key table so I want to be able to put my purse down and like my keys down and things like that so I just left that space open but I did add some you know a couple little cute features on here now we're gonna get into one of my favorite sections of my house it's our breakfast nook I normally we don't really use our breakfast nook that often but now that it's like decorated and hella cute like this I really want to sit here and just like hang out more let's start over here with my bar cart I know wanted to do something over here this didn't really turn out how I wanted I had so much more in mind as far as like beakers and just different glasses and things instead of like glasses down there I would have like beakers but again I just didn't feel like it needed it I kind of liked it you know to be simple just like this the only thing I really changed out was this floral piece which these are from Michaels again on sale and then this is from HomeGoods and then I got this trick-or-treat burlap sign from Walmart for like three dollars and the lights were actually a gift for my friend Kelsey one of the things she had put in a little gift basket for me when I house at for her so I used everything that she gave me in that little cauldron thing around my house so shout out to her and again I just wrapped up the kids portraits in some cobwebs and I feel like that just adds a nice little touch it's shot up to Sydney for drawing these they're amazing she's an amazing amazing artist I'm still obsessed with these and like want to cry every single time I look at them so thank you Sydney and then now for the table itself this is pretty much what I had in mind this Runner is from the spirit Halloween and I love it we got a little some garbage it's actually the perfect size for my table not too much hangs off over the edges and the centerpiece I really wanted the lantern to go elsewhere but I loved it here in the center these candlestick holders that are like crooked I'm obsessed with I got these last year at spirit oh sorry at Michaels these are for my goals these pumpkins are from Dollar Tree these velvet black ones are from $0.99 store and then these guys light up and these are from 99-cent stores well they had some really good stuff this year guys so if you need some like cheap cute decor that's similar to like my aesthetic right now let's go to $0.99 store and then this I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with in the back corner here but I loved the black cats whiskers jar container thing I got up my goals when it was 40% off cuz I have a black cat I just thought it was so fitting so that's basically it well I'm really sunburned my nose has never been redder wow that's basically it for this year's Halloween decor I'm obsessed with it I think it all looks really good it's exactly what I wanted to see besides like a few areas of my house I wanted to be a little different but there's always next year I think we're gonna still be in this unit come next Halloween so we'll see if the you know there's a difference at all or if I need to do another one of these next year who knows hope you guys enjoyed this kind of chill lay back video hopefully you got some inspiration for your own decorating purposes and I will talk to you soon bye

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