Contemporary art dear friends these are two contemporary artists see these two artists one is the art teacher and the other is the art student See this young one, she represents contemporary art, here she is embracing her teacher. Now I will talk to you about contemporary art See this young one, she represents contemporary art, here she is embracing her teacher. Here are some other contemporary artists, and the young artist is here, and you must guess where in the foto. See here, these are very famous artists, look how wonderful. The young artist is here again, look here, you can see these artists who are very important contemporary artists. Here we see what contemporary art consists of, how in the social setting we went from the matriarchal to the patriachal, so in contemporary art we had phases, various stages, lets say that the fundamental stage is the one we had with the invention of the camera With the invention of the camera the image produced reality, and there was no longer any need for the artist to present reality . Thus the artists stopped presenting reality as we saw it, that which in philosophy we call Kantiano. And they began to represent reality in its essence. This would be Noumeno Kantiano. Let’s say that they became closer to contemporary physics,to quantistic physics, to the physics of Quark. In fact contemporary painting is painting of a geometric nature Here we see the painting of a geometric nature, here is the teacher and here is the student. And what do we see the student do? This is the student. Geometric painting is painting that strives to get to the essence of things, it doesn’t stop at appearances, thus it is not just a geometric painting, but also a painting of physics, in the sense of physics as studied by physicists, of those that study matter in its essence. The famous physicists such as Max Planck and Werner Heisenberg. Thus we can say that contemporary painting flows with contemporary science. And I repeat, the physics of Max Planck, Werner Heisenberg, Niels Bohr. These artists could sit at the same table as these contemporary physicists. And here for you the reader, here they are, these contemporary artists who are colleagues of contemporary physicists. In fact contemporary physicists don’t study nature as it appears to us, but they study nature as it is in it’s essence. A geometric structure, just as the structure of the universe appears infinite and eternal. This is the photograph which best conveys the passage of painting from literal painting to the new contemporary also called futuristic abstract painting, but which is in essence geometric painting.

Here you are… the position of the passage from literal painting to geometric painting OK dear friends?? Thanks and to you all goodbye from Serafino Massoni.


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