CORRODED CRIB // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper – Home Renovation

CORRODED CRIB // The Sims 4: Fixer Upper - Home Renovation

hi everybody its Kayla and welcome back to fixer-upper the show where I attempt to fix up your houses so today we're doing a house called the corroded crib by crazy simmer on a 30 by 20 law it cost about eighty-three thousand simoleons four bedrooms three bathrooms basically a car drove through this house I'll show you in a second they've abandoned it and we're going to come back your girl Sims he's going to come back if you don't fix it is not talking in third person and we're gonna play in it I've also used a lot of Parenthood stuff and this I wrote this is bothering me and this because parent just came out so bear with me but here's the tour now let me be honest I think I've used builds from this builder before I recognize the name but it's really good but you know how to pick it again I honestly I think that my version of this house the renovated one that I made is one of my favorite picture up earth yet which is weird because I don't usually like styles of houses like this but I really really enjoyed it I don't know I'm having fun Billie annoys of Springs lately which is weird I also never build a noise of Springs but I've been doing it it's been a blast so here's the outside of the house and for the back first actually because yes but first of all this is very very clever I'm going to admit to you like how they have it looks as though the car has driven through the back and they've broken down the fence we've got the tracks that went to the grass you know and then it broke into this wall and it obviously broke the wall down but then when you come in here and look at the ceiling you see how it's like cracks and stuff I think that is so cool I just I I love cool ideas like this they did such a good job so when you first walk into the house you know if there's an elephant I don't really know why it sits there when you walk up as a skeleton also kind of fun you can come in you can see straight out to the backyard nice right but there's like a little entryway I'm going to say love the tile all to the house so very reminiscent of the style I guess but when you come over here dirty walls love it make sense because this has a missing wall when you come in here love the broken-down chairs very clever kitchen really small hate the placement of the window but that's just personal preference for me in here I don't know what this room is actually because we have this dining room right here's I don't really understand like why they have two tables and why there's such bright green chairs I don't get it but then in here at the living room love the tiny TV on the floor lot so you can't like if I'm sitting right here in this chair definitely can't see it it's a it's fun you know fun games races and then we've got the stairs over here oh there's a half bathroom in here too when you go up the stairs always up the stairs we go and in here you find a really dark hallway with a lot of plants growing in it kind of terrifying and then over here is the first bedroom really small kind of cute I don't know what it is a bathroom oh okay well the bathroom upstairs what's the kind of missing so you can see this is not there's two bathrooms here I think both of which are missing flooring and walls very dangerous avoid at all costs over here is the mess another bedroom and then in here I think is a master bathroom bedroom not bad is having a hard time and then in here is one more bedroom so there's four bedrooms I actually made it into three bedrooms but I turned this weird room that we don't know what it is into an office which could be converted into a bedroom if you wanted to speak so I mean this could feasibly be a four bedroom house again even though I made it in a three because I made this into like a bathroom area here you know I mean it's it it's real nice I'll admit that to you but we're going to go ahead and I'm going to stop talking and jump right on in to the renovation okay so we are back and we are fixer-upper in this house that's right kids it is my favorite time of the week I just need to sit here and talk to myself for a bit but will granted I've been talking to myself all day but not this kind of talking to myself I haven't been talking about myself all day I've been just talking to myself because you've been doing Leslie episodes and now it's my time to talk about me which is what I want because that's why I can take I'm going to stop now but you guys I am going to complain for a second I know it's going to get repetitive and redundant enjoying but look just listen I am currently pre recording for all of June I'm going to be gone for an entire month and I had to make videos for this entire week as well so I'm making a total in last like week and then in the next couple days a total of 40 videos okay I have currently 15 left on that's not true I just owing huh I just finished two oh my god I have 13 laughs this is absolutely 12 left okay so I'm feeling better it's just that I am you guys sincerely very stressed and it's just it's a lot and so of course your girl Cindy decided that instead of making I don't know like a small fixer-upper that would take like an hour to build she would make this one that took two hours to build and I've been working like we're talking like 12-hour days the last week because I've been making four videos a day for the last week and I'm kind of miserable go a little crazy but it's fine I'm fine I swear I'm fine and so of course it's a big house but I built half of this yesterday before I had Parenthood and then I built the other half this morning after I got my coat and so I mean half of the house has no Parenthood pack and the other half does have Parenthood and I wasn't going to make this into a like a family time home