Deco clay flower tutorial #3 – DIY Deco Clay Floral Wall Decor

Deco clay flower tutorial #3 – DIY Deco Clay Floral  Wall Decor

Hi guys, Jenifer here at cjmdecors Lets get started with the tutorial of making deco clay flowers . things we need here are designed canvas or a plain canvas . Mix white and red clay to get pink shade . make a teardrop out of a small pink ball and cut this teardrop into 4 portions using a scissor . Then squeeze the bottom Now Take the toothpick and stretch out all the 4 petals. Put a tiny hole in the center and remove the excess clay from the bottom. Make plenty of colorful flowers and
DRY it For Buds , make plenty of tiny teardrops out of green and white clay and DRY it . So let’s move on to the arrangement Make a thin rope out of a green clay for vines . And using glue , attach the green rope to the moss letter . I have already made some
flowers ,buds and dried it . Using glue gun ,stick the dried flowers & buds over the moss letter. use these tiny buds as a filler in
between those flowers . so now the letter O is ready and I have
already made J and Y to form the word JOY . Stick these moss letters with glue gun on a plain canvas or a designed canvas .

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