I was going to make it into a house for my son raspberry am I not so berry challenge check that out link down below if I remember probably not and I decided though like once I got the pack that I really wanted to use it and so I did for a couple of bedrooms but like the kitchen even though I love the Parenthood kitchen stuff is not Parenthood stuff because I made the kitchen first speaking of Parenthood though you guys can we talk about that pack for just a second because oh my god I have never loved a pack for The Sims more in my life okay this is right up my alley to build mode objects to me even the kitchen step the new backsplash I just oh my god oh wow you know just wow I'm so good I hope okay I really feel like I'm by the way Oh hashtag not spawn spy the way I think people have accused me in the path of being paid by EA to say nice things about their packs yeah I wish I would do that but no I am NOT being paid by EA I just really love the sims 4 but I feel like the sims 4 game packs lately like vampires and this new pack was Parenthood one I really do feel like these are better than even Sims 3 expansion packs which are twice the price and so I'm just saying that this Parenthood pack is so good there's so much stuff in it there's so many build objects the cast is really good the build objects I'm a little biased towards the build stuff because I own kind of a builder but well you know I okay can we just hold on just back out in a second I never thought when I started my channel I would become a builder but like I think my channel is mostly oriented on building now I mean I have four Let's Plays on IQ to build videos a week but I feel like the Bills take the most time and get the most views and so pretty I'm like a builder now on YouTube which I never expected that would be me like I when I thought when I used to play with him just for myself and I put it on YouTube I never built things I was never good at building and all of a sudden I become this mind builder on YouTube but that's that's me I build stuff it just is weird to think about so I guess I think of myself being a builder now but before that too long ago I didn't think I don't know it's weird but I'm a builder now that's cool and I love building stuff and the students before I just this new pack is so good for building it makes me want to cry I don't know when I looked at it last night I got my code last night and because I got early access um if I'm saying my code and I got my clothes last night and I about cried we can't put it into my game because I just the I the thing that got me the most was the new kitchen stuff because I love kitchen Tim and I loved I just I'm gonna stop I really like this pack I you know what actually let's do a giveaway on Twitter right now if you go okay I should this is the second time done this I'm going to give away two copies I think of parenthood so if you want to go ahead and follow me on Twitter go check my Twitter accounts linked down below Wilson V on Twitter and retweet my tweet and then you might win a Parenthood PAC ideal why do I keep doing this I have twice now randomly in the middle of video decide to do a giveaway but I mean if you're watching this one is uploaded you can go to my Twitter and probably it'll be up for a day I think I'll do 24 hours I'll do a Parenthood giveaway so go I just spent 40 bucks is until another voice over but that's okay it's fine I'm fine giveaways Oh check it out on my Twitter give me more followers yikes and you know what I was going to one anyway but I might will do it now right so check my Twitter for the giveaway today Wednesday the noisy I would say this today I'm recording this on on Saturday before I don't know okay I'm having a hard time can you tell I've been talking way too much today and I can't sing Street I also haven't been getting much sleep so we're off to a great start I think Oh God okay wow I need to like take second to collect myself you guys because I really can't think straight but Parenthood is great giveaway on my Twitter follow me on Twitter even if you aren't going into the giveaway and if it's if you're watching this in the future and the giveaway is long past I'm sorry but you should watch my current videos to do this sometimes I think I'm gonna start doing like once a month a giveaway but this is twice now I'm in the middle of building video just been like you know what giveaway on Twitter I just spend like 30 or 40 bucks in the middle voiceover but it's okay we're good your girl since he's got some YouTube money right you can't just pay him back the favor you watch my ads you might win it back okay but oh that see this is before I had a Parenthood installed you guys it's most of the video has no Parenthood and then the very starting at like 12 minutes or so I get Parenthood this is so that's what happened but you guys I have I guess a couple stories for you today I was going to come in here and talk about my first ever Susan which would be interesting but then when I tell Kitty see I've attempted this was over four times now when this is the fourth time I did it three times this morning and although I was talking too fast and they were kind of bad and I just I'm kind of sick of uploading bad voice so first and so I wanted to redo it I keep doing it I need to stop doing that but I've recorded like three times this number four and I was going to talk about my first ever season my middle school student but when I started talking about it and I was talking about like my sixth grade a year and how awful sixth grade was for me it reminded me of my sister Susan because you know we all have Susan's you guys let's be honest we all have Susan's and my little sister my little gear eleven year old sister just finished sixth grade which is god bless I mean I had an awful time middle school is really bad for me and sixth grade was probably like the worst year of my life no freshman year was sixth grade was a close second though and if sixth grade I had so many just bullies type stuff happening to me in sixth grade and that's why I was so bad thanks Susan right and so I was going to talk about my student story from sixth grade but then I remembered it might be your sister again has a student and never talked about that before because when it first happened when this whole Susan thing first went down with my sister Shanna I threatened to my mother I was like mom I'm going to put her on blast on YouTube like I'm going to talk about this girl on you I won't said her real name – I was good like look this girl named Susan but well obviously would say the real thing instead of Susan um but I did it because I I wouldn't let myself do that that's just me don't act out of anger kids but this girl was really awful to my sister and so I almost I almost went off on her or would off about her I guess on YouTube but also a lot of my sister's friends and classmates watch my videos like I happen to know that a lot of people at her middle school watch me and they will like go up to her and talk to her about it and he'll be like hey Anna can you tell your sister this hey Shanna can you tell your sister I said steam boats and they make these like references to my video with like steam boats and stuff and I think it's funny but also I feel thing is bad that she has to deal with that because I mean first of all I don't know how I would react I've never met like a viewer of mine in real life and I don't know how to react to that like I think that I would be really awkward in that situation and so I'm glad that Shama has to meet them and not me but I imagine it's probably awkward for her – first I want to be like hey Shanna how's it going oh by the way can you tell your sister I said hi and they're like using her to get to me and that's bad I don't know but if you're one of those people hey yikes how's it going is it I hope you're doing well I don't know I just I think it's so weird to think about I think it's weird to think about that makes perfect sense solid sentence work Kayla a plus I mean look guys I'm it's summer now so I can't English anymore but also you guys speaking of summer I haven't really had a summer just yet because I spent pre-recording four videos a day which milk last a week okay I'm gonna stop now but Shannon sue that oh my god Shannon Susan okay so for the record okay I have this thing I like to call a short list sometimes I call it a hit list by accident but I mean short list and it's a short list of four kids that are not allowed at my house like my siblings my two siblings have friends they each have two of them on this short list right and it's I have made this short list I've told my mom like mom's look they have out the friends whoever but these four kids are not allowed back at our house they are awful to me I don't want them back here shortlisted right and so I mean over the course of their entire lives they're 11 and 13 I've only told listed four people so we I mean it's a pretty exclusive list okay the very first time I met this girl the Susan girl I was like mom shortlisted and nobody listened to me they do they're like but Sheila its Janet's best friend we have to let her come back over and just like no you don't understand this girl is shortlisted like she can't come back and they invite her back anyway but it turns out she's an awful person who knew await me I knew so the look the very first time I met her I shortlisted her and that's a big deal because I I you know what I'm a pretty good judge of character and this girl okay so my first interaction with her if she slept over at my house and so in the morning like the next morning because they were trying to like in Jana's room all night and certainly see them but in the morning I came out to get breakfast and they were up early it was weird they're up at like 7 o'clock which I mean I'm up early but I mean it's weird that 11 year old having a sleepover would be right but they were up in the kitchen like 7 o'clock in the morning and I walked into the kitchen and the girl this Susan girl points at me and starts giggling and I was like okay hi nice to meet you too Susan and so she just sort of pointing and laughing at me and then my sister kind of joined in because you know hmm peer pressure but the very first time I ever met her she was pointed and laughed at me which is ridiculous who does that like that I mean it didn't even picture the kind of girl if we're talking this girl is like movie-style mean girl like the kind of mean person that you would find in the TV show or a movie like it's very difficult like really mean just little obnoxious things very highly of herself girl and that's who she is but she's 11 years old and this girl she wears I mean I'm not trying to judge her I just I think it's a little bit weird that an 11 year old would wear I know a full face of makeup every single day just school even though she's 11 and get brand-new acrylic nails put on every weekend even though she's 11 I mean first of all I feel like every we going to stop for your nails second of all you're 11 years old how are you getting a manicure every weekend I just don't understand and so like my sister is being around this kind of group of people you know and so it's I think rubbing off on her but that's all I'm Franklin I was 11 in sixth grade I had a YouTube channel where I made videos with lillas pet shops which we can talk about that another day but and I didn't wear makeup and I just like came home and read and played with my little touch-ups every day like I mean agresa does a little bit old for that but I had this YouTube channel where I played with dolls you know and here's these 11 year olds getting manicures and wearing full face of makeup every day and like being on social media I mean if I was I mean I guess Instagram was around when I was in sixth grade but it wasn't as big of a deal like nobody really had an Instagram when I was in sixth grade I think Facebook was around but like I wasn't allowed on Facebook until seventh grade I think so I mean I'm so glad I didn't have like this kind of toxic social media thing going on because people like at my sister's middle school they're so awful to each other on social media they do these tbh s and they're like real old tbh so they like to be honest you know where you like for a TV age or comment for tbh and then they go and they comment like actual mean things value is that they like actually or honest about their opinion about you and they will say mean things to you on your Instagram who why would you why who wants that I'm so glad I didn't have that when I was in sixth grade because it would have ruined me I mean I already was ruined in sixth grade but it would have gotten worse and so I'm just very grateful I didn't have an experience but that's kind of the setting for this story right and so this girl somehow took and my vision my sister's words not mine my sister told me that this Susan girl was trying to ruin her life and I'm just trying to imagine an 11 year old girl actually trying to ruin someone's life and I mean I'm sure Shanna is not innocent in the situation no offense channa but I'm just I I know for a fact this Susan girl is not a nice person that she's doing it like maliciously you know and so for example here's the thing that happened I'm not going to repeat these words because they're not family channel appropriate but this student girl and her friends wrote on the bathroom wall bathroom stall walls you know things like Shanna is a blank and Shanna is a blank but the inserts on various bad bad words in those blanks and they wrote it on the bathroom walls I mean that's like a movie level bad I mean and happen in real life I think when I was in Middle School no one ever wrote things about people on the wall it was just we might denied right like one bad word you know but they would never write like this person is a blank you know like that never happened when I was in middle school I mean maybe I was just not in the right bathrooms but like that was not a thing and if so I wasn't anywhere near that kind of crowd that did that and so I mean I just I'm in shock still and so when that happened as I go like I when that happened that's where I was like okay yeah no this girl's getting put on blast because I feel does that like who can trick first of all other people into helping you right things like that on a bathroom wall I mean come on isn't that ridiculous so you know clearly my anger is justified but I just don't understand how this eleven-year-old can be so awful end plus I mean I feel a little bit like whom I told you though because the very first time I met her she was awful to me and I was like look you guys we shouldn't have her back at her house and then they kept being friends and look what happened but I mean granted they're not they're not friends anymore that's for sure yikes no but um yeah my sister now agrees with me that this girl is shortlisted not allowed back plus the girls moving which is a good thing so bye bye Susan see you next time I mean so you never actually all I love that Bisaya Susan see you never I love that's a good quote Wow but luckily problems are resolved and the year is over so she'll be okay but I mean I we both had awful sixth grade years and I mean I think that line was worse than hers to be honest no offense Janna I'll talk about my sixth grade more maybe I don't know at some point soon but um I just I'm glad that she made it out okay because I kind of broke down sixth grade and it was not a good experience but luckily Shanna did better than I did and you know Susan's gone everything's fine we're all good your girl Sims you got to talk about it in a video luckily I waited until the end of the school year to do this because imagine if one of those girls that like watches my videos and no Shanna in real life could you like in the same math class would come back and be like a Susan Shannon oh thank you I know who Susan is but luckily they won't see each other for at least a couple months and maybe by then they'll forget but hey if you're my sister's classmates what's going on how you doing yeah oh I'm serious about to meet these people I mean I I guess I'm going to end up meeting a follower of mine in real life at some point probably VidCon actually oh my god I just don't know how I react I mean I'm guys I talked about being awkward and I think you're like oh yeah Kayla so awkward haha but like you don't understand it's much worse than you think it's not it's not a persona I'm really awkward I'm much worse it's so it's so bad I this version of me I can cut parts out of this that are bad and awkward and embarrassing but in real life it's just I'm a mess in cousin told you guys would want that and me but you'll be it'll be fun so you want a VidCon me too I'll be there we're going to have a meet-up steffensen's and I are gonna have a meetup at some point outside of the place so we don't need a ticket or anything but anyway the video is over tells make sure to leave a like and comment subscribe follow me on Twitter for a giveaway and you know VidCon details wouldn't get to that point and make sure we like and comment and subscribe and do all this on YouTube things and in case you guys didn't know enclose new videos every single day and so I will see you all tomorrow hi everybody you Wow okay see I keep getting out of breath by the end of videos but that's that doesn't make any sense I'm just sitting here talking I should not be out pressed but a lot here we are oh I talked too fast and I don't exercise enough


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